Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art is a compilation of armorial illustrations intended to facilitate SCA device and badge design. There are currently 5,336 illustrations grouped under 1,106 headings, as well as 287 supplemental images in appendices, and more are being added on a regular basis.

Compendia: Visual Catalog (344 pages, 105MB PDF), Print Edition (5,720 pages, 698MB PDF)
Image Files: High-res PNGs (944MB Zip), Vector SVGs (127MB Zip), Vector PDFs (136MB Zip)

Concise Index

Complex Lines: All, Angled, Crusilly, Dovetailed, Embattled, Engrailed, Flory, Indented, Invected, Nebuly, Ployé, Potenty, Raguly, Rayonny, Trefly, Urdy, Wavy

Fields: All, Billety, Ermine, Estencelly, Fretty, Goutty, Grillage, Kürsch, Mailly, Masoned, Mullety, Papellony, Plain, Plumetty, Potent, Scaly, Semy, Vair

Field Divisions: All, Barry, Bendy, Chapé, Chaussé, Checky, Chevronelly, Gyronny, Lozengy, Orly, Paly, Party Of Six, Per Bend, Per Chevron, Per Fess, Per Pale, Per Pall, Per Saltire, Pily, Quarterly, Vêtu

Ordinaries: All, Bar, Base, Baton, Bend, Bendlet, Bordure, Canton, Chevron, Chevronel, Chief, Chief-Pale, Cross, Dance, Fess, Flaunch, Gore, Gusset, Gyron, Orle, Pale, Pall, Pallet, Pile, Point, Saltire, Saltorel, Scarpe, Shakefork, Tierce, Tressure

Modifiers: Compony, Cotised, Fimbriated, Fretted, Interlaced, Nowy, Parted, Voided

Shapes & Symbols: All, Ankh, Annulet, Billet, Card-Pique, Cartouche, Chi-Rho, Cinquefoil (Shape), Compass Rose, Compass Star, Cornice, Crampon, Cross (Charge), Delf, Ermine Spot, Escarbuncle, Escutcheon, Fret, Fylfot, Heart, Hexagon, Icosahedron, Knot, Label, Labyrinth, Lauburu, Lozenge, Mascle, Masculyn, Mitsutomoe, Mullet, Nailpuller, Polygon, Quatrefoil (Shape), Rogacina, Roundel, Rustre, Schnecke, Snowflake, Spiral, Spur-Rowel, Star of David, Tortoise-Shell Plate, Triangle, Triquetra, Triskele, Triskelion, T’ai-chi, Umebachi, Vair Bell, Valknut, Well Frame, Wolves’ Teeth, Zule

The World & Heavens: All, Cloud, Comet, Crescent, Estoile, Flame, Flint, Goutte, Gurges, Lightning, Mistral, Moon, Mount, Mountain, Rainbow, Ray, Rock Face, Stone, Stream, Sun, Sunburst, Terrestrial Sphere, Thunderbolt, Wind, Zephyr

Plants: All, Acanthus, Acorn, Almond, Aloe Vera, Apple, Ash, Aspen, Bamboo, Banana, Bean, Beech, Belladona, Berry, Birch, Blackberry, Borage, Branch, Broom, Bush, Cabbage, Carrot, Cattail, Chaplet, Cherry, Chrysanthemum, Cinquefoil, Citron, Clove, Cob, Columbine, Créquier, Cucumber, Daffodil, Daisy, Dandelion, Dogwood, Ear, Eggplant, Eidelweiss, Elder, Elderflower, Fig, Flax, Fleur de Lys, Flower, Foil, Forget-Me-Not, Foxglove, Garb, Garlic, Gentian, Geranium, Gillyflower, Ginger, Gourd, Grape, Grass, Hazel, Heather, Hemp, Holly, Hop, Hurst, Ivy, Jasmine, Juniper, Lady's Mantle, Laurel, Leaf, Leek, Lemon, Lettuce, Lilac, Lily, Linden, Lotus, Magnolia, Mallow, Mandrake, Maple, Marigold, Mistletoe, Mushroom, Nesselblatt, Nettle, Nut, Oak, Octofoil, Olive, Onion, Orange, Palm, Pea, Pear, Peony, Pepper, Pine, Pineapple, Plane, Pomegranate, Poplar, Poppy, Pumpkin, Quatrefoil, Quince, Radish, Rose, Rowan, Rue, Seeblatt, Sexfoil, Shamrock, Sheaf, Slip, Sprig, Stalk, Star-of-Bethlehem, Strawberry, Sunflower, Tabacco, Teazel, Thistle, Thorn, Tiercefeuille, Tree, Trefoil, Trillium, Tulip, Turnip, Vegetable Lamb, Vine, Violet, Wheat, Willow, Wood Sorrel, Wreath

Invertebrates: All, Bee, Beetle, Butterfly, Cicada, Claw, Crab, Crayfish, Cricket, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, Ladybird, Lobster, Mantis, Moth, Prawn, Scorpion, Slug, Snail, Spider, Spiderweb, Stag Beetle, Wasp

Fishes: All, Barbel, Calamarie, Carp, Catfish, Chabot, Dolphin, Eel, Escallop, Fish, Goldfish, Kraken, Lucy, Manatee, Octopus, Polypus, Sea-Bear, Sea-Boar, Sea-Dog, Sea-Dragon, Sea-Fox, Sea-Goat, Sea-Horse, Sea-Lion, Sea-Monster, Sea-Otter, Sea-Serpent, Sea-Tortoise, Sea-Wolf, Seal, Shark, Shell, Shrimp, Skeleton, Squid, Stockfish, Trout, Turbot, Walrus, Whale, Whelk, Zydrach

Reptiles: All, Amphisbaena, Basilisk, Caduceus, Caldera Gringolada, Chameleon, Cockatrice, Crocodile, Dragon, Frog, Hydra, Lizard, Pithon, Rod of Asclepius, Salamander, Serpent, Snake, Toad, Tortoise, Wyvern

Birds: All, Alerion, Auk, Bat, Bird, Cock, Cormorant, Coxcomb, Crane, Crow, Dove, Duck, Eagle, Egg, Falcon, Feather, Firebird, Flamingo, Goose, Hawk, Hen, Heron, Hummingbird, Lure, Magpie, Martlet, Merlette, Moorcock, Ostrich, Owl, Panache, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Pheasant, Phoenix, Pigeon, Poppinjay, Porphyrio, Puffin, Raven, Reremouse, Robin, Simurgh, Stork, Swallow, Swan, Titmouse, Turkeycock, Vol, Wing, Wood Cock

Beasts: All, Allocamelus, Alphyn, Anteater, Antelope, Armadillo, Ass, Badger, Bagwyn, Bear, Beaver, Bison, Boar, Bog Beast, Buffalo, Bull, Calygreyhound, Camel, Cameleopard, Capybara, Chatloup, Chimera, Coney, Doe, Dog, Domestic Cat, Elephant, Elk, Enfield, Fang, Fleece, Fox, Genet, Giraffe, Goat, Gorilla, Griffin, Hare, Hedgehog, Hippopotamus, Horn, Horse, Hyena, Ibex, Jerboa, Keythong, Lamb, Leopard, Lion, Llama, Lynx, Mole, Monkey, Moose, Mouse, Musimon, Opossum, Otter, Ounce, Pantheon, Panther, Pawprint, Pegasus, Porcupine, Qilin, Rabbit, Racoon, Ram, Rat, Reindeer, Rhinoceros, Sheep, Shrew, Skunk, Sow, Squirrel, Stag, Stoat, Tiger, Tyger, Unicorn, Wildcat, Wolf, Wolverine, Yale, Ziz

Body Parts: Arm, Attire, Beard, Body, Bone, Eye, Foot, Hand, Head, Leg, Mask, Massacre, Skull, Tail, Testicles, Tongue, Trunk, Tusk

Postures: Close, Couchant, Courant, Displayed, Erect, Glissant, Haurient, Involved, Migrant, Naiant, Passant, Rampant, Rising, Salient, Sejant, Statant, Striking, Tergiant, Volant

People: All, Angel, Breast, Centaur, Cherub, Child, Crucifix, Dextrochère, Fist, Fool, Footprint, Frauenadler, Gorgon, Harpy, Hercules, Human, Infant, Janus, Jawbone, Knight, Lamia, Man, Manticore, Melusine, Mermaid, Merman, Minotaur, Monk, Moor, Moustache, Saracen, Savage, Seraph, Siren, Sphinx, Tress, Triton, Viking, Woman, Wound

Food: All, Amphora, Barrel, Beaker, Bottle, Bowl, Breadloaf, Cauldron, Chalice, Cheese, Churn, Cleaver, Cornucopia, Costrel, Cup, Drinking Horn, Flask, Fleshpot, Fork, Funnel, Goblet, Grater, Gridiron, Ham, Kettle Hook, Knife, Ladle, Mash Rake, Meat, Mortar, Oven, Pan, Peel, Pestle, Pitcher, Platter, Pot, Rail, Salt Barrel, Saltcellar, Sausage, Scoop, Sieve, Skimmer, Spit, Spoon, Tankard, Trammel Hook, Tripod, Trivet, Weinleiter

Clothing: All, Angles, Bag, Belt, Bobbin, Boot, Breeches, Broach, Brogue, Brooch, Brush, Buckle, Button, Bycocket, Cap, Cloth, Coif, Collar, Comb, Crancelin, Crown, Distaff, Eyeglasses, Fillet, Garter, Glove, Hair Pin, Hat, Heckle, Hempbreak, Hood, Hose, Joscelyn, Lucet, Mantle, Maunch, Mirror, Mitre, Mitten, Needle, Niddy-Noddy, Paternoster, Peruke, Pouch, Quill, Ring, Sandal, Scarf, Scissors, Scrip, Shears, Shoe, Shuttle, Sole, Spindle, Spool, Tablet, Tassel, Thimble, Thread, Torc, Torse, Tunic, Veil, Wool Card, Wool Comb, Yarn, Yarn Swift

Tools: All, Adze, Anvil, Auger, Awl, Axe, Axe-Head, Bellows, Block Plane, Board, Calipers, Chisel, Compass, Drawknife, Drill, Float, Grindstone, Grozing Iron, Hammer, Hod, Ladder, Level, Mallet, Nail, Pick, Pliers, Plummet, Punner, Royne, Saw, Shave, Shavehook, Soldering Iron, Square, Staple, Strike, Tackle Block, Tenterhook, Trowel, Weight, Winde

Buildings: All, Altar, Andiron, Anille, Arch, Bascule, Bathtub, Beacon, Boardwalk, Brazier, Bridge, Castle, Chair, Chest, Church, City, Column, Cresset, Dolmen, Door, Door Bolt, Drawbridge, Fountain, House, Keystone, Lighthouse, Lock Plate, Obelisk, Park Pales, Pavilion, Portcullis, Quoin, Sepulcher Stone, Siege Tower, Staircase, Stool, Table, Table-Trestle, Torii, Tower, Truss, Wall, Watchtower, Well, Windmill, Window

Arts & Sciences: All, Abacus, Apothecary Jar, Ark, Armillary Sphere, Aspergillum, Aspersorium, Astrolabe, Athanor, Bagpipe, Balance, Basket, Bauble, Bell, Book, Bowling Pin, Caligraphy Knife, Chess Piece, Clarion, Cornetto, Cow-Bell, Crozier, Cupping Glass, Dice, Domino, Drum, Drumstick, Dulcimer, Escroll, Fleam, Flute, Frame, Game Board, Golf Club, Harp, Hautboy, Inkhorn, Lute, Lyre, Mjolnir, Mosaic Tablets, Musical Clef, Musical Note, Ombrellino, Organ Pipe, Paintbrush, Palette, Panpipe, Pen, Penbox, Penner, Polo Stick, Press, Psaltery, Quadrant, Rackett, Recorder, Retort, Scroll, Shofar, Spatula, Stilts, Tambourine, Thyrsus, Trumpet, Umbrella, Urinal, Viol, Violin, Whirligig, Zill, Zither

Farming: All, Bag of Madder, Barnacles, Beehive, Bridle, Bucket, Carriage Frame, Clog, Coulter, Crook, Dovecote, Fan, Fence, Fer-a-loup, Fetterlock, Flail, Gate, Hames, Harrow, Hay House, Hayfork, Hide, Hoe, Horseshoe, Hound Couple, Hunting Horn, Mattock, Mill, Mill Wheel, Millrind, Millstone, Pitchfork, Plow, Plowshare, Pommel, Pruning Hook, Pruning Knife, Rake, Rope, Saddle, Scythe, Shovel, Sickle, Snaffle-Bit, Spade, Spur, Stirrup, Tub, Turning Cratch, Wagon, Wool-Pack, Yoke

Ships & Fishing: All, Anchor, Boat, Caravel, Coracle, Crow's Nest, Drakkar, Eel Basket, Eel-Fork, Fishhook, Gondola, Grappling Iron, Harpoon, Lymphad, Mariner's Compass, Oar, Oarlock, Rowboat, Rudder, Sail, Salmon Spear, Trident, Trireme, Whistle

Military: All, Archery Target, Armor Stand, Arrow, Arrowhead, Battering Ram, Battle Axe, Billhook, Bird-Blunt, Bow, Bracer, Breastplate, Broad-arrow, Caltrop, Camail, Cannon, Chaine Shot, Chamber, Chamfron, Club, Crampet, Cranequin, Cronel, Crossbow, Cuisse, Cutlass, Dagger, Dart, Elbow Guard, Falchion, Fasces, Fireball, Fletching, Gauntlet, Glaive, Goats Foot Lever, Grenade, Halberd, Handgun, Handgun Rest, Helm, Lance, Mace, Mail, Morion, Partisan, Pauldron, Pennon, Pheon, Pole Axe, Pole-Cannon, Quintain, Quiver, Rapier, Rocket, Round Metal Shield, Scabbard, Scaling Ladder, Scimitar, Scourge, Shield, Shirt, Sling, Solleret, Spanning Hook, Spanning Iron, Spear, Streitgabelklinge, Sword, Truncheon, War Hammer, War Wagon

Assorted Objects: All, Axle, Axle Pin, Baby Walker, Banner, Besom, Candelabrum, Candle, Candlestick, Catherine Wheel, Chain, Cog-Wheel, Cushion, Felloe, Firebrand, Furison, Gemstone, Gonfalon, Hook, Hourglass, Key, Lamp, Lantern, Menorah, Orb, Padlock, Pavon, Phial, Razor, Rod, Shackle, Sledge, Smoking Pipe, Staff, Standard, Strongbox, Torch, Vase, Water-Bouget, Water-Wheel, Wheel


Mantling, Helms & Crests: All, Clerical Hat and Tassels, Helm with Drape, Helm with Drape and Torse, Angled Helm with Mantling, Angled Helm with Crest, Angled Helm with Mantling and Crest, Helm and Mantling, Encircling Garter, Encircling Ribbon, Mantling, Mourning Drape

Achievement Elements: All, Compartment, Medallion, Medallion and Ribbon, Medallion Ribbon, Parchment, Ribbon, Ring and Braid, Motto Scroll, Staff, Strap, Torse, Floral

Letters: All, Blackletter, Futhark, Greek, Insular, Roman, Textura, Uncial

Escutcheon Outlines: All, Device Outline, Square, Lozenge, Circular, Oval, Heart, Roman Scutum, Kite Outline, Truncated Kite, Triangular, Heater, Almond, Iberian U-Shaped, German U-Shaped, Tilting, Italian Tilting, Renaissance, Foliate Renaissance, Polish Renaissance, German Renaissance, Spanish Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Horsehead, German Tournament, English Tournament, Embowed Heater, Moorish Adarga, Spanish Adarga, Italian Adarga, English, Late-Period English, Engrailed English, Pentagonal English, Engrailed Heater, Octagonal, Federal

Flags: All, Standard, Guidon

Diapering Textures: All, Vine, Squares, Lozenge, Octagram, Chainmail, Blooms, Almonds, Swallowtails, Frets, Lines

Layout Guides: All, Center Lines, Ordinary Lines, Grid, Semy

Doodle Sheets: All, Quad Devices, Small Devices, Quad Badges, Small Badges

Display Worksheets: All, Heater, Square, Lozenge, Circular, Oval, Heart, Roman Scutum, Kite, Truncated Kite, Almond, Iberian, Tilting, Italian Tilting, Renaissance, Foliate Renaissance, Polish Renaissance, Spanish Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Horsehead, German Tournament, English Tournament, English, Pentagonal English, Engrailed Heater, Octagonal, German 16th C. Frame, German 16th C. Lozenge, Italian 16th C. Frame, 17th C. Scrollwork, Shield with Strap, Draped Achievement, Helm, Shield with Helm & Mantling, Banner, Banners and Lances, Banner and Lance, Banner and Pole, Quarter-Circle Banner, Gonfalon, Gonfalon and Lance, Pennons, Pennons and Lances, Standards, Tudor Standards, Standard and Lance, Standards and Lances, Fluttering Standards, Guidon and Lance, Pennon and Lance, Trumpet Banner, Heraldic Tabard, Tabard with Helm and Banners, Surcoat, Crusader, 11th C., Banner and Shield, Mounted Knight, Spaniard, 16th C., Lady Justice, English 14th C. Couple, English 14th C. Cotehardie, English 14th C. Sideless Gown, English Late 14th C. Cotehardie, English 14th C. Lord, English 15th C. Gentleman, English 16th C. Procession