Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

Pennsic Traceable Art

Created by the volunteers of the art tent at Pennsic Heralds’ Point. Compiled and edited by Ailis Linne. © 2004–2007 Erin E Childs.

Permission was granted by the editor to include, update, redraw and distribute the PTA images as part of this project.

Nearly all of the charges from the third edition are included, along with some additional items from the project’s unreleased archives.

A concordance showing each PTA item and the corresponding image in this collection is available at

Artists include Roana d’Evreux, Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon, Bressal MacCulloch, Palotzi Marti, Gisela vom Kreuzbach, Elsbeth Anne Roth, Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Thomas Ouswood, Margaret Makafee, and Tristran Deans, among others.

In some cases, the record of artists' credits is unclear, and we have included our best guess as to the creator, annotated as "attributed."

Images scanned by Roana d’Evreux and Thomas Ouswood.

Artist: Alana Griffin

Artist: Bressel McCulloch

Artist: Drystan ap Ercwlff

Artist: Elsbeth Anne Roth

Artist: Elspeth Mavesine

Artist: Eorann inghean Gille Mhui

Artist: Gisela vom Kreuzbach

Artist: Hrefna in hepna

Artist: Kryss Kostarev

Artist: Mighel le Brewere

Artist: Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon

Artist: Roana d’Evreux

Artist: Saewynn aet Cnolle

Artist: Thomas Ouswood

Artist: Thora Brandsdottir

Artist: Tristran Deans

Artist: Unknown Illustrator

Artist: Vémundr Syvursson