Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


See also: Tower in Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry.

A circular or square stone building as might be found in a castle.

Default orientation: palewise. Proper coloration: argent or gray.

Tower (6) §

Source: Scheibler Armorial. Artist: Unknown. (From the arms of Waldow.)

Tower (13) §

Source: Two Tudor Books of Arms. Artist: Robert Cooke. (From page 150, arms of John Dunstall.)

Tower (17) §

Source: Insignia Urbium Italiae Septentrionalis. Artist: Unknown. (Arms of de Branbano, folio 81r.) Adapted by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin.

Tower Issuant from a Rock §

Source: Catalogue des Noms, Surnoms, Faits et Vies. Artist unknown. (Folio 21r.)

Tower Triple-Towered (1) §

Source: Bellenville Armorial. Artist unknown. (Folio 5r.)

Tower Triple-Towered (3) §

Source: Irish Nobility E1. Artist unknown. (Folio 21, arms of the baron of Kyllen.)

Tower Triple-Towered (4) §

Source: Armorial dit de Lyncenich. Artist unknown.

Tower Triple-Towered (5) §

Source: Nobleza del Andaluzia. Artist unknown. (Arms of Castilla, folio 33r.)

Tower With Open Doors §

Source: Scheibler Armorial. Artist: Unknown. (From the arms of von Niderthor.)