Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

Iago ab Adam

The following images were illustrated by this artist.

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Source: Aegidius Tschudi's Armorial

Source: BnF MS Fr 5240

Source: Book of Traceable Heraldic Art

Source: Catalogue des Nobles Admiraulx de France

Source: Catalogue des Noms, Surnoms, Faits et Vies

Source: Catalogue des Très Illustres Grands-Maistres de France

Source: Escudos de Armas, la Mayor Parte de Portugal

Source: Heraldic Templates

Source: Koloriertes Wappenbuch

Source: Mittelalterliches Deutsches Wappenbuch

Source: Recueil de Blasons Peints

Source: Schlesisches Wappenbuch

Source: St. Gallen Armorial

Source: The Armes of All the Cheife Corporatons

Source: Von Den Fürsten Grauen, Herren

Source: Wappenbuch Conrads von Grünenberg