Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

Unknown Illustrator

The following images were illustrated by this artist.

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Source: A Treatise on Heraldry British and Foreign

Source: Aegidius Tschudi's Armorial

Source: Armas de los Condes

Source: Armorial Le Breton

Source: Bellenville Armorial

Source: Bergshammar Armorial

Source: Book of Traceable Heraldic Art

Source: British Library Cotton MS Julius A VI

Source: Chute's Tobacco

Source: Crawford's Armorial

Source: De Ministrerio Armorum

Source: Dering Roll

Source: Devises et Emblemes Anciennes & Modernes

Source: Dunvegan Armorial

Source: Fenwick Roll

Source: Flandria Roll

Source: Guillim’s Display of Heraldry

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Source: Heiligen Römischen Reiches

Source: Heraldic Badges

Source: Heraldry For the Local Historian and Genealogist

Source: Heraldry of Fish

Source: Heraldry, Ancient and Modern

Source: Historiae Animalium

Source: Holar Salmebogen

Source: Insignia Anglica

Source: Insignia Florentinorum

Source: Insignia Lucensium, Senensium, Pisanorum

Source: Insignia Nobilium Patavinorum

Source: Insignia Nobilium Veronensium, Vicentinorum

Source: Insignia Urbium Italiae Septentrionalis

Source: Insignia Veneta, Mantuana, Bononiensia, Anconitana, Urbinatia, Perugiensia

Source: Insignia Venetorum Nobilium II

Source: Insignia Venetorum Nobilium III

Source: Le Grand Armorial Équestre de la Toison d'Or

Source: Lewis Armorial

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