Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Proper Tinctures

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The World & Heavens

Flame: Alternating tongues of gules and Or
Mount: Vert
Mountain: Vert


Acanthus: Green
Acorn: Brown (Acorn); brown nut, green leaves (Acorn Slipped & Leaved)
Aloe Vera: Green
Ash: Brown wood and green leaves
Banana: Or
Beech: Brown wood, green leaves
Belladona: Purple flowers, green leaves
Broom: Vert
Bush: Brown wood, green leaves
Cherry: Red fruit, green stem and leaves
Chrysanthemum: Green
Clove: Brown
Columbine: Blue petals, green stem
Créquier: Brown wood, green leaves
Cucumber: Vert
Daffodil: Yellow bloom, green stem
Daisy: Argent seeded Or
Elder: Brown wood, green leaves; berries are typically purple or blue, but some varieties are red or white
Fig: Brown wood, green leaves; figs come in many colors so the tincture of the fruit must be explicitly blazoned (Fig Sprig Fructed); green (Fig Leaf)
Garlic: Bulb argent, stem and leaves vert
Gillyflower: Green leaves, with a red bloom
Grape: Green leaves
Hazel: Brown nuts and stems, green leaves
Hemp: Vert (Hemp Leaf); green leaves (Sprig of Hemp)
Holly: Green (Holly Leaf); green leaves, red fruit (Three Holly Leaves In Pall)
Hop: Green
Ivy: Green leaves, brown wood (Wreath Of Ivy, Ivy Vine, Wreath of Ivy); green leaves (Ivy Leaf)
Laurel: Green
Leek: Bulb argent, stem and leaves vert
Lemon: Gold fruit, green leaf
Lettuce: Vert
Linden: Green leaves, brown trunk (Linden Tree, Linden Tree Eradicated); green leaves (Linden Branch, Linden Leaf, Linden Branch Twined on Itself); green (Three Linden Leaves Conjoined In Pall)
Mandrake: Green plant, pink or argent skin
Maple: Green leaves (Maple Leaf); green leaves, brown wood (Maple Leaf)
Oak: Brown wood, green leaves, brown acorns (Oak Tree Fructed, Oak Sprig, Oak Sprig Fructed, Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated); green leaves (Oak Leaf)
Olive: Brown wood, green leaves, green fruit (Olive Branch Fructed); green (Olive Slipped and Leaved)
Onion: Bulb explicitly blazoned, stem and leaves vert
Orange: Brown wood, green leaves, orange fruit
Palm: Brown wood, green leaves
Pine: Brown wood, green leaves
Plane: Brown wood, green leaves
Rowan: Green leaves, brown wood, red berries (Rowan Tree, Rowan Tree Eradicated); green leaves and stem (Rowan Leaf)
Rue: Green leaves and stem
Staff: Brown wood
Strawberry: Green leaves (Strawberry Leaf, 3 Strawberry Leaves); red fruit, green stem (Strawberry); green leaves, red fruit (Strawberry Plant)
Sunflower: Yellow petals, brown or black seeds, green leaves and stem
Tabacco: Green leaves, flower color varies
Thistle: Green leaves and ball, with a purple (or sometimes red) bloom
Tree: Brown wood (Tree Trunk Eradicated, Tree Blasted and Eradicated, Tree Stump Eradicated, Tree Blasted); brown wood, green leaves (Tree Issuant From A Mount, Hurst of Trees Couped, Tree)
Turnip: Green leaves, root purple on top and white below
Willow: Brown wood, green leaves


Bee: Body Or with sable stripes, wings argent
Ladybird: Gules marked sable
Wasp: Unstated, but may follow that of the bee, body Or with sable stripes, wings argent


Dolphin: Green with red fins (Dolphin Embowed, Winged Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin Haurient); gray (Natural Dolphin)


Caduceus: Brown wooden staff, green serpents


Auk: Sable with argent belly
Crane: Argent
Crow: Sable
Dove: Argent, with gules (or pink) feet and beak
Falcon: Brown
Flamingo: Pink or red
Magpie: Sable, with argent belly and wing tips
Moorcock: Black with white markings
Owl: Brown, unless owl is blazoned as a type with distinctive coloration (e
Peacock: Blue and green (Peacock In His Pride, Peacock); azure and vert (Peacock Feather)
Penguin: Black body, white belly and markings
Poppinjay: Green with red beak and details
Puffin: Belly argent, wings sable, beak and legs Or
Raven: Sable
Swan: Gules, with sable feet and argent tail tip


Bear: Brown fur
Beaver: Brown
Boar: Brown
Doe: Brown
Elephant: Argent, or gray with white tusks
Elk: Brown
Fox: Gules, with sable feet and argent tail tip
Lamb: Argent, haloed Or, bearing a banner argent marked with a cross gules
Lion: Or
Otter: Brown, perhaps; best to blazon explicitly
Porcupine: Brown
Rabbit: Brown
Reindeer: Brown
Stag: Brown
Tusk: Argent, or gray with white tusks


Angel: Pink or argent skin
Arm: Pink or argent skin (Two Arms Issuant with Hands Clasped, Cubit Arm, Arm In Armor Fesswise Embowed Brandishing A Sword, Arm Vested Fesswise With A Hand Of Benediction, Arm Fesswise Maintaining A Club, Arm Vested Fesswise, Two Arms Vested Issuant with Hands Clasped, Cubit Arm with Fingers Extended, Arm Couped Maintaining a Torch, Arm Couped with Fingers Extended, Arm Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring, Arm Embowed); pink or argent skin; clothing must be explicitly blazoned (Cubit Arm Vested, Arm Vested)
Bone: Argent
Breast: Pink or argent skin, goutes explicitly blazoned
Fist: Pink or argent skin
Fool: Pink or argent skin, costume blazoned separately
Foot: Pink or argent skin
Gorgon: Pink or argent skin, serpents blazoned separately
Hand: Pink or argent skin
Janus: Argent or pink skin, hair specifically blazoned
Leg: Pink or argent skin
Maiden: Skin pink (or argent) (Maiden's Head Couped and Hooded Facing Dexter, Maiden's Head, Nude Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders, Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders, Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Fillet and Veil, Maiden Mounted on a Bear Passant, Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown and Veil, Maiden Cloaked and Hooded, Maiden); skin pink (or argent), costume blazoned separately (Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders)
Man: Skin pink (or argent), sable hair (Armed Man, Man Hooded and Robed with Arms Extended, Hooded Man Maintaining a Bowl and Staff, Armed Demi-Man Drawing a Bow, Man Robed); skin brown, sable hair (Moor's Head); skin pink (or argent) (Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown, Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Hat, Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders Hooded and Caped, Man's Head Couped); pink or argent skin, sable hair (Man's Head Cabossed, Man Vested and Maintaining a Scythe); pink or argent skin, sable sable (Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders); skin pink (or argent), leaves vert (Savage's Head Affronty)
Melusine: Human skin pink (or argent), tail vert, hair Or
Mermaid: Human skin pink (or argent), tail vert, hair Or
Merman: Proper coloration: human skin pink (or argent), green tail, yellow hair (Merman, or Triton); human skin pink (or argent), green tail, yellow hair (Merman, or Triton)
Monk: Pink or argent skin, sable hair
Moor: Skin brown, sable hair
Saracen: Pink or argent skin, sable hair
Seraph: Pink skin, red hair, and rainbow-colored wings
Skeleton: Argent
Skull: Argent
Viking: Pink or argent skin, hair yellow


Barrel: Brown wood
Breadloaf: Brown
Churn: Brown wood
Cleaver: Blade argent, handle Or or brown wood
Cornucopia: Brown, with fruits in their natural colors
Knife: Blade argent, handle Or or brown wood
Scoop: Brown wood


Boot: Brown leather
Needle: Brown wood
Shoe: Brown leather
Shuttle: Brown wood
Spindle: Brown wood, thread blazoned separately
Wool Comb: Brown wood


Hammer: Sable head and brown wood handle
Hod: Brown wood
Mallet: Sable head and brown wood handle


Arch: Argent stone (Arch Stooped, Pair of Arches, Arch); argent stone, brown wood (Arch with Open Doors, Arch Stooped with Open Doors)
Castle: Gray or argent stone
Chair: Brown wood
Chest: Brown wood
Drawbridge: Brown wood
Fountain: Gray or argent stone
Keystone: Grey stone
Obelisk: Argent stone
Sepulcher Stone: Argent stone
Siege Tower: Argent or gray
Stool: Brown wood
Table: Brown wood
Tower: Argent or gray
Wall: Gray or argent stone
Well: Gray or argent stone

Arts & Sciences

Bauble: Brown wood, argent or pink face, explicitly-blazoned vestments
Book: Argent pages, brown leather cover
Drum: Brown wood, argent skin
Drumstick: Brown wood
Hautboy: Brown wood
Paintbrush: Brown wood handle, sable bristles
Thyrsus: Brown wood, wreathed vert


Bucket: Brown wood
Carriage Frame: Brown wood
Gate: Brown wood
Mill: Gray or argent stone
Pitchfork: Brown wood
Rake: Brown wood
Saddle: Brown leather
Shovel: Brown wood
Spade: Brown wood
Tub: Brown wood
Wagon: Brown wood

Ships & Fishing

Caravel: Brown wood
Drakkar: Brown wood, sails blazoned separately
Lymphad: Brown wood
Oar: Brown wood
Rod: Brown wood
Trireme: Brown wood, sails blazoned separately


Armor Stand: Brown wood
Club: Brown wood
Cutlass: Blade argent, hilt Or
Dagger: Blade argent, hilt Or
Grenade: Sphere sable, flames alternately or and gules
Musket: Brown wood, black metal
Petronel: Brown wood, black metal
Rapier: Blade argent, hilt Or
Scimitar: Blade argent, hilt Or
Sword: Blade argent, hilt Or
War Hammer: Sable head and brown wood handle

Assorted Objects

Firebrand: Brown wood, flames alternating gules and Or
Smoking Pipe: Brown wood
Wheel: Brown wood