Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Default Postures and Orientations

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Cross: Crosswise
Saltire: Saltirewise

Shapes & Symbols

Ankh: Crosswise
Billet: Upright
Card-Pique: Palewise (Card-Pique); point to chief (Card-Pique)
Chi-Rho: Upright
Compass Rose: Highlighted point to chief
Compass Star: One point to chief
Cornice: One point to chief
Crampon: Palewise
Cross (Charge): Crosswise (Cross Formy Calvary, Coptic Cross, Canterbury Cross, Cross Fourchy, Patriarchal Cross, Cross Formy Fitchy At The Foot, Latin Cross Bottony, Doubled Cross, Cross Miller, Greek Cross, Cross Glandular, Cross Of Jerusalem, Cross Crescenty, Cross Of Lorraine, Latin Cross Flory, Latin Cross Patonce, Latin Cross Clechy, Cross Barby, Cross Annuletty, Cross Of Four Lozenges, Bowen Cross, Cross Potent Conjoined to an Annulet, Cross Moline Disjointed, Cross Pointed Voided, Cross Fitchy, Cross Of Calatrava, Cross Clechy, Cross Floretty, Cross Alisée, Cross of St. Brigid, Russian Orthodox Cross, Cross Formy Double-Pommeled at the Foot, Latin Cross or Passion Cross, Latin Cross Couped, Ragged Cross, Cross Of Santiago, Cross Capital, Cross Potent Voided, Cross Swallowtailed, Cross of Annulets Braced, Cross Of Calvary, Cross Pointed Voided Pometty, Latin Cross Pomelly, Equal-Armed Celtic Cross, Cross Doubly Pommeled, Cross Bottony Fitchy, Cross Formy Fitchy, Cross Pointed, Cross Patonce, Norse Sun-Cross, Key Cross, Cross Of Four Ermine Spots, Cross Potent, Maltese Cross, Avellane Cross, Cross Flory, Cross Pomelly, Cross Of Toulouse, Cross Crosslet Fitchy, Cross Bottony, Celtic Cross, Cross Moline); crosswise, upright (Wooden Latin Cross Couped); point to base (Cross of Four Hearts Conjoined at the Points); crosswise throughout (Cross Rayonnant)
Delf: Flat side to base
Escarbuncle: One arm to chief
Fylfot: Crosswise
Heart: Point to base
Knot: Ends in fess (Stafford Knot); one loop to chief (Trefoil Knot, Quatrefoil Knot); center loop to chief (Hungerford Knot); fesswise (Wake Knot or Ormonde Knot); one point to chief (Lacy Knot); two loops to chief (Heneage Knot); crosswise (Lacy Knot)
Lozenge: One point to chief
Mascle: One point to chief
Masculyn: One point to chief
Mullet: One point to chief
Nailpuller: One point to chief
Polygon: Flat side to base
Rogacina: Point to chief
Rustre: One point to chief
Spur-Rowel: One point to chief
Star of David: One point to chief
Triangle: Flat side to base
Umebachi: One circle to chief
Valknut: Points to chief
Well Frame: One corner to chief
Zule: Central portion palewise

The World & Heavens

Cloud: Fesswise (Cloud); rays to base (Thunder-Cloud)
Comet: Palewise, tail to base
Crescent: Horns open to chief
Estoile: One point to chief
Flame: Tongues extending to chief
Lightning: Palewise
Moon: Points to dexter if “increscent,” or to sinister if “decrescent” (Increscent Moon); affronty (Moon In Her Plenitude)
Mount: Issuant from base
Mountain: Issuant from base
Rainbow: Fesswise enarched to chief
Sunburst: Rays to chief
Thunderbolt: Flame palewise, wings fesswise, lightning in saltire
Wind: Upright, facing dexter


Acanthus: Stem to base
Acorn: Stem to chief
Aloe Vera: Points to chief
Apple: Stem to chief (Apple Sprig, Apple Slipped and Leaved, Apple); fruit to chief (Apple Tree)
Ash: Roots to base
Aspen: Stem to base
Bamboo: Handle to base, blade to dexter
Banana: Stem to chief
Bean: Stem to chief (Beanpod); unclear (Bean)
Beech: Stem to base
Belladona: Upright
Birch: Stem to base
Blackberry: Stems to base
Borage: Blossom affronty
Broom: Pods to chief
Cabbage: Stem to base
Carrot: Stem to chief
Cattail: Upright
Chrysanthemum: Stem to base (Chrysanthemum Leaf); affronty (Chrysanthemum of 14 Petals)
Cinquefoil: One point to chief
Citron: Stem to chief
Clove: Palewise, tips to chief
Columbine: Pendent to dexter
Créquier: Roots to base
Cucumber: Stem to chief
Daisy: Affronty
Dandelion: Affronty
Dogwood: Affronty
Eggplant: Fruit with stems to chief; plant with roots to base
Elder: Stem to base
Elderflower: Stem to base
Fig: Stem to base
Flax: Stem to base
Fleur de Lys: Point to chief
Foxglove: Stem to base
Garlic: Bulb to base
Gillyflower: Affronty, or nearly so
Gourd: Stem to chief
Grape: Stem to base (Grape Leaf, Bunch of Grapes, Grape Vine); stem to chief (Bunch of Grapes Slipped and Leaved)
Hazel: Stem to base
Heather: Stem to base
Hemp: Stem to base
Holly: Stem to base
Hop: Stem to chief
Ivy: Stem to base
Juniper: Stem to base
Lady's Mantle: Stem to base
Laurel: Tips to chief (Laurel Wreath); stem to base (Laurel Leaf)
Leek: Bulb to base
Lemon: Stem to chief
Lettuce: Roots to base
Lilac: Stem to base
Lily: Stem to base
Linden: Stem to base (Linden Leaf Inverted Slipped to Base, Linden Branch, Linden Tree Eradicated, Linden Leaf Inverted, Linden Branch Twined on Itself, Linden Leaf); roots to base (Linden Tree, Linden Tree Eradicated); in pall (Three Linden Leaves Conjoined In Pall)
Lotus: Affronty
Magnolia: Upright
Mallow: Roots to base
Mandrake: Affronty, feet to base
Maple: Stem to base
Marigold: Unknown
Mushroom: Stem to base
Nesselblatt: One large point to base
Oak: Stem to base (Oak Sprig, Oak Sprig Fructed, Oak Leaf); roots to base (Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated)
Octofoil: One point to chief
Olive: Palewise
Onion: Bulb to base
Palm: Palewise, leaves to chief
Pea: Stem to base
Pear: Stem to chief (Pear); trunk to base (Pear Tree)
Peony: Blossom affronty
Pepper: Stem to chief
Pine: Roots to base
Plane: Roots to base
Pomegranate: Stem to base
Poplar: Stem to base
Pumpkin: Stem to chief
Quatrefoil: One point to chief
Quince: Stem to base
Radish: Upright
Rose: Affronty (Rose); one point to chief (Rose)
Rowan: Stem to base (Rowan Leaf, Cluster of Rowan Berries); roots to base (Rowan Tree, Rowan Tree Eradicated)
Rue: Stem to base
Seeblatt: Opening to chief
Sexfoil: One point to chief
Shamrock: Slip to base
Star-of-Bethlehem: One point to chief
Strawberry: Stem to base (Strawberry Leaf, 3 Strawberry Leaves); stem to chief (Strawberry); roots to base (Strawberry Plant)
Sunflower: Affronty
Tabacco: Palewise
Thistle: Palewise, in profile; slipped and leaved by default
Tiercefeuille: One point to base
Tree: Roots to base
Trefoil: Slip to base
Trillium: Affronty, one large petal to base
Tulip: Stem to base
Turnip: Roots to base
Wheat: Stems to base (Sheaf of Wheat, Garb of Wheat); stem to base (Ear of Wheat, Stalk of Wheat)
Willow: Roots to base


Bee: Volant in arrière
Butterfly: Volant in arrière
Cicada: Tergiant
Claw: Tergiant
Crab: Tergiant
Crayfish: Tergiant
Cricket: Statant
Dragonfly: Volant in arrière
Grasshopper: Statant
Ladybird: Tergiant
Lobster: Tergiant
Moth: Volant in arrière
Prawn: Tergiant
Scorpion: Tergiant
Slug: Facing dexter
Snail: Opening to dexter chief (Snail Shell); facing dexter (Snail)
Spider: Tergiant
Stag Beetle: Tergiant
Wasp: Volant in arrière


Barbel: Naiant
Calamarie: Tentacles to chief
Carp: Naiant
Catfish: Naiant
Chabot: Tergiant
Dolphin: Naiant
Eel: Naiant
Escallop: Hinge to chief
Fish: Naiant
Goldfish: Naiant
Lucy: Naiant
Manatee: Naiant
Polypus: Tentacles to base
Sea-Bear: Erect
Sea-Boar: Erect
Sea-Dog: Erect
Sea-Dragon: Erect
Sea-Fox: Erect
Sea-Goat: Erect
Sea-Horse: Erect
Sea-Lion: Erect
Sea-Otter: Erect
Sea-Tortoise: Tergiant palewise
Sea-Wolf: Erect
Skeleton: Upright affronty
Stockfish: Tergiant
Trout: Naiant
Turbot: Tergiant
Whale: Naiant
Whelk: Point to base


Basilisk: Statant, wings addorsed
Caduceus: Upright
Caldera Gringolada: Upright
Chameleon: Statant
Cockatrice: Statant wings addorsed
Dragon: Segreant (rampant wings addorsed)
Frog: Tergiant
Hydra: Segreant (rampant wings addorsed)
Rod of Asclepius: Upright
Salamander: Statant
Toad: Tergiant
Tortoise: Tergiant
Wyvern: Statant, wings addorsed (Wyvern Rampant Wings Displayed, Wyvern Dexter Forepaw Raised, Wyvern Wings Displayed, Wyvern Tail Nowed, Wyvern Sejant Erect Affronty Wings Displayed, Wyvern Rampant, Wyvern); sejant or statant, considered equivalent for wyverns (Wyvern Wings Displayed)


Alerion: Displayed
Auk: Close
Bat: Displayed guardant
Bird: Close (Bird, Bird Regardant Wings Addorsed, Bird Rising, Bird Volant Wings Addorsed); palewise, claws to base (Bird's Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved)
Cock: Close
Cormorant: Close
Coxcomb: Fringe to chief
Crane: Close, typically drawn with one leg raised, frequently shown holding a rock, which may be blazoned “in its vigilance”
Crow: Close
Dove: Close
Duck: Close
Eagle: Displayed (Eagle’s Head Couped, Eagle's Head Erased, Eagle Rising, Double-headed Eagle, Eagle's Leg Erased, Eagle’s Head Erased, Double-Headed Eagle, Eagle); palewise, claws to base (Eagle's Leg Erased, Eagle's Leg Erased Grasping A Fish)
Egg: Palewise
Falcon: Close
Feather: Quill to base
Flamingo: Close
Goose: Close
Hawk: Close
Hen: Close (Hen); statant close (Hen)
Heron: Statant close
Hummingbird: Close
Lure: Cord to chief
Magpie: Close
Martlet: Close
Merlette: Close
Moorcock: Close
Ostrich: Close
Owl: Close guardant
Panache: Quills to base
Peacock: Close (Peacock One Leg Raised, Peacock In His Pride, Peacock); quill to base (Peacock Feather)
Pelican: Close
Penguin: Statant close
Pheasant: Close
Phoenix: Displayed (Phoenix); displayed; always shown rising from flames (Phoenix)
Poppinjay: Close
Porphyrio: Close
Puffin: Close
Raven: Close
Robin: Close
Stork: Close
Swan: Rousant
Titmouse: Close
Turkeycock: Statant close, tail displayed
Vol: Displayed
Wing: Dexter wing displayed (Wing); displayed inverted (Wings Conjoined In Lure); volant in arrière (Bee's Wing)
Wood Cock: Close


Badger: Statant
Bear: Upright, claws to dexter
Boar: Upright, facing dexter
Buffalo: Point to chief
Elephant: Statant
Fang: Point to base
Fleece: Feet down, head to dexter
Griffin: Rampant, blazoned “segreant”
Hedgehog: Statant
Ibex: Point to chief
Keythong: Rampant
Lamb: Passant
Leopard: Rampant
Lion: Rampant (Lion Sejant Affronty, Lion Sejant Erect Regardant, Winged Lion Passant Regardant, Winged Lion Salient, Lion Statant Guardant, Lion Sejant Regardant, Lion's Head Couped, Lion Double Queued, Lion Sejant Affronty Queue Fourchy, Lion Courant, Lion Salient Tail Nowed, Lion Sejant in a Chair Maintaining a Pole Axe, Lion Vulned, Winged Lion Passant, Lion Guardant, Lion Passant Reguardant, Lion Sejant Guardant, Winged Lion Segreant, Lion Dormant, Lion Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised, Lion Coward, Lion Regardant, Lion Sejant Erect, Lion Sejant, Lion Statant, Lion Queue Nowed, Lion's Head Jessant-de-Lys, Lion's Head Cabossed, Lion Passant Guardant, Lion Couchant Head Lowered, Lion Queue Fourchy, Lion's Head Erased, Lion Couchant, Lion Salient, Lion Queue Forchy, Lion Passant, Lion); claws to chief (Lion's Jambe Erased, Lion's Jambe Couped)
Otter: Statant, perhaps; best to blazon explicitly
Ounce: Rampant
Pawprint: Toes to chief
Porcupine: Statant
Rabbit: Sejant
Ram: Point to chief
Rhinoceros: Statant
Squirrel: Sejant erect
Stag: Horns to chief
Unicorn: Rampant

Arm: Dexter arm, hand to chief (Arm Fesswise Couped Maintaining A Scarf, Arm Vested Fesswise With A Hand Of Benediction, Arm Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring, Arm Couped Maintaining a Dagger, Two Arms Issuant with Hands Clasped, Two Arms Vested Issuant with Hands Clasped, Arm In Armor Fesswise Embowed Brandishing A Sword, Arm Vested Fesswise, Arm Embowed Maintaining a Scimitar, Arm Vested, Arm Couped with Fingers Extended, Arm Fesswise Maintaining A Club, Arm Embowed); dexter arm, hand to chief, fingers clenched (Cubit Arm Vested, Cubit Arm, Cubit Arm with Fingers Extended)
Beard: Upright
Bone: Palewise (Bone, Two Bones In Cross); always shown in pairs issuant from the sides of the field (Three Pairs of Rib Bones)
Eye: Fesswise
Foot: Upright, toes to dexter (Foot Couped); palewise, claws to chief (Bird's Foot); close (Duck's Foot); palewise, claws to base (Eagle's Foot Couped)
Hand: Dexter hand apaumy, fingers to chief (Hand Couped Close, Hand with Middle Finger Extended, Hand of Benediction, Hand Erased, Pair of Hands, Hand Issuant from a Cloud, Hand Couped Maintaining a Quill Pen, Clawed Hand Aversed, Hand Couped); fesswise (Foi)
Leg: Dexter leg, foot to base
Mask: Upright (Mummer's Mask, Tragedy Mask, Comedy Mask, Visard Mask); fesswise (Domino Mask)
Skull: Cabossed
Testicles: Points to dexter chief
Tusk: Statant


Angel: Statant affronty (Angel Volant With a Scroll Issuant From Its Mouth, Angel Statant Upon A Cloud); statant affronty, wings displayed (Angel, Angel Armed)
Breast: Affronty
Centaur: Erect
Cherub: Affronty
Crucifix: Crosswise, upright
Dextrochère: Dexter arm fesswise embowed
Fist: Dexter hand, fingers to chief
Fool: Affronty
Footprint: Toes to chief
Frauenadler: Affronty guardant displayed
Gorgon: Affronty
Harpy: Close guardant
Hercules: Statant affronty
Janus: Upright, facing both ways
Man: Statant affronty (Man Hooded and Robed with Arms Extended, Man Vested and Maintaining a Scythe, Man In A Boat Holding Arrows Inverted, Demi-Man Vested, Hooded Man Maintaining a Bowl and Staff, Nude Man, Man Seated Upon a Throne, Man Robed, Moor's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown, Armed Man, Armed Demi-Man Drawing a Bow, Moor's Head Couped at the Shoulders, Moor's Head); facing dexter (Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown, Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders Wearing a Hat, Savage's Head Affronty, Hooded Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders, Man's Head Wearing a Hat Issuant from Base, Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders, Man's Head Couped, Man's Head Cabossed, Moor's Head, Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Hat)
Melusine: Affronty
Mermaid: Erect affronty
Merman: Erect affronty
Monk: Statant affronty
Moor: Statant affronty
Saracen: Facing dexter
Savage: Facing dexter
Seraph: Affronty
Tress: End to base
Viking: Statant affronty
Woman: Statant affronty
Wound: Gouty to base


Amphora: Upright
Barrel: Fesswise
Beaker: Upright
Bottle: Upright
Bowl: Upright, in profile or three-quarter view
Breadloaf: Fesswise
Cauldron: Upright
Chalice: Palewise
Cheese: If a wedge, point to dexter (Wedge of Cheese); fesswise (Wheel of Cheese)
Churn: Found in period with handle to base (Churning Staff); plunger to chief (Butter Churn)
Cleaver: Handle to base, cutting to dexter
Cornucopia: Palewise opening to chief
Costrel: Opening to chief
Cup: Upright
Drinking Horn: Curving to dexter, opening to chief
Flask: Opening to chief
Fleshpot: Opening to chief
Fork: Palewise, handle to base
Funnel: Upright, spout to base
Goblet: Upright
Grater: Palewise
Gridiron: Handle to base
Ham: Meaty end to dexter, foot to sinister
Kettle Hook: Triangular, point to base
Knife: Point to chief, cutting to dexter
Ladle: Fesswise, handle to sinister
Mash Rake: Handle to base
Oven: Dome to chief
Pan: Palewise, handle to base
Peel: Palewise, handle to base
Pitcher: Palewise, spout to dexter
Platter: Affronty or three-quarter view
Pot: Palewise, spout to dexter (Spouted Pot); upright (Footed Pot)
Salt Barrel: Opening to top
Saltcellar: Palewise (Covered Saltcellar, Covered Saltcellar Shedding Salt); upright (Covered Saltcellar Shedding Salt)
Scoop: Bucket to chief, opening to dexter
Skimmer: Palewise, handle to chief
Spit: Point to chief
Spoon: Palewise, handle to base
Tankard: Upright
Trammel Hook: Palewise
Trivet: In annulo, all three legs visible


Angles: Two braced in pale
Bag: Opening to chief
Belt: Buckle to chief
Bobbin: Palewise, threaded end to chief
Boot: Sole to base, toe to dexter
Breeches: Legs to base
Broach: Point to chief
Brogue: Upright, toe to dexter
Brush: Handle to base
Button: Unknown
Bycocket: Upright
Cap: Upright, tails to sinister (Albanian Cap, Cap of Maintenance); upright (Cap of Mercury, Phrygian Cap); brim to base (Jester's Cap)
Comb: Teeth to base (Hair Comb); fesswise (Comb)
Crown: Fesswise (Triumphal Crown, Crown of Myrtle, Embattled Crown Gemmed, Crown Vallary, Naval Crown, Gemmed Crown, Crown of Mullets, Saxon Crown, Crown of Oak Leaves, Crown of Grass, Crown of Leaves, Crown of Three Points, Dovetailed Crown, Embattled Crown, Pearled Crown, Crown Flory, Eastern Crown); upright (Saxon Crown, Crown Flory)
Distaff: Handle to base, loaded with fibers
Eyeglasses: Lenses fesswise, bridge to chief
Garter: In annulo, loose end to base
Glove: Dexter hand, apaumy, fingers to chief
Hat: Point to chief (Jew's Hat); upright (Hat)
Hempbreak: Legs to base
Hood: Upright, facing dexter
Hose: Palewise, opening to chief
Joscelyn: Torse in annulo, bells in saltire
Mantle: Upright affronty
Maunch: Wrist to dexter, elbow bent to base
Mirror: Handle to base
Mitre: Upright
Mitten: Dexter hand apaumy, fingertips to chief
Needle: Point to base (Threaded Needle, Needle); palewise (Double Ended Knitting Needle)
Niddy-Noddy: Palewise
Paternoster: Tassel to base
Peruke: Upright
Quill: Palewise
Ring: Gem to chief
Scarf: Loose ends to base
Scissors: Palewise, points to chief
Scrip: Opening to chief
Shears: Palewise, points to base
Shoe: Sole to base, toe to dexter
Shuttle: Fesswise
Sole: Toe to chief (Sole); toes to chief (Sole Of A Foot)
Spindle: Palewise (Drop Spindle); point to chief (Spindle)
Tablet: Flat side to base
Tassel: Threads to base
Thimble: Palewise, opening to base
Thread: Palewise
Torc: Opening to base
Tunic: Upright
Wool Card: Handle to base
Wool Comb: Palewise, handle to base
Yarn Swift: Upright


Adze: Handle to base, cutting to dexter
Anvil: Flat surface to chief
Auger: Upright
Awl: Point to chief
Axe: Handle to base, blade to dexter (Throwing Axe, Battle-Axe, Broad Axe, Double-Sided Battle-Axe, Axe); blades to base and chief (Chipping Axe); palewise, blade to dexter chief (Axe)
Axe-Head: Blade to dexter
Bellows: Spout to base
Block Plane: Fesswise, cutting to sinister
Calipers: Points to base
Chisel: Palewise, handle to base
Compass: Points to base
Drawknife: Handles to base
Drill: Upright
Float: Handle to chief
Hammer: Head to chief, striking to dexter
Hod: Palewise, opening to chief
Ladder: Upright
Mallet: Head to chief, striking to dexter
Nail: Palewise, point to base
Pick: Fesswise, pointing to dexter
Pliers: Handles to base
Plummet: Hanging loop to chief
Punner: Palewise
Royne: Bar palewise, curve to chief
Saw: Fesswise, blade to base
Shave: Fesswise
Shavehook: Handle to base
Staple: Points to base
Strike: Carrying handle to chief
Trowel: Palewise, handle to base
Weight: Notches in fess (Japanese Weight); hole to chief (Balance Weight)
Winde: Unknown


Andiron: Upright
Anille: Fesswise
Arch: Upright
Bascule: Palewise, sliding to chief
Bathtub: Upright
Beacon: Flame to chief (Beacon); upright (Beacon)
Bridge: Fesswise
Castle: Upright
Chair: Upright
Chest: Fesswise
Church: Upright
City: Upright
Column: Palewise
Cresset: Flame to chief
Dolmen: Upright
Door: Upright
Drawbridge: Seen from above
Fountain: Opening to chief
House: Upright
Keystone: Wide edge to chief
Lighthouse: Upright
Lock Plate: Flat side to base
Obelisk: Point to chief
Park Pales: Palewise
Pavilion: Upright
Portcullis: Upright
Quoin: Narrow edge to chief
Sepulcher Stone: Fesswise in simplified perspective
Siege Tower: Palewise
Staircase: Bendwise throughout
Stool: Legs to base
Table: Legs to base
Table-Trestle: Fesswise, legs to base
Torii: Upright
Tower: Palewise
Truss: Chevronwise
Wall: Fesswise throughout (Wall Couped with Two Arched Doorways, Wall Couped, Wall Enarched, Wall Unembattled, Wall, Wall Couped with An Arched Doorway); upright (Wall Issuant From Base With Gate)
Watchtower: Upright
Well: Opening to chief
Windmill: Upright, vanes saltirewise

Arts & Sciences

Abacus: Fesswise with sliding rails palewise
Apothecary Jar: Cover to chief
Ark: Upright
Armillary Sphere: Stand to base
Aspersorium: Upright
Athanor: Upright
Bagpipe: Chanter to dexter base
Balance: Fesswise (Hanging Balance); upright (Standing Balance)
Basket: Upright
Bauble: Head to chief
Bell: Palewise (Bell); loop to chief (Hawk's Bell)
Book: Spine to chief (Closed Book); fesswise (Open Book)
Bowling Pin: Point to chief
Chess Piece: Forked end to chief (Chess Rook); palewise, facing dexter (One-Headed Chess Knight); palewise (Chess Bishop)
Clarion: Curlicue to dexter base
Cornetto: Mouthpiece to chief
Cow-Bell: Upright
Crozier: Curl to chief and dexter (Crook of Basel); palewise, handle to dexter chief (Crozier)
Cupping Glass: Opening to chief
Dice: Affronty, often in trian aspect (Die); affronty in trian aspect (Egyptian Twenty-Sided Die)
Drum: Palewise (Dumbek Drum); head to chief (Drum)
Drumstick: Palewise, head to chief
Fleam: Blade to chief, curved handle to base
Flute: Fesswise, finer holes affronty, mouth aperture to sinister
Game Board: Flat side to base
Golf Club: Club to base
Harp: Upright
Hautboy: Palewise, mouthpiece to chief
Herse: Legs to base
Lute: Neck to chief
Lyre: Upright
Mjolnir: Head to base
Mosaic Tablets: Upright
Musical Note: Upright
Ombrellino: Handle to base
Organ Pipe: Palewise, open end to chief
Paintbrush: Palewise, brush to chief
Panpipe: Palewise
Pen: Palewise, point to base
Penbox: Fesswise
Polo Stick: Curved end to chief
Press: Shafts palewise
Psaltery: Unknown
Quadrant: Arm pendant to base
Rackett: Mouthpiece to chief
Recorder: Palewise, mouthpiece to chief
Retort: Outlet to dexter
Scroll: Palewise
Shofar: Fesswise, bell to dexter
Spatula: Handle to base
Stilts: Upright
Tambourine: Affronty
Thyrsus: Head to chief
Trumpet: Bell to chief
Urinal: Upright
Viol: Palewise, frets to chief
Violin: Palewise, frets to chief
Whirligig: Upright
Zill: Strap to chief, or a pair facing each other


Bag of Madder: Fesswise
Barnacles: Hinge to chief
Beehive: Upright
Bridle: Bit to chief
Bucket: Handle to chief
Carriage Frame: Chassis palewise
Clog: Clog palewise
Coulter: Point to chief, cutting to dexter
Crook: Palewise, handle to dexter chief
Dovecote: Upright
Fan: Handle to chief (Winnowing Fan); handle to base (Folding Fan)
Fence: Fesswise (Wicker Fence); fesswise throughout (Wicker Fence Issuant From Base)
Fetterlock: Open, bolt to base, keyhole to dexter
Flail: Handle to base
Gate: Fesswise
Hames: Palewise
Harrow: Pulling loop to chief
Hay House: Upright
Hayfork: Handle to base
Hide: Head to chief
Hoe: Blade to chief, as of the March 2021 Cover Letter
Horseshoe: Opening to base
Hunting Horn: Curved to base, opening to dexter
Mill: Horizontal stone with axle to chief
Millrind: Saltirewise (Millrind); palewise (Millrind)
Millstone: Affronty
Pitchfork: Tines to chief
Plow: Fesswise, pulling to dexter
Plowshare: Point to chief
Pruning Hook: Hook to chief, cutting to dexter
Pruning Knife: Hook to chief, cutting to dexter
Rake: Teeth to base (Rake Head); palewise, handle to base (Rake)
Saddle: Upright, facing dexter (Saddle, Saddle with Stirrups); upright (Saddle Pommel)
Scythe: Handle to base, point to dexter (Scythe); point to chief (Scythe Blade)
Shovel: Handle to chief
Sickle: Handle to base, point to dexter
Snaffle-Bit: Fesswise
Spade: Handle to chief (Spade); point to base (Spade-Iron)
Spur: Rowel to chief
Stirrup: Upright
Tub: Opening to chief
Turning Cratch: Upright
Wagon: Wheels to base, driving to dexter
Wool-Pack: Fesswise
Yoke: Fesswise

Ships & Fishing

Anchor: Upright
Caravel: Upright, sailing to dexter
Coracle: Sailing to dexter
Drakkar: Sailing to dexter
Eel Basket: Fesswise
Eel-Fork: Points to base
Fishhook: Point to dexter chief
Gondola: Fesswise, sailing to dexter
Grappling Iron: Tines to base
Harpoon: Point to chief
Lymphad: Upright, sailing to dexter
Oar: Handle to base
Oarlock: Upright
Rowboat: Traveling to dexter
Rudder: Palewise, hinges to dexter
Sail: Billowing, hanging from a horizontal yard
Salmon Spear: Points to base
Trident: Points to chief
Trireme: Sailing to dexter


Armor Stand: Upright
Arrow: Point to base
Battering Ram: Fesswise
Battle Axe: Handle to base, blade to dexter (Pole Axe); palewise, point to chief, cutting to dexter (Sparth Axe, Bardiche Axe); point to chief, cutting to dexter (Pole Axe)
Billhook: Point to chief
Bird-Blunt: Point to base
Bow: Palewise, shooting to dexter, or when fesswise, shooting to chief
Breastplate: Upright
Broad-arrow: Point to base
Caltrop: Point to chief
Camail: Point to base
Cannon: Aiming to dexter
Chamber: Fesswise, firing to dexter
Chamfron: Affronty and upright
Club: Palewise, handle to base
Crampet: Point to base
Cronel: Points to chief
Crossbow: Pointing to chief
Cuisse: Palewise
Cutlass: Point to chief
Dagger: Point to chief
Elbow Guard: Elbow to sinister
Falchion: Palewise, opening to chief
Fasces: Blade to chief, cutting to dexter
Gauntlet: Dexter hand apaumy (Clenched Gauntlet, Gauntlet, Clenched Gauntlet Flexed at the Wrist, Gauntlet Aversed); dexter hand, fingers to chief (Clenched Gauntlet)
Glaive: Point to chief, cutting to dexter
Grenade: Flame to chief
Halberd: Point to chief, cutting to dexter
Handgun Rest: Palewise, fork to chief
Helm: Facing dexter (Helm Affronty, Morion Helm, Norman Helm Affronty, Horned Close Helm, Corinthian Helm, Winged Great Helm Affronty Wings Inverted, Ocular Helm Affronty, Winged Great Helm Affronty Wings Elevated, Great Helm Affronty, Great Helm, Close Helm); upright, facing dexter (Great Helm)
Mace: Hilt to base
Morion: Crest to chief
Musket: Fesswise, shooting to dexter
Partisan: Point to chief
Pauldron: Dexter shoulder, upright
Pennon: Pole upright, flag to dexter
Petronel: Fesswise, shooting to dexter
Pheon: Point to base
Pole-Cannon: Palewise, firing to chief
Quiver: Upright
Rapier: Palewise, point to chief
Rocket: Flames to base
Scabbard: Palewise, opening to chief
Scaling Ladder: Palewise, hooks to chief
Scimitar: Point to chief, cutting to dexter (Scimitar); palewise, point to chief (Scimitar)
Scourge: Handle to base
Sling: Stone to base
Solleret: Fesswise, pointing to dexter
Spanning Hook: Hook to chief, pointing to dexter
Spanning Iron: Hooks to chief
Spear: Point to chief
Streitgabelklinge: Points to chief
Sword: Point to chief
Truncheon: Palewise, point to chief
War Hammer: Head to chief, striking to dexter
War Wagon: Wheels to base

Assorted Objects

Axle Pin: Upright
Baby Walker: Wheels to base, third wheel rolling to dexter
Banner: Pole upright
Besom: Palewise, bristles to chief
Candelabrum: Upright
Candle: Palewise
Candlestick: Palewise
Catherine Wheel: In annulo
Cog-Wheel: Affronty
Cushion: Square
Firebrand: Palewise, flames to chief
Furison: Fesswise, handles to chief
Gemstone: Viewed from above (Hexagonal Gemstone, French-Cut Gemstone, French-Cut Gemstone In Profile, Indented Gemstone); viewed from above, palewise (Step-Cut Gemstone)
Gonfalon: Tails to base
Hook: Twist to chief (Spring Hook); points to base (Tent Hook)
Hourglass: Palewise
Key: Palewise, wards to chief (Key); palewise (Key)
Lamp: Spout to dexter (Arabian Lamp); flames to chief (Lamp); hanging from chieft (Hanging Lamp)
Lantern: Upright
Orb: Cross to chief
Padlock: Upright
Phial: Opening to chief
Razor: Palewise, cutting to dexter
Rod: Palewise
Shackle: Fesswise
Sledge: Facing dexter
Smoking Pipe: Fesswise
Staff: Palewise (Two Ragged Staffs in Saltire, Ragged Staff); palewise, point to base (Pilgrim's Staff); point to chief (Staff Topped by a Fleur-de-Lys, Staff Topped by a Trefoil)
Strongbox: Trian aspect, lid to chief
Torch: Palewise, flame to chief
Water-Bouget: Sacks to base
Wheel: In annulo (Chief Quarter of a Wheel, Wheel Irradiated, Dexter Half of a Wheel, Two Wheels Conjoined by an Axle, Rimless Wheel, Wheel); upright (Wheel of Fortune)