Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Combined Index

This index includes items which are present in other sources but not found in this collection.

: Cross Crosslet Fitchy (1); Cross Crosslet Fitchy (2); Maiden's Head And Bust

A §

Abacus: Oriental Abacus
Acanthus: Leaf
Acorn: 4 illustrations; Slipped & Leaved (1); Slipped & Leaved (2)
Allocamelus: Allocamelus (at PicDic)
Alphyn: Passant
Amphisbaena: Amphisbaena (at PicDic)
Amphora: 3 illustrations
Anchor: 6 illustrations
Andirons: Andirons, pair of (at PicDic)
Angel: Angel; Armed; Statant Upon A Cloud; Volant With a Scroll Issuant From Its Mouth
Angles: Pair of Angles
Anille: 3 illustrations
Ankh: 3 illustrations
Annulet: 2 illustrations; Three Annulets Interlaced; of Chain; of Rope
Antelope: Passant; Rampant
Anvil: One-horned Anvil (1); One-horned Anvil (2); Two-horned Anvil (1); Two-horned Anvil (2)
Ape: Ape (at PicDic)
Ape clog: Ape clog (at PicDic)
Apothecary jar: Apothecary jar (at PicDic)
Apple: 3 illustrations; Slipped and Leaved
Apron: Apron (at PicDic)
Ark of the Covenant: Ark of the Covenant (at PicDic)
Arm: Couped; Embowed (1); Embowed (2); Embowed (3); Cubit Arm; Cubit Arm Vested; Vested; In Armor Fesswise Embowed Brandishing A Sword; Couped Maintaining a Torch; Triskelion of Arms
Armadillo: Rampant
Armillory Sphere: Armillory Sphere (at PTA)
Armor: Armor (at PicDic)
Arrow: 3 illustrations; Sheaf of Arrows
Arrowhead: Broad-arrow; Pheon (1); Pheon (2)
Ash: Branch; Tree Eradicated
Ass: Passant; Head Erased
Athanor: Athanor (at PicDic)
Attire: Stag's Attire (1); Stag's Attire (2)
Axe: 4 illustrations; Throwing Axe; Pole Axe (1); Pole Axe (2); Battle-Axe (1); Battle-Axe (2); Double-Sided Battle-Axe (1); Double-Sided Battle-Axe (2)
Axe-head: Axe-head (at PicDic)
Axle bracket: Axle bracket (at PicDic)

B §

Badger: Rampant; Statant; Badger's Head Erased
Bag: Bag, or Pouch (1); Bag, or Pouch (2); Bag, or Pouch (3)
Bag of madder: Bag of madder (at PicDic)
Bagwyn: Bagwyn (at PicDic)
Balance: Hanging Balance; Hanging Balance (2)
Ball: Printer’s ball (at PicDic)
Banner: Banner flying (at PTA)
Barnacles: Barnacles, pair of (at PicDic)
Barry: of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; Nebuly; Wavy (of 6); Wavy (of 8)
Barry Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Barry Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Bars: 2 Bars; 3 Bars; 2 Bars Wavy
Bars Gemel: 2 Bars Gemel
Base: Base; Enarched; Enarched Indented
Basilisk: Basilisk; Sejant; Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised
Basket: Basket (at PicDic)
Bat: 2 illustrations
Baton: Baton; Sinister
Battering Ram: Battering Ram; 2
Bauble: Jester's Bauble
Bear: Dormant; Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant (3); Passant (4); Passant (5); Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant (3); Statant (1); Statant (2); Statant (3); Statant Erect; Bear's Head Cabossed (1); Bear's Head Cabossed (2); Bear's Head Cabossed (3); Bear's Head Couped; Bear's Head Erased (1); Bear's Head Erased (2); Bear's Head Erased and Muzzled
Beasts: Beasts (at PicDic)
Beaver: Erect Vorant of a Fish
Bee: 3 illustrations
Beech: Sprig
Bell: 3 illustrations; Hawk's Bell
Belt: Belt (at PicDic)
Bend: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Bretessed; Cotised; Checky; Compony; Counter-compony; Dancetty; Embattled; Embattled Counter-embattled; Enarched; Engouled by Wolves; Indented; Raguly; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Bend Sinister: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Checky; Counter-compony; Embattled; Enarched; Indented; Wavy
Bendlets: 2 Bendlets; 3 Bendlets; 4 Bendlets; 5 Bendlets; 2 Bendlets Enhanced; 3 Bendlets Enhanced
Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Besom: Besom (at PicDic)
Birch: Orle of Birch
Bird: Bird; Addorsed Regardant; Rising; Volant
Birdcage: Birdcage (at PicDic)
Birds: Birds (at PicDic)
Boar: Passant (1); Passant (2); Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant (3); Statant; Winged Boar Courant; Boar's Head Cabossed; Boar's Head Couped Close; Boar's Head Erased (1); Boar's Head Erased (2); Boar's Head Erased (3)
Bog beast: Bog beast (at PicDic)
Bone: Bone; Two Bones In Cross
Book: Closed Book (1); Closed Book (2); Open Book (1); Open Book (2); Closed Book (3)
Bordure: 3 illustrations; Bendy; Checky; Compony (1); Compony (2); Denticulada; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Engrailed; Gyronny; Indented; Invected; Quarterly; Parted Bordurewise; Parted Indented; Potenty; Raguly; Rayonny (1); Rayonny (2); Semy (1); Semy (2); Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Boreyne: Boreyne (at PicDic)
Bottell, leather: Bottell, leather (at PicDic)
Bottle: Leather Bottle
Bow: 4 illustrations; With An Arrow Nocked; Drawn Bow With An Arrow Nocked
Bowl: Bowl (at PicDic)
Branch: Ash Branch; Olive Branch Fructed (1); Olive Branch Fructed (2)
Brazier: Brazier (at PicDic)
Bread, Loaf of: Bread, Loaf of (at PTA)
Breast: Distilling Gouttes
Bridge: of Two Arches; of Three Arches; Throughout of Three Arches
Bridle: Bridle (at PicDic)
Broach: Embroiderer’s Broach
Brooch: Brooch (at PicDic)
Broom: Broom (at PicDic)
Brush: Brush (at PicDic), Brush (at PTA)
Bucket: with Handle
Buckle: 2 illustrations
Bull: Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant (3); Passant Guardant; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant Guardant Ringed; Statant (1); Statant (2); Statant Guardant; Statant Pied Collared and Chained; Bull's Head Cabossed (1); Bull's Head Cabossed (2); Bull's Head Cabossed Ringed; Bull's Head Erased
Burnisher: Burnisher (at PicDic)
Butterchurn: Butterchurn (at PTA)
Butterfly: Butterfly (at PTA)

C §

Calamarie: 2 illustrations
Caldera gringolada: Caldera gringolada (at PicDic)
Calygreyhound: Statant
Camel: Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Statant (1); Statant (2)
Camel, one-hump: Camel, one-hump statant (at PTA)
Cameleopard: Dormant; Camelopard Rampant; Winged Camelopard Rampant; Statant
Candelabra: Candelabra, seven-armed (at PTA)
Candelabrum: Seven-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah; Nine-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah
Candle: Enflamed (1); Enflamed (2); Enflamed On A Candlestick
Candlestick: Candle Enflamed On A Candlestick
Canon: Canon (at PTA)
Canton: 2 illustrations; Sinister Canton (1); Sinister Canton (2)
Cap: Jester's Cap (1); Jester's Cap (2); of Mercury
Caravel: with Sails Set (1); with Sails Set (2)
Card-Pique: 2 illustrations
Cardpique: Cardpique (at PTA)
Carp: Haurient Embowed
Carriage frame: Carriage frame (at PicDic)
Carrot: 4 illustrations
Cart: Cart (at PTA)
Cartouche: 3 illustrations
Castle: 2 illustrations; of Three Towers; Issuant From Base
Cat: Cat (at PicDic), Cat couchant (at PTA), Cat couchant guardant (at PTA), Cat herissony (at PTA), Cat passant (1) (at PTA), Cat passant (2) (at PTA), Cat rampant (1) (at PTA), Cat rampant (2) (at PTA), Cat sejant (1) (at PTA), Cat sejant (2) (at PTA)
Catamount: Catamount passant (at PTA)
Catapult: Catapult (at PicDic)
Catfish: Haurient Embowed
Cauldron: Cauldron; Hanging From a Tripod
Celtic: Celtic (at PicDic)
Centaur: Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant Guardant Armed; Passant Blowing A Horn
Chabot: Tergiant
Chain: Annulet of Chain; Chain
Chair: Chair (at PicDic)
Chalice: 3 illustrations
Chamfron: Chamfron (at PicDic)
Chapé: Chapé; Ployé
Chatloup: Sejant; Winged Chatloup Sejant
Chaussé: Chaussé; Ployé
Checky: of 6; of 8; of 9; of 10; of 12
Cheese: Wedge of Cheese; Wheel of Cheese
Chemise: Chemise (at PicDic)
Cherry: Sprig Fructed; Pair of Cherries Slipped and Leaved
Cherub: 3 illustrations
Chess pieces: Chess pieces (at PicDic)
Chess Rook: 2 illustrations
Chest: Chest (at PicDic)
Chevron: 5 illustrations; Checky; Compony; Cotised (1); Cotised (2); Couched From Dexter; Couched From Sinister; Couped; Two Chevrons Couched and Braced; Embattled; Embattled Counter-Embattled; Engrailed; Enarched; Flory; Flory at the Point; Fracted; Indented; Ployé; Raguly; Rompu (1); Rompu (2); Throughout
Chevron Inverted: 3 illustrations; Cotised; Rompu (1); Rompu (2)
Chevronels: 2 Chevronels; 3 Chevronels; 2 Chevronels Braced; 3 Chevronels Braced
Chevronels Inverted: 2 Chevronels Inverted; 3 Chevronels Inverted
Chevronny: of 6; of 8; of 10
Chevronny Inverted: of 6; of 8; of 10
Chi-rho: Chi-rho (at PicDic)
Chief: 3 illustrations; Doubly Enarched; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Enarched; Flory; Triangular; Urdy; Wavy
Chimera: Chimera (at PicDic)
Chimerical monsters: Chimerical monsters (at PicDic)
Chisel: Chisel (at PicDic)
Chrysanthemum: of 14 Petals; Leaf
Church: Church (at PicDic)
Churn: Churn (at PicDic)
Cinquefoil: 5 illustrations
Clarion: 2 illustrations
Claw, crab’s: Claw, crab’s or lobster’s (at PicDic)
Cleaver: Cleaver (at PicDic)
Clock: Clock (at PicDic)
Clog: Ape's Clog
Clothing: Clothing (at PicDic)
Cloud: 3 illustrations
Clove: Clove (at PicDic)
Clubs: Juggler’s clubs (at PicDic)
Cock: 4 illustrations; Rising; Head Couped
Cockatrice: Cockatrice; Displayed (1); Displayed (2); Erect; Sejant; Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised
Coffin: Coffin (at PicDic)
Collar: Collar (at PicDic)
Columbine: Slipped and Leaved
Column: 3 illustrations
Comb: Comb (at PicDic)
Comet: 3 illustrations
Compass: Compass (at PicDic)
Compass Rose: 2 illustrations
Coney: Rabbit; Rabbit Dexter Forepaw Raised; Rabbit Couchant; Rabbit Courant; Rabbit Rampant (1); Rabbit Rampant (2); Rabbit Salient (1); Rabbit Salient (2); Rabbit Sejant Erect Regardant; Rabbit's Head Cabossed; Rabbit's Head Erased
Coracle: Sail Set
Cornetto: Cornetto (at PicDic)
Cornice: Quadrate Cornice
Cornucopia: Cornucopia; Effluent
Cotising: Cotising (at PicDic)
Coxcomb: Coxcomb (at PicDic)
Crab: Crab (at PicDic), Crab (at PTA)
Cradle: Cradle (at PicDic)
Crampon: 4 illustrations
Crane: Crane; Addorsed Regardant; Addorsed Maintaining A Scroll; Volant
Cranequin: Cranequin (at PicDic)
Crequier: Crequier (at PTA)
Crescent: 3 illustrations
Crescents: Four Crescents Conjoined In Anulo
Créquier: Créquier (at PicDic)
Crook: Shepherd's Crook (1); Shepherd's Crook (2); of Basel (1); of Basel (2)
Crosier: Crosier (at PTA)
Cross: 2 illustrations; Arrondi; Couped (1); Couped (2); Double Parted; Humetty; Nowy; Parted and Fretted; Quadrate; Quarter-Pierced; Triply Parted; Triply Parted and Fretted
Cross (Charge): Avellane Cross (1); Avellane Cross (2); Cross Bottony; Latin Cross Bottony; Bowen Cross; Celtic Cross (1); Celtic Cross (2); Celtic Cross (3); Equal-Armed Celtic Cross; Cross Clechy; Latin Cross Clechy; Coptic Cross; Latin Cross Couped; Cross Crescenty; Cross Crosslet; Cross Doubly Pommeled; Cross Flory (1); Cross Flory (2); Latin Cross Flory; Cross Floretty; Cross Formy; Cross Formy Fitchy; Cross Formy Calvary; Cross Fourchy; Greek Cross; Key Cross; Latin Cross or Passion Cross; Maltese Cross; Cross Miller; Cross Moline (1); Cross Moline (2); Cross Moline (3); Norse Sun-Cross; Cross Of Calvary; Cross of Jerusalem; Cross Of Lorraine; Cross Of Santiago; Cross Of Toulouse (1); Cross Of Toulouse (2); Cross Patonce (1); Cross Patonce (2); Latin Cross Patonce; Patriarchal Cross; Cross Pomelly; Cross Pointed; Cross Potent (1); Cross Potent (2); Ragged Cross; Cross Swallowtailed; Cross Of Four Lozenges; Cross of St. Brigid; Tau Cross; Cross Of Four Ermine Spots (1); Cross Of Four Ermine Spots (2)
Crossbow: 2 illustrations
Crow: Crow; Rising
Crown: Crown (at PicDic)
Crucifix: Crucifix (at PicDic)
Cuirass: Cuirass (at PicDic)
Cup: 2 illustrations
Cupping-glass: Cupping-glass (at PicDic)
Cypher charges: Cypher charges (at PicDic)

D §

Daffodil: Bell to Dexter
Daisy: 2 illustrations
Dance: Fess Indented, or Dance
Death: Jawless Skull or Death's Head
Deer: Deer (at PicDic), Deer lodged (at PTA), Deer passant (at PTA), Deer rampant (1) (at PTA), Deer rampant (2) (at PTA), Deer rampant (3) (at PTA), Deer salient (at PTA), Deer statant or at gaze (at PTA), Deer's head cabossed (at PTA), Deer's head couped (at PTA), Deer's head erased (at PTA), Deer's head erased affronty (at PTA)
Deer, doe: Deer, doe couchant (at PTA), Deer, doe trippant (at PTA)
Demi-beast: Demi-beast (at PicDic)
Dextrochere: Dextrochere (at PTA)
Dice: Die (1); Die (2)
Distaff: Distaff (at PicDic)
Doe: Lodged (1); Lodged (2); Rampant; Trippant
Dog: Couchant; Couchant Guardant; Courant (1); Courant (2); Courant (3); Courant Collared (1); Courant Collared (2); Passant (1); Passant (2); Rampant (1); Rampant Regardant; Statant (1); Statant (2); Statant (3); Statant (4); Statant Collared; Winged Dog Sejant; Winged Dog Passant; Dog's Head Erased
Dog, border collie: Dog, border collie courant (at PTA)
Dog, greyhound: Dog, greyhound courant (at PTA), Dog, greyhound statant (at PTA)
Dog, Irish Wolfhound: Dog, Irish Wolfhound courant (at PTA)
Dog, mastiff: Dog, mastiff statant (at PTA)
Dog, rottweiler: Dog, rottweiler rampant (at PTA)
Dog, Talbot: Dog's head, Talbot erased (at PTA)
Dog, terrier: Dog, terrier statant (at PTA)
Dogwood: Dogwood (at PTA)
Dogwood Blossom: New World Dogwood Blossom
Dolmen: Dolmen (at PicDic)
Dolphin: 2 illustrations; Haurient (1); Haurient (2); Haurient (3); Haurient (4); Haurient (5); Haurient (6); Winged Dolphin; Natural Dolphin (1); Natural Dolphin (2); Natural Dolphin (3)
Dolphin, natural: Dolphin, natural haurient (at PTA)
Dome: Dome (at PicDic)
Domestic Cat: Couchant (1); Couchant (2); Couchant Guardant (1); Couchant Guardant (2); Dormant Guardant; Herissony; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant Guardant; Sejant (1); Sejant (2); Sejant (3)
Door: Door (at PicDic)
Dove: Displayed (1); Displayed (2); Volant; Volant Addorsed
Dragon: Couchant (1); Couchant (2); Couchant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Couchant Wings Close; Couchant Wings Close Dexter Forepaw Raised; Displayed (1); Displayed (2); Displayed (3); Dormant (1); Dormant (2); Dormant (3); In Annulo; In Annulo Breathing Flames; Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant (3); Passant (4); Segreant (1); Segreant (2); Sejant; Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Sejant Affronty; Wingless Dragon Couchant; Wingless Dragon Passant; Dragon's Head Cabossed; Dragon's Head Couped; Dragon's Head Cabossed Breathing Fire; Dragon's Head Erased (1); Dragon's Head Erased (2)
Dragonfly: Dragonfly (at PTA)
Drakkar: Drakkar (1) (at PTA), Drakkar (2) (at PTA), Drakkar (3) (at PTA)
Drawbridge: Drawbridge (at PicDic)
Drawer-handle: Drawer-handle (at PicDic)
Drawknife: Drawknife (at PicDic)
Drop spindle: Drop spindle (at PTA)
Drop-spindle: Drop-spindle (at PicDic)
Drum, dumbek: Drum, dumbek (at PTA)
Duck: Duck; Passant
Dulcimer hammer: Dulcimer hammer (at PicDic)

E §

Eagle: 4 illustrations; Double-headed Eagle (1); Double-headed Eagle (2); Eagle's Head Erased; Eagle's Leg; Eagle's Leg Grasping A Fish
Eagle's jambe: Eagle's jambe erased (at PTA)
Ear: of Wheat
Edelweiss: Edelweiss (at PicDic)
Edifices: Edifices (at PicDic)
Eel: Naiant
Eel-fork: Eel-fork (at PicDic)
Egg: Egg (at PicDic)
Elder: Sprig; Sprig Fructed
Elephant: Elephant; Maintaining On Its Back A Tower (1); Maintaining On Its Back A Tower (2)
Elephant statant, trumpeting: Elephant statant, trumpeting (at PTA)
Elk: Lodged; Rampant; Trippant (1); Trippant (2)
Embattled Line: Embattled Line; Embattled Grady Line
Enfield: Enfield (at PicDic), Enfield (at PTA)
Engrailed Line: Engrailed Line, or Invected Line
Equatorium: Equatorium (at PicDic)
Ermine: 5 illustrations
Ermine Spot: 14 illustrations
Escallop: 3 illustrations
Escarbuncle: Escarbuncle; of 6 Points
Escroll: Escroll (at PicDic)
Estoile: Estoile; of 16 Points
Eye: Eye (at PicDic)
Eyeglasses: Eyeglasses (at PicDic), Eyeglasses (at PTA)

F §

Falcon: 2 illustrations
Fan: Fan (at PicDic), Fan (at PTA)
Fasces: Fasces (at PicDic), Fasre (at PTA)
Feather: Feather (at PicDic), Feather (at PTA)
Feather, peacock: Feather, peacock (at PTA)
Fence: Fence (at PicDic)
Fer-a-loup: 2 illustrations
Fess: 2 illustrations; Bretessed; Checky; Compony; Cotised; Counter-compony; Embattled; Embattled Counter-embattled; Embowed to Base; Enarched; Fracted; Indented, or Dance; Nebuly; Nowy; Raguly; Rayonny; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Fetterlock: Closed Fetterlock
Field treatment: Field treatment (at PicDic)
Fig: Leaf
Fireball: Fireball (at PicDic), Fireball (at PTA)
Firebird, Russian: Firebird, Russian (at PicDic)
Fireplace: Fireplace (at PicDic)
Fish: 4 illustrations; Three Fish Fretted
Flail: Flail (at PicDic)
Flame: 3 illustrations
Flaunches: 2 illustrations
Fleece: Fleece; Fesswise
Fleur de Lys: 10 illustrations
Float: Float (at PicDic)
Flory Line: Flory Line; Flory Counter-flory Line
Flower: Flower (at PicDic)
Flute: Flute (at PicDic), Flute (at PTA)
Foi: Foi (at PicDic)
Foil: Cinquefoil (1); Cinquefoil (2); Cinquefoil (3); Cinquefoil (4); Cinquefoil (5); Quatrefoil (1); Quatrefoil (2); Trefoil (1); Trefoil (2); Trefoil (3); Trefoil (4)
Foot: Couped (1); Couped (2)
Forget-Me-Not: Forget-Me-Not (at PTA)
Fork: Fork (at PicDic)
Fountain: Stone Fountain
Fox: Courant (1); Courant (2); Passant; Sejant (1); Sejant (2); Fox's Mask (1); Fox's Mask (2)
Foxglove: Sprig of Foxglove
Fret: Throughout; Couped; Engrailed (1); Engrailed (2)
Fretty: 2 illustrations
Frog: Frog; Salient; Sejant Affronty
Fruit: Fruit (at PicDic)
Frying pan: Frying pan (at PicDic)
Furison: Furison (at PicDic), Furison (at PTA)
Fusil: Fusil (at PicDic)

G §

Gameboard: Gameboard (at PicDic)
Garb: of Wheat (1); of Wheat (2); of Wheat (3); of Wheat (4)
Garlic: Plant
Gauntlet: Clenched Gauntlet
Gemel: Gemel (at PicDic)
Gendy: Gendy flower (at PicDic)
Gimlet: Gimlet (at PicDic)
Giraffe: Cameleopard Dormant; Cameleopard Statant
Gittern: Gittern (at PicDic)
Glove-puppet: Glove-puppet (at PicDic)
Goad: Goad (at PicDic)
Goat: Clymant (1); Clymant (2); Passant (1); Passant (2)
Golf club: Golf club (at PicDic)
Goose: Goose (at PicDic), Goose, double-headed displayed (at PTA)
Gore: Gore; Sinister
Gorilla: Passant; Statant
Goutte: 3 illustrations; of Flame
Grain: Grain (at PicDic)
Grape: Bunch of Grapes; Bunch of Grapes Slipped and Leaved; Leaf
Grappling iron: Grappling iron (at PicDic)
Graver: Graver (at PicDic)
Gridiron: Gridiron (at PicDic)
Griffin: 5 illustrations; Passant (1); Passant (2)
Griffin, male: Griffin, male segreant (at PTA)
Grillage: 3 illustrations
Grindstone: Grindstone (at PicDic)
Grozing iron: Grozing iron (at PicDic)
Guitar: Guitar (at PicDic)
Gun: Gun (at PicDic)
Gurges: 2 illustrations
Gusset: Gusset; Sinister
Gyronny: of 3 Arrondi; of 3 Arrondi Widdershins; of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16; of 20; Wavy; of 6 From Base; of 6 From Chief; of 8 From Chief; of 10 From Chief; of 12 From Chief; of 6 From Dexter Chief; of 12 From Dexter Chief; Arrondi of 6; Arrondi of 6 Widdershins; Arrondi of 8; Arrondi of 8 Widdershins; Arrondi of 12; Arrondi of 12 Widdershins; Arrondi of 16; Arrondi of 16 Widdershins

H §

Habit, monk’s: Habit, monk’s (at PicDic)
Halifax Gibbet: Halifax Gibbet (at PicDic)
Ham: Ham (at PicDic)
Hammer: 3 illustrations; Sledge Hammer; Thor's Hammer or Mjolnir
Hammer, cross pean: Hammer, cross pean (at PTA)
Hammer, Stone and throwing: Hammer, Stone and throwing (at PTA)
Hammer, War: Hammer, War (at PTA)
Hand: Clawed Hand (1); Clawed Hand (2); Couped (1); Couped (2); Couped Maintaining a Quill; of Benediction; Pair of Hands
Hand, dexter fist: Hand, dexter fist (at PTA)
Handgun rest: Handgun rest (at PicDic)
Hare: Rabbit; Rabbit Dexter Forepaw Raised; Rabbit Couchant; Rabbit Courant; Rabbit Rampant (1); Rabbit Rampant (2); Rabbit Salient (1); Rabbit Salient (2); Rabbit Sejant Erect Regardant; Rabbit's Head Cabossed; Rabbit's Head Erased
Harpy: Rising Addorsed
Hat: Hat (at PicDic)
Hawk's talon: Hawk's talon couped (at PTA)
Head, animal’s: Head, animal’s (at PicDic)
Head, human’s: Head, human’s (at PicDic)
Head, monster’s: Head, monster’s (at PicDic)
Heart: 3 illustrations; Winged Heart
Heavenly bodies: Heavenly bodies (at PicDic)
Hedgehog: Hedgehog (at PicDic)
Helm: Close Helm; Morion Helm
Helmet, Great: Helmet, Great (at PTA)
Hemp: Sprig of Hemp
Hempbreak: Hempbreak (at PicDic)
Hen: 2 illustrations
Heron: Volant
Hippogriff: Hippogriff (at PicDic)
Hobbyhorse: Hobbyhorse (at PicDic)
Holly: Leaf; Sprig Fructed
Honeycombed: Honeycombed (at PicDic)
Hood: Hood (at PicDic)
Hood, hawk’s: Hood, hawk’s (at PicDic)
Hook: Hook (at PicDic)
Hops: Hops (at PicDic), Hops (at PTA)
Horn: Hunting Horn (1); Hunting Horn (2); Hunting Horn (3); Three Horns Interlaced
Horn, Drinking: Horn, Drinking (at PTA)
Horn, helmet: Horn, helmet (at PicDic)
Horse: Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant (3); Passant (4); Passant Caparisoned; Rampant; Rampant Bridled; Salient
Hose: Hose (at PicDic)
Hourglass: Hourglass (at PicDic), Hourglass (1) (at PTA), Hourglass (2) (at PTA)
House: House (at PicDic), House (at PTA)
Hrassvelg monster: Hrassvelg monster (at PicDic)
Human: Maiden; Maiden's Head; Armed Man; Man's Head Maintaining a Crown; Man's Head Affronty Maintaining A Torse; Man's Head and Bust Hooded and Caped; Moor's Head; Savage's Head Affronty
Human figure: Human figure (at PicDic)
Humanoid monsters: Humanoid monsters (at PicDic)
Hummingbird: Hummingbird (at PicDic), Hummingbird volant, wings addorsed (at PTA)
Hurdy-gurdy: Hurdy-gurdy (at PicDic)
Hurst: of Trees Couped
Hydra: 2 illustrations
Hyena: Hyena (at PicDic)

I §

Ibex: Ibex (at PicDic)
Icicle: Icicle (at PicDic)
Indented Line: 2 illustrations; Flory At the Points
Ink bottle: Ink bottle (at PicDic)
Insects: Insects (at PicDic)
Invected Line: Engrailed Line, or Invected Line
Iris: Iris (at PicDic)
Ivy: Leaf; Wreath of Ivy (1); Wreath of Ivy (2); Wreath of Ivy (3)
Ivy, Vine of: Ivy, Vine of (at PTA)

J §

Janus: Janus Head (at PTA)
Jasmine: Slipped & Leaved
Jawless Skull: or Death's Head
Jerkin: Jerkin (at PicDic)
Jewelry: Jewelry (at PicDic)
Jew’s-harp: Jew’s-harp (at PicDic)

K §

Key: 3 illustrations
Keyhole: Keyhole (at PicDic)
Keystone: Keystone (at PicDic)
Keythong: Keythong; Collared and Chained
Knife: Knife (at PicDic), Knife (at PTA)
Knight: Armed and Mounted
Knot: Bourchier Knot; Bowen Knot (1); Bowen Knot (2); Bowen Knot (3); Heneage Knot; Lacy Knot; Stafford Knot; Trefoil Knot; Wake Knot or Ormonde Knot; Triquetra (1); Triquetra (2); Triquetra Interlaced With An Anulet
Kraken: Calamarie (1); Calamarie (2)
Krummhorn: Krummhorn (at PicDic)

L §

Label: 3 illustrations; of Five Points; Dovetailed (1); Dovetailed (2); of 1 Point Throughout; of 3 Points Throughout; of 5 Points Throughout
Labyrinth: 2 illustrations
Lace bobbin: Lace bobbin (at PicDic), Lace bobbin (at PTA)
Ladder: Ladder (at PicDic)
Lamb: Paschal Lamb
Lambda: Lambda (at PTA)
Lamia: Salient Guardant
Lamp: Lamp (at PicDic), Lamp, Arabic (at PTA)
Lance: Tilting Spear, or Lance (1); Tilting Spear, or Lance (2); Tilting Spear, or Lance (3)
Lantern: Lantern (at PicDic), Lantern (at PTA)
Laurel: Leaf; Wreath (1); Wreath (2); Wreath (3); Wreath (4)
Leaf: Acanthus Leaf; Chrysanthemum Leaf; Fig Leaf; Grape Leaf; Holly Leaf; Ivy Leaf; Laurel Leaf; Linden Leaf (1); Linden Leaf (2); Maple Leaf (1); Maple Leaf (2); Oak Leaf; 3 Strawberry Leaves (1); 3 Strawberry Leaves (2); Strawberry Leaf
Leek: 2 illustrations
Leg: Couped Below The Knee; Triskelion of Legs; Triskelion of Legs Armored; Eagle's Leg; Eagle's Leg Grasping A Fish
Letter: Blackletter Uppercase Letter (1); Blackletter Uppercase Letter (2); Blackletter Lowercase Letter (1); Blackletter Lowercase Letter (2); Greek Uppercase Letter (1); Greek Uppercase Letter (2); Insular Miniscule Letter (1); Insular Miniscule Letter (2); Roman Letter (1); Roman Letter (2); Uncial Letter (1); Uncial Letter (2)
Letters: Letters (at PicDic)
Level: Level (at PicDic)
Lighthouse: Lighthouse (at PicDic), Lighthouse (at PTA)
Lightning: Bolt
Lily: of the Valley
Linden: Leaf (1); Leaf (2); Tree
Lines of Division: Lines of Division (1) (at PTA), Lines of Division (2) (at PTA)
Lion: 3 illustrations; Coward; Double Queued; Guardant; Regardant; Couchant (1); Couchant (2); Dormant (1); Dormant (2); Dormant (3); Passant; Passant Guardant; Queue Fourchy (1); Queue Fourchy (2); Queue Nowed (1); Queue Nowed (2); Salient (1); Salient (2); Winged Lion Salient; Sejant; Sejant Erect; Statant; Statant Guardant; Vulned; Lion's Head Cabossed; Lion's Head Jessant-de-Lys; Lion's Head Jessant-de-Lys (2)
Lion-dragon: Lion-dragon (at PicDic)
Lips: Lips (at PicDic)
Lizard: Rampant
Lobster: 2 illustrations
Loom: Loom (at PicDic)
Loom weight: Loom weight (at PicDic)
Lotus: Flower Affronty; Flower Affronty (2); Flower In Profile; Flower In Profile (2)
Lozenge: Lozenge; Mascle (1); Mascle (2); Mascle (3); Mascle Ployé; Rustre
Lozengy: of 4, 1; of 4, 2; of 5, 1; of 5, 2; of 6
Lozengy Barry: of 4; of 5
Lucet: Lucet (at PicDic)
Lucy: Lucy (at PicDic)
Lunel: Lunel (at PTA)
Lure: Hawk's Lure (1); Hawk's Lure (2)
Lute: Lute (at PicDic)
Lymphad: Lymphad; with Oars Shipped; with Sails Set; with Sails Set and Oars Shipped; with Sails Set and Oars Shipped (2)
Lymphad default: Lymphad default (1) (at PTA), Lymphad default (2) (at PTA)
Lymphad under sail: Lymphad under sail (at PTA)
Lynx: Passant; Rampant (1); Rampant (2)
Lyre: 2 illustrations

M §

Mace: Spiked Mace (1); Spiked Mace (2)
Maiden: Maiden; Maiden's Head; Nude Maiden's Head and Bust
Mail: Mail (at PicDic)
Maily: Maily (at PicDic)
Man: Armed Man; Man's Head Maintaining a Crown; Man's Head Affronty Maintaining A Torse; Man's Head and Bust Hooded and Caped; Moor's Head
Man-serpent: Man-serpent (at PicDic)
Man-tyger: Man-tyger (at PicDic)
Mancatcher: Mancatcher (at PicDic)
Mandrake: Mandrake (at PicDic)
Manticore: Passant Guardant
Mantle: Mantle (at PicDic)
Maple: Leaf (1); Leaf (2)
Martlet: 5 illustrations
Mascle: 3 illustrations; Ployé
Mash rake: Mash rake (at PicDic)
Mask: Comedy Mask; Tragedy Mask
Masoned: 3 illustrations
Massacre: Stag's Massacre
Match, slow: Match, slow (at PicDic)
Maunch: 5 illustrations
Menorah: Seven-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah; Nine-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah
Mermaid: Melusine; Mermaid; in Her Modesty; In Her Vanity; Maintaining a Harp
Merman: Merman, or Triton (1); Merman, or Triton (2)
Mill: Mill (at PicDic)
Millrind: 2 illustrations
Mirror: Mirror (at PicDic)
Mistral: Wind, or Mistral
Mjolnir: Thor's Hammer or Mjolnir
Mole: Mole (at PicDic)
Mongoose: Mongoose (at PicDic)
Monkey: Passant; Statant Collared and Chained; Rampant Collared and Chained; Winged Monkey Passant; Winged Monkey Rising; Monkey's Head Cabossed
Monsters: Monsters (at PicDic)
Moon: Increscent Moon; In Her Plenitude
Moor: Moor's Head
Moorcock: Moorcock (at PicDic)
Moose: Elk Lodged; Elk Rampant; Elk Trippant (1); Elk Trippant (2)
Morris Board: Nine Men's Morris Board; Twelve Men's Morris Board
Motto Scroll: 4 illustrations
Mount: Mount; of 3 Hillocks, or Trimount; of 6 Hillocks; Trimount Couped
Mountain: Mountain; of 3 Peaks
Mouse: Couchant; Passant; Rampant
Mullet: of 4 Points; of 5 Points; Voided and Interlaced; of 6 Points (1); of 6 Points (2); of 7 Points; of 7 Points Voided and Interlaced; of 8 Points; of 8 Points Voided and Interlaced; of 4 Greater and 4 Lesser Points; of 9 Points; of 10 Points; of 5 Greater and 5 Lesser Points; Spur-Rowel (1); Spur-Rowel (2)
Musical instruments: Musical instruments (at PicDic)
Musical note: Musical note (at PicDic), Musical note (at PTA)
Musimon: Rampant (1); Rampant (2)

N §

Naga: Naga (at PicDic)
Nail: Passion Nail (1); Passion Nail (2)
Nebuly Line: 3 illustrations
Needle: 3 illustrations
Needle threaded: Needle threaded (at PTA)
Nefr: Nefr (at PicDic)
Nesselblatt: Nesselblatt (at PicDic)
Nest: Nest (at PicDic)
Net: Net (at PicDic)
Niddy-noddy: Niddy-noddy (at PicDic)
Norse beasts: Norse beasts (at PicDic)

O §

Oak: Acorn (1); Acorn (2); Acorn (3); Acorn (4); Acorn Slipped & Leaved (1); Acorn Slipped & Leaved (2); Leaf; Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated (1); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (2); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (3); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (4)
Oar: Oar (at PicDic)
Octopus: Polypus (1); Polypus (2)
Olive: Slipped and Leaved; Branch Fructed (1); Branch Fructed (2)
Ombrellino: Ombrellino (at PicDic)
Opinicus: Opinicus (at PicDic), Opinicus segreant (at PTA)
Orange: Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated
Orb: 2 illustrations
Ordinaries: Ordinaries (at PicDic)
Orle: Orle; Wavy; of Birch
Orm: Orm (at PicDic)
Ostrich: Ostrich (at PicDic)
Otter: Statant
Ounce: Passant Guardant; Passant Guardant Incensed
Oven: Oven (at PicDic)
Owl: 3 illustrations; Affronty; Displayed (1); Displayed (2); Displayed (3); Striking Head to Dexter

P §

Paintbrush: Artist's Paintbrush (1); Artist's Paintbrush (2)
Pale: 2 illustrations; Checky; Compony; Cotised; Counter-compony; Offset; Raguly; Rayonny
Palette, artist’s: Palette, artist’s (at PicDic)
Pall: 2 illustrations; Couped; Couped Wavy; Wavy (1); Wavy (2); Wavy (3); Wavy (4); Wavy (5)
Pall Inverted: 2 illustrations; Indented; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Pallets: 2 Pallets; 3 Pallets; 4 Pallets
Paly: of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16; Dancetty
Paly Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Paly Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Panpipe: Panpipe (at PicDic)
Pantheon: Pantheon (at PicDic)
Panther: Passant Guardant; Sejant; Rampant Guardant (1); Rampant Guardant (2); Winged Continental Panther Sejant; Cabossed
Panther, natural: Panther, natural rampant (at PTA), Panther, natural rampant guardant (at PTA)
Papellony: Fur, 1; Fur, 2; Treatment, 1; Treatment, 2
Pavilion: 3 illustrations
Pavillion: Pavillion (at PTA)
Pawprint, bear: Pawprint, bear (at PTA)
Pawprint, non-clawed: Pawprint, non-clawed (at PTA)
Peacock: 2 illustrations; In His Pride
Peel, baker’s: Peel, baker’s (at PicDic)
Pegasus: Courant (1); Courant (2); Segreant
Pelican: In Its Piety (1); In Its Piety (2); Vulning Itself; Natural Pelican
Pelt: Pelt (at PicDic)
Pen: Quill Pen (1); Quill Pen (2)
Penbox: Penbox (at PicDic)
Pennon: 2 illustrations; Raguly
Peony: Slipped and Leaved
Per Bend: Per Bend; Bevilled (1); Bevilled (2); Embattled; Dovetailed; Indented (1); Indented (2); Raguly; Rayonny; Wavy
Per Bend Sinister: Per Bend Sinister; Bevilled (1); Bevilled (2); Dovetailed; Embattled; Indented; Wavy
Per Chevron: 3 illustrations; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Engrailed; Invected; Nebuly; Ployé; Rayonny; Throughout; Urdy; Urdy (2); Urdy (3); Urdy (4); Wavy; Per Pale and Per Chevron
Per Chevron Inverted: Per Chevron Inverted; Embattled; Engrailed; Invected; Rayonny; Throughout; Urdy; Wavy
Per Fess: Per Fess; Dovetailed; Embattled; Enarched; Engrailed; Invected; Indented (1); Indented (2); Nebuly; Raguly; Rayonny; Urdy; Wavy; With A Left Step; With A Right Step; and Per Pale Wavy; Per Pale and Per Fess Embattled; Per Pale and Per Fess Indented; Per Saltire and Per Fess; and Per Pale (1); and Per Pale (2)
Per Pale: Per Pale; Angled; Angled Reversed; Dovetailed; Embattled; Engrailed; Indented (1); Indented (2); Invected; Nebuly; Raguly; Rayonny; Wavy; Per Fess and Per Pale Wavy; and Per Fess Embattled; and Per Fess Indented; and Per Chevron; Per Saltire and Per Pale; Per Fess and Per Pale (1); Per Fess and Per Pale (2)
Per Pall: Per Pall; Arrondi
Per Pall Inverted: Per Pall Inverted; Arrondi
Per Saltire: Per Saltire; Arrondi; and Per Fess; and Per Pale
Perruque: Perruque (at PicDic)
Pheon: 2 illustrations
Phoenix: 3 illustrations
Pick: Pick (at PicDic)
Pile: Pile; Ployé; s (In Point), 2; s (In Point), 3; 2 Piles Palewise; 3 Piles Palewise; Issuant From Dexter
Pile Inverted: Pile Inverted; Piles Inverted (In Point), 2; Piles Inverted (In Point), 3
Pily: of 4; of 5; Barry (of 4); Bendy (of 4); Bendy Sinister (of 4)
Pine: Tree (1); Tree (2)
Pine cone: Pine cone (at PicDic)
Pineapple: New World Pineapple
Pipe: Pipe (at PicDic)
Piping beast: Piping beast (at PicDic)
Pitcher: 4 illustrations
Pithon: Erect Affronty; Volant
Plane: Tree
Plow: 3 illustrations
Point: Pointed (1); Pointed (2)
Pole-arm: Pole-arm (at PicDic)
Pole-cannon: Pole-cannon (at PicDic)
Polygon: Polygon (at PicDic)
Polyhedron: Polyhedron (at PicDic)
Polypus: 2 illustrations
Pomegranate: Pomegranate; Slipped and Leaved (1); Slipped and Leaved (2); Slipped and Leaved (3); Slipped and Leaved (4)
Popinjay: Popinjay (at PicDic), Popinjay (at PTA)
Poppy boll: Poppy boll (at PicDic)
Portative organ: Portative organ (at PicDic)
Portcullis: 2 illustrations; Chainless Portcullis
Porte-arnois: Porte-arnois (at PicDic)
Pot: Pot (at PicDic)
Potent: 2 illustrations; Counter-potent; En Point
Pouch: Bag, or Pouch (1); Bag, or Pouch (2); Bag, or Pouch (3)
Praying Mantis: Praying Mantis (1) (at PTA), Praying Mantis (2) (at PTA)
Press: Press (at PicDic)
Pretzel: Pretzel (at PicDic)
Prints: Prints (at PicDic)
Prow: Prow (at PicDic)
Pruning hook: Pruning hook (at PicDic)
Psaltery: Psaltery (at PicDic)
Punch: Punch (at PicDic)
Punner: Punner (at PicDic)

Q §

Quadrant: Quadrant (at PicDic)
Quarterly: Quarterly; Indented; Rayonny; Wavy; Arrondi
Quatrefoil: 2 illustrations
Quintain: Quintain (at PicDic)
Quiver: Quiver (at PicDic)

R §

Rabbit: Rabbit; Dexter Forepaw Raised; Couchant; Courant; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Salient (1); Salient (2); Sejant Erect Regardant; Rabbit's Head Cabossed; Rabbit's Head Erased
Rackett: Rackett (at PicDic)
Rake: Rake (at PicDic)
Ram: Statant; Ram's Head Cabossed (1); Ram's Head Cabossed (2); Ram's Head Erased
Rapier: Rapier; Cup-hilted Rapier
Rastrillo: Rastrillo (at PicDic)
Rat: Rampant
Raven: 4 illustrations; Displayed; Migrant; Volant (1); Volant (2)
Reindeer: Lodged; Rampant; Trippant
Reptiles: Reptiles (at PicDic)
Reremouse: Bat (1); Bat (2)
Rhinoceros: Rhinoceros (at PicDic)
Ring: Ring (at PicDic)
Rivet: Rivet (at PicDic)
Roc: Roc (at PicDic)
Rock: Rock (at PicDic)
Rocket: Rocket (at PicDic)
Rogacina: Rogacina (at PicDic)
Roman dining couch: Roman dining couch (at PicDic)
Rope: Annulet of Rope
Rose: 6 illustrations; Slipped & Leaved (1); Slipped & Leaved (2); Slipped & Leaved (3); Slipped & Leaved (4); Slipped & Leaved (5); Slipped and Leaved (6); Slipped & Leaved (7)
Roundel: Semy of Roundels (1); Semy of Roundels (2); Roundel
Rowan: Sprig; Tree Eradicated
Rue: Flower; Flower Slipped and Leaved; Sprig
Rune: Uruz Rune
Russian Firebird: Russian Firebird rising (at PTA)

S §

Sackbut: Sackbut (at PicDic)
Saddle: with Stirrups
Sail: Sail (at PicDic)
Salamander: Regardant; Tergiant Counter-embowed; Natural Salamander Tergiant; Natural Salamander Tergiant Counter-embowed
Salamander, natural: Salamander, natural tergiant (at PTA)
Saltcellar: Covered Saltcellar; Covered Saltcellar Shedding Salt (1); Covered Saltcellar Shedding Salt (2)
Saltire: 2 illustrations; Nowy; Quadrate; Saltorel, or Saltire Couped
Saltorel: Saltorel, or Saltire Couped; 2; Cross of St. Julian
Saracen: Saracen's Head Affronty Erased Maintaining a Torse
Savage: Savage's Head Affronty
Saw: Saw (at PicDic)
Scabbard: Scabbard (at PicDic)
Scale, dragon’s: Scale, dragon’s (at PicDic)
Scaly: 3 illustrations
Scarpes: 2 Scarpes; 3 Scarpes; 4 Scarpes; 5 Scarpes
Scepter: Scepter (at PicDic)
Schnecke: Issuant from Base; Issuant from Dexter Chief; Issuant from Sinister Chief
Scissors: Pair of Scissors
Scoop: Brewer’s scoop (at PicDic)
Scrip: Scrip (at PicDic)
Scroll: Open Scroll (1); Open Scroll (2)
Scythe: Scythe; Blade (1); Blade (2)
Sea serpent: Sea serpent undulent (at PTA)
Sea turtle, natural: Sea turtle, natural tergiant (at PTA)
Sea-Dragon: Erect
Sea-Horse: 3 illustrations; Natural Sea-Horse
Sea-Lion: 2 illustrations; Embowed
Sea-mew: Sea-mew (at PicDic)
Sea-Monster: Sea-Monster's Tail (1); Sea-Monster's Tail (2)
Sea-monsters: Sea-monsters (at PicDic)
Sea-nettle: Sea-nettle (at PicDic)
Sea-Serpent: Undulant
Sea-Tortoise: Natural Sea-Tortoise
Sea-Unicorn: Seaunicorn erect (at PTA)
Sea-Wolf: 3 illustrations
Semy: Semy-de-lys (1); Semy-de-lys (2); Semy-de-lys (3); of Roundels (1); of Roundels (2)
Senmurv: Senmurv (at PicDic)
Serpent: Entwined About A Pillar; Erect (1); Erect (2); Erect Vorant of a Child; Glissant; In Annulo Vorant Of Its Tail (1); In Annulo Vorant Of Its Tail (2); Nowed (1); Nowed (2); Nowed (3)
Shakefork: 2 illustrations; Inverted
Shave, currier’s: Shave, currier’s (at PicDic)
Sheaf: of Arrows; of Wheat (1); of Wheat (2); of Wheat (3)
Shears: Pair of Shears
Sheep: Fleece; Fleece Fesswise; Passant
Shell: Escallop (1); Escallop (2); Escallop (3); Snail Shell; Whelk
Shield: Shield (at PicDic)
Ship: Ship (at PicDic)
Shuttle: Weaver's Shuttle (1); Weaver's Shuttle (2); Weaver's Shuttle (3)
Sieve: Sieve (at PicDic)
Silkie: Silkie (at PicDic)
Simurge: Simurge close (at PTA), Simurge rising (at PTA)
Simurgh: Close; Rising
Sitar: Sitar (at PicDic)
Skeleton: Skeleton (at PicDic)
Skold: Skold (at PicDic)
Skull: 4 illustrations
Slea, weaver’s: Slea, weaver’s (at PicDic)
Sledge: Sledge (at PicDic)
Sling: Sling (at PicDic)
Slip: Slip (at PicDic)
Smoking pipe: Smoking pipe (at PicDic)
Snaffle-bit: Snaffle-bit (at PicDic)
Snail: Snail; Shell
Snake: Snake glissant (at PTA), Snake in annulo (at PTA), Snake nowed (1) (at PTA), Snake nowed (2) (at PTA)
Snowflake: Escarbuncle; Escarbuncle of 6 Points
Sparks: Sparks (at PicDic)
Spear: 2 illustrations; Tilting Spear, or Lance (1); Tilting Spear, or Lance (2); Tilting Spear, or Lance (3)
Spearhead: 2 illustrations
Sphere: Sphere (at PicDic)
Sphinx: Egyptian Sphinx Couchant; Egyptian Gyno-Sphinx Couchant; Greek Sphinx Couchant; Greek Sphinx Sejant; Greek Sphinx Statant Guardant Addorsed
Spider: 2 illustrations
Spiderweb: Spiderweb; Couped
Spool: of Thread
Spoon: 2 illustrations
Sprig: of Hemp; of Foxglove
Sprig, Elderberry: Sprig, Elderberry slipped and fructed (at PTA)
Spur: 2 illustrations
Spur-Rowel: 2 illustrations
Square: Carpenter's Square
Squid: Calamarie (1); Calamarie (2)
Squirrel: Squirrel; Statant
Staff: Wreathed Staff; Ragged Staff (1); Ragged Staff (2)
Stag: At Gaze; Lodged; Lodged (2); Lodged Collared and Chained; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant (3); Winged Stag Segreant; Springing; Springing Regardant; Statant (1); Statant (2); Trippant (1); Trippant (2); Stag's Head Cabossed (1); Stag's Head Cabossed (2); Stag's Head Cabossed (3); Stag's Head Cabossed (4); Stag's Head Couped (1); Stag's Head Couped (2); Stag's Head Erased; Winged Stag's Head Erased Affronty
Stag Beetle: Fesswise
Staircase: Staircase (at PicDic)
Stalk: of Wheat (1); of Wheat (2); of Wheat (3)
Star: Star (at PicDic)
Star of David: 2 illustrations
Stirrups: Saddle with Stirrups
Strainer: Strainer (at PicDic)
Strawberry: 2 illustrations; Flower; 3 Strawberry Leaves (1); 3 Strawberry Leaves (2); Leaf; Plant
Strawberry, fruit: Strawberry, fruit (at PTA)
Stream: Stream (at PicDic)
Streitgabelklinge: Streitgabelklinge (at PicDic)
Strike: Strike (at PicDic)
Sun: 3 illustrations; In His Splendor (1); In His Splendor (2); In His Splendor (3)
Sunburst: 2 illustrations
Sundial: Sundial (at PicDic)
Sunflower: Slipped and Leaved
Swallow: Volant
Swan: 2 illustrations; Rising; Naiant; Volant
Sword: 10 illustrations

T §

Table: Table (at PicDic)
Table-trestle: Table-trestle (at PicDic)
Tablet, Mosaic: Tablet, Mosaic (at PicDic)
Tablet, weaver’s: Tablet, weaver’s (at PicDic)
Tail: Sea-Monster's Tail (1); Sea-Monster's Tail (2)
Talon: Talon (1) (at PTA), Talon (2) (at PTA)
Tankard: 3 illustrations
Tarasque: Tarasque (at PicDic)
Tassel: Tassel (at PicDic)
Teazel: Teazel (at PicDic)
Tennis racquet: Tennis racquet (at PicDic)
Theow: Theow (at PicDic)
Thistle: 4 illustrations
Thorn: Wreath of Thorns
Thread: Spool of Thread
Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt (at PicDic)
Tierce: Tierce; Sinister
Tiger: Natural Tiger Passant; Natural Tiger Statant; Natural Tiger's Head Cabossed; Natural Tiger's Head Erased
Tomoe: Three Tomoe in Annulo
Tongs: Tongs (at PicDic)
Tongs, blacksmith's: Tongs, blacksmith's (at PTA)
Tongue: Tongue (at PicDic)
Tools: Tools (at PicDic)
Tooth: Tooth (at PicDic)
Top, toy: Top, toy (at PicDic)
Torc: 2 illustrations; Raven-Headed Torc
Tortoise: Tortoise; 2
Tower: 5 illustrations
Tree: Ash Tree Eradicated; Linden Tree; Oak Tree Fructed; Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (1); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (2); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (3); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (4); Orange Tree Fructed; Orange Tree Fructed and Eradicated; Pine Tree (1); Pine Tree (2); Plane Tree; Rowan Tree Eradicated; Tree; Blasted (1); Blasted (2); Blasted and Eradicated (1); Blasted and Eradicated (2); Eradicated; Hurst of Trees Couped; Willow Tree (1); Willow Tree (2); Willow Tree (3)
Tree, orange: Tree, orange and fructed couped (at PTA)
Trefly: 2 illustrations
Trefly Line: Trefly Counter-trefly Line
Trefoil: 4 illustrations
Tress of hair: Tress of hair (at PicDic)
Tressure: Double Tressure (1); Double Tressure (2); Triple Tressure
Triangle: Triangle; Voided
Tricune: Tricune (at PicDic)
Trident: Ukrainian Trident Head
Trillium: Barbed and Seeded (1); Barbed and Seeded (2)
Tripod: Cauldron Hanging From a Tripod
Triquetra: 2 illustrations; Interlaced With An Anulet
Triskele: 2 illustrations; Triskelion of Sprials (1); Triskelion of Sprials (2)
Triskelion: of Arms; of Legs; of Legs Armored
Triton: Merman, or Triton (1); Merman, or Triton (2)
Trowel: Trowel (at PicDic)
Trumpet: Trumpet; Baroque Folded Trumpet
Trunk: Elephant's Trunk
Tub: Tub (at PicDic)
Tulip: Slipped and Leaved (1); Slipped and Leaved (2)
Turning cratch: Turning cratch (at PicDic)
Tyger: Passant (1); Passant (2); Rampant; Salient Regardant Incensed

U §

Unicorn: 2 illustrations; Couchant; Passant; Statant; Trippant; Head Erased
Urinal: Urinal (at PicDic)

V §

Vair: 5 illustrations; Counter-vair (1); Counter-vair (2); En Point (1); En Point (2); En Point (3)
Vajhra: Vajhra (at PicDic)
Valknut: 2 illustrations
Vase: Vase (at PicDic)
Vessels: Vessels (at PicDic)
Vêtu: Vêtu; Ployé
Vine: Vine (at PicDic)
Viol: Viol (at PicDic)
Vol: 3 illustrations
Vulture: Vulture (at PicDic)

W §

Wall: Issuant From Base With Gate
Water-Bouget: 3 illustrations
Wave: Wave (at PicDic)
Wavy Line: 3 illustrations
Weapons: Weapons (at PicDic)
Weasel: Passant
Weinleiter: Weinleiter (at PicDic)
Well: Open Well (1); Open Well (2)
Werewolf: Werewolf (at PicDic)
Whale: Killer Whale
Wheat: Ear of Wheat; Garb of Wheat (1); Garb of Wheat (2); Garb of Wheat (3); Garb of Wheat (4); Stalk of Wheat (1); Stalk of Wheat (2); Stalk of Wheat (3); Sheaf of Wheat (1); Sheaf of Wheat (2); Sheaf of Wheat (3)
Wheel: Ship's Wheel; Wheel; Catherine Wheel
Wheelbarrow: Wheelbarrow (at PicDic)
Whip: Whip (at PicDic)
Whirligig: Whirligig (at PicDic)
Whistle, mariner’s: Whistle, mariner’s (at PicDic)
Wicker Fence: 2 illustrations; Issuant From Base (1); Issuant From Base (2)
Wildcat: Passant; Passant Guardant; Salient Guardant Collared and Lined; Wildcat's Head Couped
Willow: Tree (1); Tree (2); Tree (3)
Wind: Wind, or Mistral
Windmill: Windmill (at PicDic)
Wing: 2 illustrations
Wings: Winged Boar Courant; Winged Camelopard Rampant; Winged Chatloup Sejant; Winged Dog Sejant; Winged Dog Passant; Winged Dolphin; Winged Heart; Winged Lion Salient; Winged Monkey Passant; Winged Monkey Rising; Winged Continental Panther Sejant; Pithon Erect Affronty; Pithon Volant; Winged Stag Segreant; Winged Stag's Head Erased Affronty; Vol (1); Vol (2); Vol (3); Conjoined In Lure (1); Conjoined In Lure (2); Conjoined In Lure (3); Conjoined In Lure (4)
Wolf: Bend Engouled by Wolves; Courant (1); Courant (2); Passant (1); Passant (2); Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Salient; Statant (1); Statant (2); Ululant; Wolf's Head Cabossed (1); Wolf's Head Cabossed (2); Wolf's Head Erased (1); Wolf's Head Erased (2); Wolf's Head Erased Affronty
Wolves' Teeth: 2 illustrations
Wood Cock: In His Pride
Wreath: of Ivy (1); of Ivy (2); of Ivy (3); Laurel Wreath (1); Laurel Wreath (2); Laurel Wreath (3); Laurel Wreath (4); of Thorns
Wristguard: Wristguard (at PicDic)
Wyvern: Displayed; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant (3); Sejant (1); Sejant Displayed; Sejant (3); Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Tail Nowed

X §

Xonecuilli: Xonecuilli (at PicDic)

Y §

Yale: Rampant
Yarn: Quill of Yarn; Ball of Yarn (1); Ball of Yarn (2)
Yoke: Yoke (at PicDic)
Ypotryll: Ypotryll (at PicDic)

Z §

Zil: Zil (at PicDic)
Zither: Zither (at PicDic)
Zule: Zule (at PicDic)
Zulfikar: Zulfikar (at PicDic)