Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

Volume R: Visual Reference

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Cover Page

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Table of Contents

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Contrasting Tinctures

Page R.4 PDF, PNG

Furs, Treatments & Semys

Page R.5 PDF, PNG

Complex Lines

Page R.6 PDF, PNG

Divisions Ordinaries and Arrangements

Page R.7 PDF, PNG

Common Divisions

Page R.8 PDF, PNG

Additional Divisions

Page R.9 PDF, PNG

Central Ordinaries

Page R.10 PDF, PNG

Peripheral Ordinaries

Page R.11 PDF, PNG

Geometric Charges

Page R.12 PDF, PNG

Beast Postures

Page R.13 PDF, PNG

Animal Attributes

Page R.14 PDF, PNG

Bird Types & Postures

Page R.15 PDF, PNG

Other Postures

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