Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


A multi-lobed flower or cluster of leaves.

Default orientation: one point to chief. No proper coloration.

The trefoil, quatrefoil, cinquefoil, sexfoil, and octofoil are related forms.

Cinquefoil (7) §

Source: Thomas Jenyn's Book. Artist unknown. (Folio 66r.)

Cinquefoil (10) §

Source: A Complete Guide to Heraldry. Artist: Graham Johnston. Adapted by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. (Page 268, seal of Fitz-Pernell.)

Cinquefoil (15) §

Source: Codice Trivulziano 2168. Artist unknown. (Folio 61r.)

Cinquefoil (17) §

Source: English Arms A. Artist unknown. (Page 151.)