Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Unregistrable Items

The depictions linked to below are unregistrable. Consult the individual entries for additional details; in some cases no similar image would be registrable, while in other cases it is only the specific image mentioned here that is problematic.

Field Divisions

Gyronny: Gyronny of 10 From Chief; Gyronny of 12 From Chief; Gyronny of 12 From Dexter Chief; Gyronny of 20; Gyronny of 6 From Base; Gyronny of 6 From Chief; Gyronny of 6 From Dexter Chief; Gyronny of 8 From Chief
Per Pale: Per Pale Embowed Counter-embowed


Fess: Fess Embowed to Base

Shapes & Symbols

Cross (Charge): Cross Alisée; Cross Barby; Equal-Armed Celtic Cross (2)
Fylfot: Cross Gurgity; Fylfot
Quatrefoil (Shape): Quatrefoil (Shape) Voided
T’ai-chi: T'ai-chi
Vair Bell: Vair Bell (1); Vair Bell (2)

The World & Heavens

Goutte: Goutte (10); Goutte (9)
Sun: Sun (1); Sun (2)


Lotus: Lotus Flower In Profile (1)
Poppy: Poppy Flower (1)


Cicada: Cicada (1)


Calamarie: Calamarie Embowed
Polypus: Polypus (2)


Dragon: Dragon Displayed (1); Dragon Displayed (2); Dragon Displayed (3); Dragon Dormant (1); Dragon Dormant (2); Dragon Dormant (3); Dragon Sejant Affronty (1); Dragon Sejant Affronty (2); Dragon Volant
Frog: Frog Sejant Affronty
Salamander: Natural Salamander Tergiant Counter-embowed (1)
Serpent: Serpent Erect Tail Coiled


Cock: Cock's Head Erased (1)
Crane: Crane Volant
Falcon: Falcon Volant (1)
Firebird: Russian Firebird Rising
Owl: Owl (1); Owl (2); Owl (3); Owl (4)
Raven: Raven Migrant (1); Raven Migrant (2)


Bear: Bear Dormant; Bear Statant Affronty
Bog Beast: Bog Beast
Cameleopard: Cameleopard Dormant
Domestic Cat: Domestic Cat Dormant Guardant
Fang: Fang
Lion: Lion Dormant
Monkey: Monkey's Head Cabossed
Mouse: Mouse Dormant
Rabbit: Rabbit Dormant
Tiger: Natural Tiger's Head Erased
Tusk: Elephant's Tusk
Wolf: Wolf Dormant; Wolf Sejant Affronty


Testicles: Pair of Testicles


Trivet: Trivet (3)


Angles: Pair of Angles
Mitre: Mitre (1); Mitre (2)
Spindle: Drop Spindle (2)


Punner: Punner (3)

Arts & Sciences

Balance: Standing Balance

Ships & Fishing

Wheel: Ship's Wheel (1); Ship's Wheel (2)

Assorted Objects

Lantern: Lantern (1); Lantern (2)