Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


Eagle Striking §

A mighty bird.

Default posture: displayed. No proper coloration.

Source: The Trade Signs of Essex. Artist unknown.

Falcon Striking §

A bird of prey. May also be blazoned a “hawk.”

Default posture: close. Proper coloration: brown.

Source: Pennsic Traceable Art. Artist: Roana d’Evreux (attributed).

Owl Striking Wings Displayed Head to Dexter §

A night-hunting bird of prey.

Default posture: close guardant. Proper coloration: brown, unless owl is blazoned as a type with distinctive coloration (e.g. a “snowy owl proper” would be argent).

The attitude of the head must be blazoned here because owls default to guardant in any posture.

Source: Pennsic Traceable Art. Artist unknown.

Raven Striking §

A corvid, like the crow, but typically drawn with “rough” or “hairy” feathers.

Default posture: close. Proper coloration: sable.

Artist: Elspeth Farre.