Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Welcome to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, a compilation of armorial illustrations intended to facilitate the design of devices and badges within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The initial motivation for preparing this collection was to ease the process of illustrating armory submissions at Heralds’ Point at Pennsic, but I hope it will also prove useful in other contexts.

Work In Progress

This is a snapshot of an ongoing project, incomplete and subject to revision. It may — nay, most certainly does — contain errors.

If you spot problems or have suggestions for improvements, I would love to hear about them!

It is not complete, but the common field divisions and ordinaries are included, along with a fair number of complex line variations, and a growing collection of mobile charges. There are also a number of other supporting documents available as part of the broader collection that may be useful to heralds, such as “doodle” worksheets.

Multiple Sources & Alternative Depictions

This collection has been assembled from multiple sources.

There are many illustrations included that have been procured from different artists. See the credits page for a listing.

There are multiple variations included for some elements, reflecting a range of proportions or styles or artistic options, indicated by page titles containing (1), (2), etc. In some cases the choice of variation may be constrained by other elements of the design; in others any option will work, and the choice of which to use is up to the submitter, herald, or scribe.

Scaled For Submission Forms

The layout guides are scaled to match the SCA’s standard armory submission forms.

The complex lines have been scaled to multiple sizes that should allow their use with most field divisions or ordinaries. Some combinations of divisions and ordinaries using those lines are included, but in other cases you may need to construct them yourself.

The mobile charges have been scaled to multiple sizes that should be traceable in most possible positions on the field. The largest size should fit comfortably on the SCA’s standard armory submission forms as a sole primary device, while the smaller sizes can be used in combination with other charges.

Printing & Tracing

If you print single-sided copies of these pages you should be able to lay a submission form over them to trace the desired elements.

A light table or light box will make the job of tracing easier; a simple one can be purchased online for $15-25, or you may be able to improvise one with a desk lamp under a glass table, or by placing a string of holiday lights inside a clear plastic storage tote, or by taping the pages to a sunny window.

Web Downloads

The latest version of this document may be found online at

In addition to printable PDFs, the web site also includes files for each charge in PNG and SVG formats, as well as the original source files in OmniGraffle format, any of which may be used to assemble digital images of armory for submission or display.