Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art is a compilation of armorial illustrations intended to facilitate SCA device and badge design. There are currently 1550 pages of illustrations, and more are being added on a regular basis.

Download: Individual Volumes, Complete Edition (1600 page PDF), Abridged Edition (1473 page PDF)

Concise Index

Fields: Billety, Crusilly, Ermine, Estencelly, Fretty, Grillage, Masoned, Papellony, Plumetty, Potent, Roundel, Scaly, Semy, Trefly, Vair

Complex Lines: Curved, Dovetailed, Embattled, Engrailed, Flory, Indented, Invected, Nebuly, Potenty, Raguly, Rayonny, Trefly, Urdy, Wavy

Field Divisions: Barry, Barry Bendy, Barry Bendy Sinister, Bendy, Bendy Sinister, Chapé, Chaussé, Checky, Chevronny, Chevronny Inverted, Gyronny, Lozengy, Lozengy Barry, Paly, Paly Bendy, Paly Bendy Sinister, Paly Chevronny, Party Of Six, Per Bend, Per Bend Sinister, Per Chevron, Per Chevron Inverted, Per Fess, Per Pale, Per Pall, Per Pall Inverted, Per Saltire, Pily, Quarterly, Vêtu

Ordinaries: Bars, Bars Gemel, Base, Bend, Bend Sinister, Bendlets, Bordure, Canton, Chevron, Chevron Inverted, Chevronels, Chevronels Inverted, Chief, Chief-Pale, Cross, Dance, Fess, Flaunches, Gore, Gusset, Gyron, Orle, Pale, Pall, Pall Inverted, Pallets, Pile, Pile Inverted, Point Pointed, Saltire, Scarpes, Sinister Canton, Tierce, Tressure

Shapes & Symbols: Ankh, Annulet, Baton, Billet, Card-Pique, Cartouche, Chevron Couped, Cloud, Comet, Compass Rose, Compass Star, Cornice, Crampon, Crescent, Cross Couped, Delf, Ermine Spot, Escarbuncle, Escutcheon, Estoile, Fer-a-loup, Flame, Fleam, Fleur de Lys, Flint Stone, Fret, Goutte, Gurges, Heart, Knot, Label, Labyrinth, Letter, Lightning, Lozenge, Mascle, Moon, Mount, Mountain, Mullet, Octagon, Pall Couped, Rainbow, Rustre, Saltorel, Schnecke, Shakefork, Snowflake, Spur-Rowel, Star of David, Sun, Sunburst, T'ai-chi, Tomoe, Triangle, Trident, Trimount, Triquetra, Triskele, Uruz Rune, Vair Bell, Valknut, Well Frame, Wolves' Teeth

Tools & Objects: Abacus, Adze, Alquerque Board, Altar, Amphora, Anchor, Anvil, Arch, Arrow, Arrowhead, Astrolabe, Awl, Axe, Bag, Bagpipe, Balance, Barrel, Bascule, Battering Ram, Bell, Bellows, Billhook, Book, Boot, Bottle, Bow, Breadloaf, Breeches, Bridge, Broach, Broad Axe, Broad-arrow, Bucket, Butter Churn, Calipers, Caltrop, Camail, Candelabrum, Candle, Candlestick, Cannon, Cap, Caravel, Castle, Catherine Wheel, Cauldron, Chain, Chaine Shot, Chalice, Chess Bishop, Chess Rook, Clarion, Club, Column, Coracle, Cornucopia, Crampet, Crook, Crossbow, Crozier, Cup, Cushion, Drum, Drumstick, Eel Basket, Fetterlock, Fishhook, Flag, Fleshpot, Fountain, Garter, Gauntlet, Hammer, Handle, Harp, Harrow, Hautboy, Helm, Horn, Horseshoe, Joscelyn, Key, Lance, Lure, Lymphad, Mallet, Mattock, Maunch, Menorah, Millrind, Millstone, Mjolnir, Morion, Morris Board, Motto Scroll, Nail, Needle, Orb, Organ Pipe, Padlock, Paintbrush, Paternoster, Pavilion, Pen, Penner and Inkhorn, Pennon, Pheon, Pitcher, Plow, Plummet, Portcullis, Pouch, Rapier, Recorder, Ribbon, Rope, Rudder, Saddle, Salmon Spear, Saltcellar, Scimitar, Scissors, Scroll, Scythe, Shackle, Sheaf, Shears, Shoe, Shofar, Shuttle, Sickle, Sole, Spade, Spear, Spearhead, Spool, Spoon, Spur, Square, Staff, Staple, Stirrup, Stirrups, Stocking, Sword, Tankard, Thimble, Thread, Torc, Torch, Torii, Torse, Tower, Trestle, Tripod, Trivet, Trumpet, Violin, Wagon, Water-Bouget, Water-Wheel, Well, Wheel, Wool-pack, Yarn

Plants: Acorn, Apple, Ash, Bamboo, Beanpod, Beech, Birch, Branch, Bush, Carrot, Chrysanthemum, Cinquefoil, Columbine, Daffodil, Daisy, Ear, Elder, Elderberry, Fig, Foil, Foxglove, Garb, Garlic, Gillyflower, Grape, Hemp, Holly, Hurst, Ivy, Jasmine, Laurel, Leaf, Leek, Lily, Linden, Lotus, Maple, Mushroom, Oak, Olive, Orange, Pear, Peony, Pine, Pineapple, Plane, Pomegranate, Poppy, Pumpkin, Quatrefoil, Radish, Rose, Rowan, Rue, Seeblatt, Shamrock, Sprig, Stalk, Strawberry, Thistle, Thorn, Tree, Trefoil, Trillium, Tulip, Turnip, Vegetable Lamb, Violet, Wheat, Willow, Wreath

People & Animals: Alphyn, Angel, Antelope, Arm, Armadillo, Ass, Attire, Badger, Barbel, Basilisk, Bat, Bear, Beard, Beaver, Bee, Bird, Boar, Bone, Breast, Bull, Calamarie, Calygreyhound, Camel, Cameleopard, Centaur, Chabot, Cherub, Cock, Cockatrice, Coney, Crane, Crow, Doe, Dog, Dolphin, Domestic Cat, Dragon, Duck, Eagle, Eel, Elephant, Elk, Escallop, Falcon, Fish, Foot, Footprint, Fox, Frauenadler, Frog, Giraffe, Goat, Gorilla, Griffin, Hand, Hare, Harpy, Hen, Heron, Horse, Human, Hydra, Keythong, Knight, Kraken, Lamia, Leg, Lion, Lizard, Lobster, Lynx, Maiden, Man, Manatee, Manticore, Martlet, Massacre, Melusine, Mermaid, Merman, Monkey, Moor, Musimon, Octopus, Otter, Ounce, Owl, Panther, Peacock, Pegasus, Pelican, Penguin, Phoenix, Pithon, Polypus, Poppinjay, Porcupine, Rabbit, Ram, Rat, Raven, Reindeer, Reremouse, Salamander, Saracen, Savage, Scorpion, Sea-Dragon, Sea-Horse, Sea-Lion, Sea-Monster, Sea-Serpent, Sea-Tortoise, Sea-Wolf, Seraph, Serpent, Shark, Shell, Simurgh, Skull, Snail, Sphinx, Spider, Spiderweb, Squid, Squirrel, Stag, Stag Beetle, Swallow, Swan, Tail, Tiger, Tortoise, Triskelion, Triton, Turkeycock, Tyger, Unicorn, Vol, Wasp, Weasel, Whale, Whelk, Wildcat, Wings, Wolf, Wyvern, Yale