Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Artists’ Copyrights & Terms Of Use

This collection includes elements created by many different people, some specifically for this edition and some as part of other projects.

Each page containing third-party material identifies the source and original illustrator, if known, and more information about these sources is provided on this and the following pages.

Some items are drawn from historical works which were never copyrighted, or whose term of copyright has since expired. Those items are in the public domain and may be adapted and used freely.

For all other material, the original creators each retain their copyright in the individual elements contained herein, but have agreed to share them under terms that allow their free use within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

This means that you may trace, copy, modify, combine, and otherwise use any of these elements to submit armory registrations, for heraldic display, or for any other non-commercial purposes related to the SCA, for free, without requesting individual permission to do so.

No attribution is required for heraldic or artistic use of these elements within the SCA, so you may use these illustrations without a need to credit the original artists (although that is always welcome).

For commercial or non-SCA use of these images, you must carefully review the terms of the source material or contact the creators of the elements you wish to use for permission, as some sources require attribution for use outside of the SCA, require relicensing of derivative works, or limit their work’s use in commercial contexts.

You may distribute this book as a whole, or portions of it, or incorporate its contents into other material, provided that you acknowledge the source(s) and allow everyone to share the resulting material under the same terms. Contact the author for details.