Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art

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Alphabetical Index

A §

Acanthus: Leaf
Acorn: 7 illustrations; Slipped & Leaved (5 illustrations)
Adze: 2 illustrations
Allocamelus: Statant
Almond: 2 illustrations
Alphyn: Passant; Rampant
Altar: 3 illustrations
Amphora: 3 illustrations
Anchor: 8 illustrations
Andiron: 2 illustrations; Pair of Dog-Headed Andirons
Angel: Angel; Armed; Statant Upon A Cloud; Volant With a Scroll Issuant From Its Mouth
Angles: Pair of Angles
Anille: 3 illustrations
Ankh: 3 illustrations
Annulet: 3 illustrations; Two Annulets Braced; Two Annulets Conjunct; Three Annulets Interlaced; Five Annulets Interlaced In Cross; Bend of Annulets Interlaced; Cross Annuletty; Cross of Annulets Braced; Cross Potent Conjoined to an Annulet; Cross Potent Throughout Interlaced with an Annulet; Rogacina Issuant From A Demi-Annulet; Triquetra Interlaced With An Annulet; Pair of Arms Vested Maintaining an Annulet; of Chain (3 illustrations); of Rope (3 illustrations)
Anteater: Rampant
Antelope: Passant; Rampant (2 illustrations); Salient; Statant; Head Erased; Head Erased Affronty
Anvil: Armorer's Anvil; One-horned Anvil (2 illustrations); Two-horned Anvil (2 illustrations)
Apple: 3 illustrations; Slipped and Leaved; Tree
Arch: 3 illustrations; with Open Doors (2 illustrations); Stooped; Stooped with Open Doors (2 illustrations); Pair of Arches; Door (2 illustrations)
Archery Target: 4 illustrations
Ark: of the Covenant (2 illustrations)
Arm: Boar's Head Sustained by an Arm Couped; Couped with Fingers Extended; Embowed (3 illustrations); Vested; Fesswise Maintaining A Club; Couped Maintaining a Torch; Couped Maintaining a Dagger; Embowed Maintaining a Scimitar; Couped and Vested Maintaining a Dagger; Cubit Arm; Cubit Arm with Fingers Extended; Cubit Arm Vested; Vested Fesswise; Vested Fesswise With A Hand Of Benediction; Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring; In Armor Fesswise Embowed Brandishing A Sword; Pair of Arms Vested Maintaining an Annulet; Pair of Arms Vested; Two Arms Issuant with Hands Clasped; Two Arms Vested Issuant with Hands Clasped; Triskelion of Arms
Armadillo: Rampant
Arrow: 8 illustrations; Half-Arrow; Sheaf of Arrows; Quiver with Two Arrows; Quiver with Five Arrows
Arrowhead: Crescent-Shaped Arrowhead; Broad-arrow (2 illustrations); Pheon (4 illustrations)
Ash: Tree Eradicated; Cluster of Ash Keys
Aspen: Leaf
Aspergillum: Aspersorium and Aspergillum
Aspersorium: and Aspergillum
Ass: Passant (2 illustrations); Statant Erect Vested; Demi-Ass Pierced by a Dart; Head Cabossed; Head Couped; Head Couped Close (2 illustrations); Head Erased (2 illustrations); With A Fool's Head Passant (2 illustrations)
Astrolabe: 2 illustrations
Athanor: With a Retort Atop (2 illustrations)
Attire: Pair of Stag Beetle's Attires; Stag's Attire (4 illustrations); Stag's Attire in Annulo and Conjoined to Itself (3 illustrations)
Auk: Great Auk
Awl: 2 illustrations
Axe: 6 illustrations; Broad Axe (2 illustrations); Chipping Axe; Throwing Axe; Battle-Axe (2 illustrations); Double-Sided Battle-Axe (4 illustrations)
Axe-Head: 2 illustrations

B §

Badger: 3 illustrations; Rampant; Head Cabossed; Head Erased (2 illustrations)
Bag: Bag, or Pouch (3 illustrations)
Bag of Madder: 3 illustrations
Bagwyn: Rampant Guardant
Balance: Hanging Balance (3 illustrations); Standing Balance
Banner: 6 illustrations
Bar: 2 Bars; 3 Bars; 2 Bars Wavy (2 illustrations); 3 Bars Wavy (2 illustrations); 2 Bars Gemel
Barbel: 2 illustrations; Embowed; Winged Barbel Embowed
Barnacles: Pair of Barnacles (3 illustrations)
Barrel: 4 illustrations
Barry: of 4; of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; Dancetty; Engrailed; Fleury (4 illustrations); Invected; Nebuly; Trefly; Wavy (of 6, 1); Wavy (of 6, 2); Wavy (of 6, 3); Wavy (of 6, 4); Wavy (of 8, 1); Wavy (of 8, 2); Wavy (of 8, 3); Wavy (of 8, 4); Bendy (of 6); Bendy (of 8); Bendy (of 10); Bendy Sinister (of 6); Bendy Sinister (of 8); Bendy Sinister (of 10); Dancetty and Paly
Base: Base; Embattled; Enarched; Enarched Indented; Wavy (2 illustrations); Wavy Barry Wavy (4 illustrations)
Basilisk: Wings Displayed; Sejant; Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Wingless Basilisk
Basket: Urinal In A Basket; Hand-Basket
Bat: 6 illustrations; Sejant
Bathtub: 2 illustrations
Baton: Baton; Sinister
Battering Ram: 2 illustrations
Battle Axe: Bardiche Axe; Pole Axe (3 illustrations); Sparth Axe
Bauble: Jester's Bauble
Beacon: 2 illustrations
Beaker: Prunted Beaker (2 illustrations)
Bean: Bean; pod
Bear: Couchant; Couchant Head Lowered; Dormant; Passant (6 illustrations); Passant Guardant; Rampant (7 illustrations); Rampant Collared and Chained; Sejant; Sejant Erect Affronty; Statant (5 illustrations); Polar Bear Statant; Statant Affronty; Statant Erect (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed (4 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased (5 illustrations); Head Erased and Muzzled; Head Erased and Muzzled (2); Per Bend Sinister Bear's Heads Issuant From The Line; Jambe; Jambe Fesswise Embowed; Maiden Mounted on a Bear Passant
Beard: 3 illustrations
Beaver: Passant; Rampant (2 illustrations); Rampant Vorant of a Fish (2 illustrations); Salient (2 illustrations); Salient Vorant of a Fish; Statant (2 illustrations); Statant Vorant of a Fish
Bee: 3 illustrations
Beech: Sprig
Beehive: 5 illustrations; Beset By Bees
Bell: 7 illustrations; Hawk's Bell (4 illustrations)
Belladona: Flower Slipped and Leaved
Bellows: 2 illustrations
Bend: 3 illustrations; Bevilled; Bretessed; Checky; Compony; Cotised; Counter-compony; Dancetty; Double Cotised Interiors Potent Counter-potent; Embattled; Embattled Counter-embattled; Enarched; Engouled by Wolves; Engrailed; Fimbriated; Fimbriated and Engouled by Wolves; Fusilly (4 illustrations); Indented; Invected; Raguly; Wavy (3 illustrations); Sinister (2 illustrations); Sinister Bevilled; Sinister Checky; Sinister Counter-compony; Sinister Embattled; Sinister Enarched; Sinister Engouled by Lions; Sinister Engrailed; Sinister Indented; Sinister Invected; Sinister Wavy; of Annulets Interlaced; of Chain
Bendlet: 2 Bendlets; 3 Bendlets; 4 Bendlets; 5 Bendlets; 2 Bendlets Enhanced; 3 Bendlets Enhanced; 2 Bendlets Gemel; Two Bendlets Interiors Potent Counter-potent; Two Bendlets Voided of Another Tincture
Bendy: of 4; of 6; of 8; of 10; Bretessed; Wavy (2 illustrations); Sinister (of 4); Sinister (of 6); Sinister (of 8); Sinister (of 10); Barry Bendy (of 6); Barry Bendy (of 8); Barry Bendy (of 10); Barry Bendy Sinister (of 6); Barry Bendy Sinister (of 8); Barry Bendy Sinister (of 10); Paly Bendy (of 6); Paly Bendy (of 8); Paly Bendy (of 10); Paly Bendy Sinister (of 6); Paly Bendy Sinister (of 8); Paly Bendy Sinister (of 10)
Berry: Blackberry Sprig; Cluster of Rowan Berries
Besom: 3 illustrations
Billet: Billet; of Iron
Billhook: 2 illustrations
Birch: Leaf; Orle of Birch
Bird: Bird; Regardant Wings Addorsed; Rising (2 illustrations); Volant Wings Addorsed (2 illustrations); Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved; Stoat Statant Trussing a Bird
Bird-Blunt: 3 illustrations
Bison: Passant Guardant (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed (3 illustrations)
Blackberry: Sprig
Block Plane: 3 illustrations
Boar: Courant; Passant (6 illustrations); Rampant (6 illustrations); Rampant Regardant; Sejant; Statant; Winged Boar Courant (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed (2 illustrations); Head Couped (2 illustrations); Head Couped Close; Head Erased (5 illustrations); Head Issuant From a Bowl; Head Sustained by an Arm Couped
Boat: Man In A Boat Holding Arrows Inverted
Bobbin: Lace Bobbin
Bone: Bone; Two Bones In Cross; Three Pairs of Rib Bones
Book: Monk Robed and Maintaining a Book; Closed Book (5 illustrations); Open Book (4 illustrations)
Bordure: 3 illustrations; Bendy; Checky (2 illustrations); Compony (2 illustrations); Counter-compony; Denticulada (2 illustrations); Dovetailed; Embattled (2 illustrations); Engrailed; Gyronny; Indented; Invected; Nebuly; Quarterly; Parted Bordurewise; Parted Bordurewise Indented; Parted Bordurewise Wavy; Potenty; Raguly; Rayonny (2 illustrations); Semy (3 illustrations); Semy Alternating; Wavy (2 illustrations); Chief And A Bordure; A Bordure And Chief Overall; Chief And A Bordure Overall; Chief And A Bordure Counterchanged; Chief And A Bordure Embattled; Orle on a Bordure
Bottle: 2 illustrations; Leather Bottle (2 illustrations)
Bow: 7 illustrations; With An Arrow Nocked; Drawn Bow With An Arrow Nocked
Bowl: 2 illustrations
Bowling Pin: Lawn Bowling Pin (2 illustrations)
Branch: Linden Branch
Breast: Distilling Gouttes (3 illustrations)
Breastplate: 3 illustrations
Bridge: of One Arch (2 illustrations); of Two Arches (3 illustrations); of Three Arches (1); Of Three Arches (3 illustrations); Twin-Towered Bridge Of A Single Arch; Twin-Towered Bridge Of Three Arches (2 illustrations); Triple-Towered Bridge Of Two Arches; Throughout of Two Arches; Throughout of Three Arches (3 illustrations); Throughout of Four Arches and One Tower; Twin-Towered Bridge Throughout Of Three Arches; Footbridge; Footbridge Throughout
Broach: Embroiderer’s Broach
Broad-arrow: 2 illustrations
Brooch: Closed Brooch (4 illustrations)
Broom: Sprig Fructed (2 illustrations)
Brush: Hand-Brush
Bucket: 5 illustrations; and Rope
Buckle: 7 illustrations
Buffalo: Pair of Buffalo’s Horns; Massacre
Bull: Passant (5 illustrations); Passant Guardant; Rampant (2 illustrations); Rampant Guardant Ringed; Statant (3 illustrations); Statant Guardant; Statant Pied Collared and Chained; Head Cabossed (7 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased; Massacre
Bush: 2 illustrations
Butterfly: 3 illustrations
Bycocket: 2 illustrations

C §

Cabbage: 3 illustrations
Caduceus: 2 illustrations
Calamarie: 3 illustrations; Embowed
Caldera Gringolada: 3 illustrations
Calipers: Pair Of Calipers (3 illustrations)
Caltrop: 3 illustrations
Calygreyhound: Statant
Camel: Couchant (3 illustrations); Passant; Rampant (2 illustrations); Statant (3 illustrations)
Cameleopard: Dormant; Camelopard Passant; Camelopard Rampant; Statant; Winged Camelopard Segreant
Candelabrum: Seven-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah; Nine-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah
Candle: Enflamed (3 illustrations); Enflamed On A Candlestick (3 illustrations)
Candlestick: 4 illustrations
Canton: 2 illustrations; Sinister Canton (2 illustrations)
Cap: Albanian Cap; Jester's Cap (2 illustrations); of Maintenance (2 illustrations); of Mercury; Phrygian Cap (2 illustrations)
Caravel: with Sails Set (3 illustrations)
Card-Pique: 2 illustrations
Carp: Haurient Embowed
Carriage Frame: 2 illustrations
Carrot: 5 illustrations
Cartouche: 3 illustrations
Castle: 8 illustrations; of One Tower; of Three Towers (2 illustrations); of Four Towers; of Five Towers; Issuant From Base (2 illustrations)
Catfish: Haurient Embowed
Catherine Wheel: 2 illustrations
Cauldron: 6 illustrations; Hanging From a Tripod
Centaur: Passant (3 illustrations); Passant Blowing A Horn; Passant Guardant Armed; Passant Regardant; Sejant Brushing Her Hair; Sejant Drawing A Bow; Ichthyocentaur
Chabot: 3 illustrations
Chain: 5 illustrations; Annulet of Chain (3 illustrations); Bend of Chain; Chevron Of Chain; Chevron Inverted Of Chain; Cross Of Chain; Orle Of Chain (3 illustrations); Saltire Of Chain
Chair: 2 illustrations; Curule Chair
Chalice: 5 illustrations
Chaplet: of Roses (3 illustrations)
Chapé: Chapé; Ployé
Chatloup: Sejant; Winged Chatloup Sejant
Chaussé: Chaussé; Ployé
Checky: of 6; of 8; of 9; of 10; of 12
Cheese: Wedge of Cheese; Wheel of Cheese
Cherry: Blossom; Sprig Fructed; Pair of Cherries Slipped and Leaved
Cherub: 3 illustrations
Chess Piece: Chess Bishop; One-Headed Chess Knight; Chess Rook (4 illustrations)
Chevron: 7 illustrations; Checky; Compony; Cotised (3 illustrations); Couched From Dexter; Couched From Sinister; Two Chevrons Couched and Braced; Couped; Embattled; Embattled Counter-Embattled; Enarched; Enarched Conjoined To A Chevron; Engrailed (2 illustrations); Flory; Flory at the Point; Fracted; Fusilly; Humetty; Indented; Invected (2 illustrations); Nebuly; Ployé; Raguly; Rompu (2 illustrations); Throughout; Inverted (5 illustrations); Inverted Cotised (2 illustrations); Inverted Fimbriated (2 illustrations); Fracted and Inverted; Inverted Rompu (2 illustrations); Of Chain; Inverted Of Chain
Chevronel: 2 Chevronels; 3 Chevronels; 2 Chevronels Humetty; 3 Chevronels Humetty; 2 Chevronels Braced; 3 Chevronels Braced; 2 Chevronels Inverted; 3 Chevronels Inverted
Chevronelly: of 6; of 8; of 10; Wavy; Issuant From Dexter; Issuant From Sinister; Inverted (of 6); Inverted (of 8); Inverted (of 10); And Per Pale; Paly Chevronelly; Paly Chevronelly Inverted
Chief: 3 illustrations; Doubly Enarched; Embattled (2 illustrations); Enarched; Engrailed; Flory; Indented; Invected; Nebuly; Potenty; Rayonny; Surmounted by a Fillet Counterchanged; Triangular; Urdy; Wavy (2 illustrations); And A Bordure; A Bordure And Chief Overall; And A Bordure Overall; And A Bordure Counterchanged; And A Bordure Embattled; Per Bend And A Chief
Chrysanthemum: of 14 Petals; Leaf
Church: 2 illustrations
Churn: Butter Churn (2 illustrations)
Cicada: 2 illustrations
Cinquefoil: 14 illustrations
City: 3 illustrations
Clarion: 3 illustrations
Claw: Pair of Crab's Claws; Lobster's Claw
Clog: Ape's Clog
Cloth: Hung Over A Rod
Cloud: 6 illustrations; Hand Issuant from a Cloud
Clove: 2 illustrations
Club: 2 illustrations
Cock: 7 illustrations; Rising; Double-Headed Cock (2 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased
Cockatrice: Cockatrice; Displayed (2 illustrations); Erect; Rising Wings Displayed; Sejant; Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised
Cog-Wheel: 5 illustrations
Columbine: 2 illustrations; Slipped and Leaved (2 illustrations); Affronty
Column: 8 illustrations
Comb: 2 illustrations; Hair Comb (2 illustrations)
Comet: 7 illustrations
Compass: Drawing Compass (3 illustrations)
Compass Rose: 3 illustrations
Compass Star: 3 illustrations
Coracle: Sail Set; Mastless Coracle
Cormorant: Head Erased
Cornetto: Tenor Cornetto; Bass Cornetto
Cornice: Four-Lobed Cornice (2 illustrations); Four-Lobed Quadrate Cornice
Cornucopia: Cornucopia; Effluent (2 illustrations)
Cotise: Bend Cotised; Bend Double Cotised Interiors Potent Counter-potent; Chevron Cotised (3 illustrations); Chevron Inverted Cotised (2 illustrations); Chief Surmounted by a Fillet Counterchanged; Cross Cotised; Fess Cotised; Pale Cotised; Pile Cotised; Saltire Cotised
Crab: 3 illustrations; Statant
Crampet: 2 illustrations
Crampon: 5 illustrations
Crancelin: 2 illustrations
Crane: 3 illustrations; Wings Addorsed Regardant; Wings Addorsed Maintaining A Scroll; Volant
Crescent: 12 illustrations; Two Crescents Braced; Three Crescents Fretted; Three Crescents Conjoined In Pall At The Points; Four Crescents Conjoined In Cross At The Points (2 illustrations); Four Crescents Conjoined In Saltire At The Points; Three Crescents Conjoined In Pall Horns Outwards; Four Crescents Conjoined In Saltire Horns Outwards
Cresset: 3 illustrations
Crocodile: Rampant; Statant (2 illustrations)
Cronel: 2 illustrations
Crook: Shepherd's Crook (2 illustrations)
Cross: 3 illustrations; Bretessed; Counter-Embattled; Cotised; Arrondi; Checky; Compony; Counter-Compony; Couped (2 illustrations); Double Parted; Fusilly; Humetty; Nowy; Parted; Parted and Fretted; Portate; Quadrate; Quarter-Pierced (2 illustrations); Raguly (2 illustrations); Straight Tau Cross Throughout; Tau Cross Throughout; Triply Parted; Triply Parted and Fretted; Potent Throughout; Potent Throughout Interlaced with an Annulet; Of Chain
Cross (Charge): Cross Couped Fusilly; Cross Alisée; Cross Annuletty; Avellane Cross (3 illustrations); Cross of Annulets Braced; Cross Barby; Cross Bottony (3 illustrations); Latin Cross Bottony; Bowen Cross; Cross Capital; Celtic Cross (5 illustrations); Equal-Armed Celtic Cross (2 illustrations); Cross Clechy; Latin Cross Clechy; Coptic Cross; Latin Cross Couped; Cross Crescenty; Cross Crosslet (2 illustrations); Cross Crosslet Fitchy (4 illustrations); Doubled Cross; Cross Doubly Pommeled (2 illustrations); Cross Flory (3 illustrations); Latin Cross Flory; Cross Floretty; Cross Formy (3 illustrations); Cross Formy Fitchy (2 illustrations); Cross Formy Calvary; Cross Formy Double-Pommeled at the Foot; Cross Formy Throughout; Cross Fourchy; Cross Glandular; Greek Cross; Key Cross (2 illustrations); Latin Cross or Passion Cross; Maltese Cross (2 illustrations); Cross Miller; Cross Moline (6 illustrations); Cross Moline Disjointed; Norse Sun-Cross (2 illustrations); Cross Of Calatrava; Cross Of Calvary; Cross Of Jerusalem; Cross Of Lorraine; Cross Rayonnant; Cross Of Santiago; Cross Of Toulouse (3 illustrations); Cross Patonce (2 illustrations); Latin Cross Patonce; Patriarchal Cross; Cross Pomelly (2 illustrations); Latin Cross Pomelly; Cross Pointed; Cross Potent (2 illustrations); Cross Potent Voided; Cross Potent Conjoined to an Annulet; Ragged Cross; Russian Orthodox Cross; Cross Swallowtailed; Cross Of Four Lozenges; Cross of St. Brigid; Tau Cross (2 illustrations); Cross Of Four Ermine Spots (3 illustrations); Cross of Triquetras
Crossbow: 3 illustrations; Stock (2 illustrations)
Crow: 4 illustrations; Rising Wings Displayed; Rising Maintaining A Slip of Holly
Crown: Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown and Veil; Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown; Dovetailed Crown; Eastern Crown (5 illustrations); Embattled Crown (2 illustrations); Embattled Crown Gemmed; Flory (6 illustrations); Gemmed Crown; of Grass; of Leaves; of Mullets; of Myrtle; Naval Crown; of Oak Leaves; Pearled Crown (2 illustrations); Saxon Crown (2 illustrations); of Three Points; Triumphal Crown; Vallary
Crozier: Crook of Basel (2 illustrations); Crozier
Créquier: 3 illustrations
Cup: 7 illustrations; Double Cup (3 illustrations)
Curved: Line; Per Fess Enarched; Base Enarched; Base Enarched Indented; Bend Enarched; Bend Sinister Enarched; Chevron Enarched; Chevron Enarched Conjoined To A Chevron; Chief Enarched; Fess Enarched; Wall Enarched
Cushion: 2 illustrations

D §

Daffodil: Bell to Dexter; Upright; Upright Slipped and Leaved
Dagger: 4 illustrations; Three Daggers Conjoined In Pall at the Hilts
Daisy: 2 illustrations
Dart: Demi-Ass Pierced by a Dart
Death: Jawless Skull or Death's Head
Delf: Delf; Voided; Ployé; Ployé Voided
Dextrochère: 1; Dextrochere (2); Dextrochere Maintaining a Pen
Dice: Die (8 illustrations); Egyptian Twenty-Sided Die
Doe: Lodged (2 illustrations); Rampant (2 illustrations); Trippant; Trippant Regardant; Head Couped
Dog: Couchant (2 illustrations); Couchant Guardant; Courant (3 illustrations); Courant Collared (2 illustrations); Passant (7 illustrations); Passant Guardant; Rampant (5 illustrations); Rampant Collared (2 illustrations); Rampant Regardant; Rampant and Hooded; Salient; Sejant (2 illustrations); Sejant Erect (2 illustrations); Statant (6 illustrations); Statant Collared; Winged Dog Sejant; Winged Dog Passant; Head Couped (2 illustrations); Head Collared and Couped (2 illustrations); Head Erased (2 illustrations); Five Dogs Courant In Annulo
Dogwood: New World Dogwood Blossom
Dolphin: 6 illustrations; Haurient (7 illustrations); Embowed; Winged Dolphin; Natural Dolphin (4 illustrations)
Domestic Cat: Couchant (3 illustrations); Couchant Head Lowered; Couchant Guardant (2 illustrations); Couchant Guardant; Courant; Dormant Guardant; Herissony; Passant (6 illustrations); Passant Guardant; Rampant (4 illustrations); Rampant Regardant; Salient; Sejant (4 illustrations); Sejant Guardant; Sejant Erect; Sejant Erect Maintaining a Rat; Statant; Eye; Head Couped (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed; Winged Domestic Cat Rampant
Door: 2 illustrations; Arched Door (2 illustrations); Tower With Open Doors
Dove: Dove; Displayed (2 illustrations); Volant (3 illustrations); Volant Wings Addorsed (2 illustrations)
Dovetailed: Line; Per Bend Dovetailed; Per Bend Sinister Dovetailed; Per Chevron Dovetailed (2 illustrations); Per Fess Dovetailed; Per Pale Dovetailed; Bordure Dovetailed; Saltire Dovetailed; Label Dovetailed (2 illustrations)
Dragon: 5 illustrations; Couchant (2 illustrations); Couchant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Couchant Wings Close; Couchant Wings Close Dexter Forepaw Raised; Couchant Head Lowered; Displayed (3 illustrations); Dormant (3 illustrations); In Annulo; In Annulo Breathing Flames; Passant (5 illustrations); Sejant (2 illustrations); Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Sejant Affronty (2 illustrations); Statant (2 illustrations); Volant; Wingless Dragon Couchant; Wingless Dragon Passant; Oriental Dragon In Annulo (2 illustrations); Oriental Dragon Passant; Head Cabossed; Head Cabossed (3 illustrations); Head Cabossed Breathing Fire (2 illustrations); Head Couped (3 illustrations); Head Erased (2 illustrations)
Dragonfly: 3 illustrations
Drakkar: 3 illustrations
Drill: 2 illustrations
Drinking Horn: 2 illustrations
Drum: Drum; Dumbek Drum (2 illustrations)
Duck: Displayed; Enraged; Naiant (2 illustrations); Passant; Head Erased

E §

Eagle: 19 illustrations; Rising (2 illustrations); Double-headed Eagle (2 illustrations); Double-Headed Eagle (8 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased (3 illustrations); Leg Erased (3 illustrations); Leg Erased Grasping A Fish (2 illustrations)
Ear: of Wheat
Elder: Sprig; Sprig Fructed
Elderflower: Blossom
Elephant: 5 illustrations; Passant (2 illustrations); Rampant; Trumpeting; Maintaining On Its Back A Tower (3 illustrations); Head Couped (2 illustrations); Head Couped Close; Head Erased; Trunk
Elk: Lodged; Rampant; Trippant (2 illustrations)
Embattled: Line; Grady Line; Per Bend Embattled; Per Bend Sinister Embattled; Per Chevron Embattled (2 illustrations); Per Chevron Inverted Embattled; Per Fess Embattled; Per Pale Embattled; Quarterly Embattled; Per Pale and Per Fess Embattled; Bendy Bretessed; Base Embattled; Bend Bretessed; Bend Embattled; Bend Embattled Counter-embattled; Bend Sinister Embattled; Bordure Embattled (2 illustrations); Chevron Embattled; Chevron Embattled Counter-Embattled; Chief Embattled (2 illustrations); Chief And A Bordure Embattled; Cross Bretessed; Fess Bretessed; Fess Embattled; Fess Embattled Counter-embattled (2 illustrations); Flaunches Embattled; Pale Embattled; Saltire Bretessed
Enfield: Passant; Rampant (2 illustrations)
Engrailed: Line, or Invected Line; Per Bend Engrailed; Per Chevron Engrailed; Per Chevron Inverted Engrailed; Per Fess Engrailed; Per Pale Engrailed; Barry Engrailed; Bend Engrailed; Bend Sinister Engrailed; Bordure Engrailed; Chevron Engrailed (2 illustrations); Chief Engrailed; Fess Engrailed; Orle Engrailed; Saltire Engrailed; Fret Engrailed (2 illustrations)
Ermine: 5 illustrations
Ermine Spot: 43 illustrations
Escallop: 10 illustrations; Pilgrim's Scrip Charged With an Escallop
Escarbuncle: 2 illustrations; of 6 Points
Escroll: a Feather Transfixing an Escroll Fesswise; a Quill Pen Transfixing an Escroll Fesswise; Fesswise
Estoile: 3 illustrations; of 12 Points; of 16 Points; Pierced
Eye: 4 illustrations
Eyeglasses: Pair of Eyeglasses

F §

Falcon: 2 illustrations; Regardant; Striking; Rising; Volant (2 illustrations); Belled; Jessed (2 illustrations); Hooded and Jessed; Hooded Belled and Jessed Seated Upon A Glove
Fan: Winnowing Fan; Folding Fan (2 illustrations)
Feather: 4 illustrations; Panache of Ostrich Feathers (2 illustrations); Panache of Peacock Feathers; Peacock Feather (4 illustrations)
Fence: Wicker Fence (2 illustrations); Wicker Fence Issuant From Base (2 illustrations)
Fer-a-loup: 3 illustrations
Fess: 2 illustrations; Bretessed; Checky; Compony; Cotised; Counter-compony; Dancetty, or Dance (2 illustrations); Dancetty Flory at the Points (2 illustrations); Embattled; Embattled Counter-embattled (2 illustrations); Embowed to Base; Enarched; Engrailed; Fracted; Fusilly; Indented; Invected; Nebuly; Nowy; Potenty; Raguly; Flory; Rayonny; Wavy (4 illustrations); Conjoined In Chief With a Demi-Pale
Fetterlock: Closed Fetterlock (2 illustrations)
Fig: Leaf; Sprig Fructed
Fillet: Chief Surmounted by a Fillet Counterchanged; Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Fillet and Veil
Firebird: Russian Firebird Rising
Firebrand: 2 illustrations
Fish: 6 illustrations; Haurient (3 illustrations); Embowed (2 illustrations); Winged Fish (2 illustrations); Goldfish; Lucy (5 illustrations); Lucy Embowed (2 illustrations); Winged Lucy; Shark Embowed; Eagle's Leg Erased Grasping A Fish (2 illustrations); Otter Sejant Erect Guardant Maintaining a Fish
Fishhook: 5 illustrations; Three Fishhooks Fretted
Flame: 11 illustrations; Candle Enflamed (3 illustrations); Candle Enflamed On A Candlestick (3 illustrations); Smoking Pipe Enflamed
Flamingo: One Leg Raised
Flask: 2 illustrations
Flaunch: es (2 illustrations); es Embattled
Flax: Blossom; Blossom Slipped and Leaved
Fleam: 3 illustrations
Fleece: Fleece; Tergiant Fesswise
Fleshpot: 2 illustrations
Fleur de Lys: 21 illustrations; Demi-Fleur de Lys; Staff Topped by a Fleur-de-Lys
Flint: Stone
Flory: Line; Counter-flory Line; Per Chevron Flory Counter-flory (2 illustrations); Per Fess Flory Counter-Flory; Per Pale Flory Counter-Flory (3 illustrations); Chevron Flory; Chief Flory; Fess Flory; Crown Flory (6 illustrations)
Flower: Per Bend Three Flowers Issuant From The Line; Issuant From A Vase Two Flowers Slipped and Leaved
Flute: 2 illustrations
Foil: Cinquefoil (14 illustrations); Octofoil (2 illustrations); Quatrefoil (3 illustrations); Sexfoil (6 illustrations); Trefoil (3 illustrations); Staff Topped by a Trefoil
Fool: Ass With A Fool's Head Passant (2 illustrations); Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations)
Foot: Bird's Foot; Duck's Foot; Eagle's Foot Couped; Couped (3 illustrations); Sole Of A Foot
Forget-Me-Not: 2 illustrations; Slip of Forget-Me-Not (2 illustrations)
Fountain: Natural Fountain (4 illustrations)
Fox: Couchant (4 illustrations); Courant (3 illustrations); Passant (4 illustrations); Passant Guardant; Rampant; Rampant Guardant; Rampant Regardant; Salient Ravishing a Goose; Sejant (3 illustrations); Sejant Guardant; Statant (3 illustrations); Head Couped; Mask (7 illustrations); Tail (2 illustrations)
Foxglove: Sprig of Foxglove
Fret: Throughout; Couped; Engrailed (2 illustrations)
Fretty: 4 illustrations; Parted
Frog: 3 illustrations; Couchant; Salient; Sejant; Sejant Affronty
Furison: 6 illustrations
Fylfot: Cross Gurgity; Fylfot

G §

Game Board: Alquerque Board; Backgammon Board (2 illustrations); Chess Board; Nine Men's Morris Board; Twelve Men's Morris Board
Garb: of Wheat (5 illustrations)
Garlic: Braid of Garlic; Bulb (1); Plant (2 illustrations)
Garter: 3 illustrations
Gate: 2 illustrations
Gauntlet: Gauntlet; Clenched Gauntlet (3 illustrations); Clenched Gauntlet Flexed at the Wrist; Aversed (2 illustrations)
Gemstone: Gemstone; French-Cut Gemstone; French-Cut Gemstone In Profile; Hexagonal Gemstone; Step-Cut Gemstone (2 illustrations)
Genet: Passant
Geranium: Flower
Gillyflower: 3 illustrations; In Profile (2 illustrations)
Glaive: 2 illustrations
Glove: Glove; Aversed (2 illustrations); Fesswise
Goat: Clymant (6 illustrations); Courant; Passant (2 illustrations); Salient (2 illustrations); Statant; Demi-Goat; Head Couped; Head Couped (3 illustrations); Head Erased (3 illustrations)
Goblet: Jeweled Goblet
Gonfalon: 7 illustrations
Goose: Goose; Enraged; Regardant; Demi-Goose; Fox Salient Ravishing a Goose
Gore: 2 illustrations; Sinister; Two Gores
Gorgon: Head Cabossed (4 illustrations); Head Couped (2 illustrations)
Gorilla: Passant; Statant
Gourd: Bottle Gourd
Goutte: 10 illustrations; of Flame
Grape: Bunch of Grapes; Bunch of Grapes Slipped and Leaved; Leaf; Vine
Grenade: 3 illustrations
Griffin: 12 illustrations; Couchant; Passant (7 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased (2 illustrations)
Grillage: 3 illustrations
Grozing Iron: 2 illustrations
Gurges: 7 illustrations
Gusset: Gusset; Sinister; Two Gussets
Gyronny: of 3 Arrondi (3 illustrations); of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16; of 20; Wavy; Wavy of 6; And A Chief; of 12 And A Chief; of 6 From Base; of 6 From Chief; of 8 From Chief; of 10 From Chief; of 12 From Chief; of 6 From Dexter Chief; of 12 From Dexter Chief; Arrondi of 6; Arrondi of 6 (Widdershins); Arrondi (of 8); Arrondi (of 8 Widdershins); Arrondi of 12; Arrondi of 12 (Widdershins); Arrondi of 16; Arrondi of 16 (Widdershins); Arrondi And A Chief; Arrondi of 12 And A Chief

H §

Hames: Pair of Hames (2 illustrations)
Hammer: 7 illustrations; Ball Pean Hammer; Sledge Hammer; Smith’s Hammer; Mjolnir or Thor's Hammer (4 illustrations)
Hand: Arm Vested Fesswise With A Hand Of Benediction; Foi; Clawed Hand Aversed (2 illustrations); Couped (5 illustrations); Couped Close; Erased; of Benediction; Couped Maintaining a Quill Pen; Pair of Hands; Issuant from a Cloud
Handgun Rest: 2 illustrations
Harp: 4 illustrations
Harpoon: 2 illustrations
Harpy: Rising Wings Addorsed; Rising Wings Addorsed One Leg Raised; Rising Wings Displayed
Hat: Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Hat (2 illustrations); Jew's Hat (4 illustrations)
Hawk: 3 illustrations; Guardant; Rising One Leg Raised
Hay House: 2 illustrations
Hayfork: 4 illustrations
Hazel: Branch Fructed; Nut Slipped
Heart: 6 illustrations; Enflamed to Chief; Winged Heart (2 illustrations); Knot of Two Hearts Voided and Braced
Heather: Sprig of Heather
Heckle: 2 illustrations
Hedgehog: 5 illustrations; Impaling Grapes (2 illustrations); Rampant; Rampant Impaling Grapes; Sejant Erect; Statant Erect
Helm: Affronty; Close Helm (3 illustrations); Horned Close Helm; Corinthian Helm; Great Helm (3 illustrations); Great Helm Affronty (2 illustrations); Winged Great Helm Affronty Wings Elevated; Winged Great Helm Affronty Wings Inverted; Morion Helm; Norman Helm Affronty
Hemp: Leaf; Sprig of Hemp
Hen: 2 illustrations
Hercules: Maintaining a Club and a Lion
Heron: 3 illustrations; One Leg Raised; Rising; Volant; Wings Displayed; Wings Displayed Vorant of a Fish
Herse: Parchmenter's Herse
Holly: Leaf (2 illustrations); Three Holly Leaves In Pall (3 illustrations); Crow Rising Maintaining A Slip of Holly
Hood: 2 illustrations
Hook: Spring Hook; Tent Hook
Hop: Cone
Horn: Pair of Buffalo’s Horns; Ibex's Horn (2 illustrations); Ram's Horn
Horse: Courant; Passant (8 illustrations); Passant Regardant; Passant Caparisoned; Rampant (4 illustrations); Rampant Bridled; Rampant Regardant; Salient (2 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased
Horseshoe: 4 illustrations
Hose: 2 illustrations
Hourglass: 2 illustrations
House: 2 illustrations
Human: Knight Armed and Mounted; Maiden (2 illustrations); Maiden Cloaked and Hooded; Maiden Mounted on a Bear Passant; Maiden's Head; Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown and Veil; Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Fillet and Veil; Maiden's Head Couped and Hooded Facing Dexter; Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations); Nude Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders; Armed Man; Armed Demi-Man Drawing a Bow; Man Robed; Man Vested and Maintaining a Scythe; Man's Head Cabossed; Man's Head Couped; Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Hat (2 illustrations); Man's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown; Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders; Hooded Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders; Monk Robed and Maintaining a Book; Moor Passant; Moor's Head (3 illustrations); Moor's Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations); Saracen's Head Affronty Erased (2 illustrations); Saracen's Head Affronty Couped; Savage's Head Affronty; Viking; Viking With Arms Raised
Hummingbird: Hovering; Rising; Volant Wings Addorsed
Hunting Horn: 5 illustrations; Three Horns Interlaced
Hurst: of Trees Couped
Hydra: 2 illustrations
Hyena: Statant

I §

Ibex: Horn (2 illustrations)
Indented: Line (2 illustrations); Line Flory At the Points; Per Bend Indented (2 illustrations); Per Bend Sinister Indented; Per Chevron Indented; Per Fess Indented (2 illustrations); Per Fess Indented Pometty; Per Pale Indented (2 illustrations); Per Saltire Indented; Quarterly Indented; Per Pale and Per Fess Indented; Barry Dancetty; Paly Dancetty; Base Enarched Indented; Bend Dancetty; Bend Fusilly (4 illustrations); Bend Indented; Bend Sinister Indented; Bordure Indented; Bordure Parted Bordurewise Indented; Chevron Fusilly; Chevron Indented; Chief Indented; Cross Fusilly; Fess Dancetty, or Dance (2 illustrations); Fess Dancetty Flory at the Points (2 illustrations); Fess Fusilly; Fess Indented; Pale Fusilly (2 illustrations); Pale Indented; Pall Inverted Indented; Pile Indented; Saltire Fusilly; Saltorel Fusilly
Inkhorn: Penner and Inkhorn
Invected: Engrailed Line, or Invected Line; Per Chevron Invected; Per Chevron Inverted Invected; Per Fess Invected; Per Pale Invected; Barry Invected; Bend Invected; Bend Sinister Invected; Bordure Invected; Chevron Invected (2 illustrations); Chief Invected; Fess Invected
Ivy: Leaf (2 illustrations); Vine; Wreath of Ivy (2 illustrations); Wreath Of Ivy (3); Wreath of Ivy (4)

J §

Jambe: Bird's Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved; Bear's Jambe
Janus: Head
Jasmine: Flower; Slipped & Leaved
Juniper: Sprig of Juniper

K §

Key: 11 illustrations
Keystone: 4 illustrations
Keythong: 2 illustrations; Collared and Chained
Knife: 5 illustrations; Half-Moon Knife
Knight: Armed and Mounted
Knot: Bourchier Knot; Bowen Knot (3 illustrations); Cavendish Knot or Savoy Knot (2 illustrations); Heneage Knot (2 illustrations); Hungerford Knot; Lacy Knot (2 illustrations); Quatrefoil Knot (2 illustrations); Solomon's Knot; Stafford Knot (4 illustrations); Suffolk Knot; Trefoil Knot (2 illustrations); of Two Hearts Voided and Braced; Wake Knot or Ormonde Knot (2 illustrations); Triquetra (3 illustrations); Triquetra Interlaced With An Annulet

L §

Label: 3 illustrations; of Five Points; Dovetailed (2 illustrations); of 1 Point Throughout; of 3 Points Throughout; of 5 Points Throughout (2 illustrations)
Labyrinth: 6 illustrations
Ladder: 3 illustrations
Lamb: Paschal Lamb; Paschal Lamb Regardant
Lamia: Salient Guardant
Lamp: 2 illustrations; Arabian Lamp (3 illustrations)
Lance: Tilting Spear, or Lance (6 illustrations)
Lantern: 4 illustrations
Laurel: Leaf (2 illustrations); Wreath (11 illustrations)
Leaf: Acanthus Leaf; Aspen Leaf; Birch Leaf; Chrysanthemum Leaf; Fig Leaf; Grape Leaf; Hemp Leaf; Holly Leaf (2 illustrations); Ivy Leaf (2 illustrations); Lady's Mantle Leaf; Laurel Leaf (2 illustrations); Linden Leaf (2 illustrations); Maple Leaf (4 illustrations); Oak Leaf (5 illustrations); Poplar Leaf; Rowan Leaf (2 illustrations); 3 Strawberry Leaves (2 illustrations); Strawberry Leaf; Crown of Oak Leaves
Leek: 3 illustrations
Leg: Couped; Couped Below The Knee; Armored Leg Couped; Triskelion of Legs; Triskelion of Legs Armored (2 illustrations)
Lemon: Lemon; Slipped and Leaved
Level: Water Level
Lightning: Bolt (2 illustrations)
Lilac: Sprig of Lilac
Lily: 4 illustrations; Slipped and Leaved; Calla Lily Slipped (2 illustrations); Calla Lily Slipped and Leaved; of the Valley
Linden: Branch; Branch Twined on Itself (2 illustrations); Leaf (2 illustrations); Three Linden Leaves Conjoined In Pall; Per Bend Two Linden Leaves Issuant From The Line (2 illustrations); Tree; Tree Eradicated (5 illustrations)
Lion: 11 illustrations; Coward; Double Queued; Queue Fourchy (3 illustrations); Queue Forchy (8 illustrations); Queue Nowed (2 illustrations); Guardant; Regardant (2 illustrations); Couchant (3 illustrations); Couchant Head Lowered (3 illustrations); Courant; Dormant; Passant (7 illustrations); Passant Guardant (3 illustrations); Salient (3 illustrations); Salient Tail Nowed; Sejant (2 illustrations); Sejant Dexter Forepaw Raised; Sejant Regardant; Sejant Erect (2 illustrations); Sejant Erect Regardant; Sejant in a Chair Maintaining a Pole Axe; Sejant Affronty; Sejant Affronty Queue Fourchy; Statant (2 illustrations); Statant Guardant; Vulned; Winged Lion Passant; Winged Lion Passant Regardant; Winged Lion Salient; Winged Lion Segreant; Head Cabossed (3 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased (3 illustrations); Head Jessant-de-Lys; Head Jessant-de-Lys (2); Jambe Couped (2 illustrations); Jambe Erased; Hercules Maintaining a Club and a Lion
Lizard: Rampant
Llama: Passant; Statant; Head Couped; Head Erased
Lobster: 5 illustrations; Passant; Claw
Lotus: Flower Affronty; Flower Affronty (3 illustrations); Flower In Profile (3 illustrations)
Lozenge: 3 illustrations; Three Lozenges Conjoined In Pall; Ployé (3 illustrations); Pometty (3 illustrations); Three Lozenges Conjoined in Pale; Mascle (3 illustrations); Mascle Ployé (2 illustrations); Rustre
Lozengy: of 3ish; of 4, 1; of 4, 2; of 5, 1; of 5, 2; of 6; Barry (of 2); Barry (of 3); Barry (of 4); Barry (of 5)
Lucet: Bone Lucet
Lucy: 5 illustrations; Embowed (2 illustrations); Winged Lucy; Three Lucies Fretted (2 illustrations)
Lure: Hawk's Lure (3 illustrations)
Lymphad: Lymphad; with Oars Shipped (3 illustrations); with Sails Set; with Sails Set and Oars Shipped; with Sails Set and Oars Shipped (2)
Lynx: Passant; Rampant (3 illustrations); Statant (2 illustrations); Statant Coward; Head Couped; Head Erased
Lyre: 8 illustrations

M §

Mace: Flanged Mace (3 illustrations); Spiked Mace (3 illustrations)
Magnolia: Flower
Magpie: Displayed
Maiden: 2 illustrations; Cloaked and Hooded; Mounted on a Bear Passant; Head; Head Couped Maintaining a Crown and Veil; Head Couped Maintaining a Fillet and Veil; Head Couped and Hooded Facing Dexter; Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations); Nude Maiden's Head Couped at the Shoulders
Mail: Shirt
Mailly: 2 illustrations
Mallet: 2 illustrations
Man: Armed Man; Armed Demi-Man Drawing a Bow; Hooded and Robed with Arms Extended; Hooded Man Maintaining a Bowl and Staff; In A Boat Holding Arrows Inverted; Robed; Vested and Maintaining a Scythe; Head Cabossed; Head Couped; Head Couped Maintaining a Hat (2 illustrations); Head Couped Maintaining a Crown; Head Couped at the Shoulders; Hooded Man's Head Couped at the Shoulders; Moor's Head (3 illustrations); Moor's Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations); Savage's Head Affronty
Mandrake: 2 illustrations; Female Mandrake
Manticore: Passant Guardant; Statant Collared and Chained
Mantis: Praying Mantis Sejant Erect Guardant
Mantle: 3 illustrations
Maple: Leaf (4 illustrations)
Martlet: 7 illustrations
Mascle: 3 illustrations; Two Mascles Braced In Pale; Three Mascles Braced In Pale; Ployé (2 illustrations)
Mask: Comedy Mask; Domino Mask; Mummer's Mask; Tragedy Mask; Visard Mask
Masoned: 3 illustrations
Massacre: Buffalo's Massacre; Bull's Massacre; Stag's Massacre (3 illustrations)
Maunch: 12 illustrations
Meat: Spit of Meat (2 illustrations)
Melusine: 2 illustrations
Menorah: Seven-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah; Nine-Armed Candelabrum or Menorah
Mermaid: 2 illustrations; in Her Modesty; In Her Vanity; Maintaining a Harp
Merman: Merman, or Triton (3 illustrations); Armored
Millrind: 3 illustrations
Millstone: 3 illustrations
Minotaur: Passant Bearing a Club
Mirror: Hand Mirror (2 illustrations); Wall Mirror
Mistral: Wind
Mitsutomoe: 4 illustrations
Mitten: 4 illustrations
Mjolnir: or Thor's Hammer (4 illustrations)
Mole: Statant
Monk: Robed and Maintaining a Book
Monkey: Passant; Sejant; Statant Collared and Chained (2 illustrations); Rampant; Rampant Collared and Chained; Winged Monkey Passant; Winged Monkey Rising; Head Cabossed
Moon: Increscent Moon (3 illustrations); In Her Plenitude (2 illustrations)
Moor: Passant; Head (3 illustrations); Head Couped at the Shoulders (2 illustrations)
Mortar: and Pestle (2 illustrations)
Mosaic Tablets: Two Mosaic Tablets Conjoined
Moth: 2 illustrations
Mount: Mount; Couped; of Five Hillocks (2 illustrations); of Five Hillocks Couped (2 illustrations); of Six Hillocks; of Six Hillocks Couped (3 illustrations); of Ten Hillocks Couped; Trimount (3 illustrations); Trimount Couped (4 illustrations); Tree Issuant From A Mount
Mountain: 2 illustrations; of 3 Peaks
Mouse: Couchant; Dormant; Passant; Sejant Erect; Statant (2 illustrations); Rampant
Moustache: Rogacina Issuant From A Moustache
Mullet: of 4 Points; of 4 Elongated to Base; of 5 Points, 1; of 5 Points, 2; Pierced; Voided; Voided and Interlaced; of 6 Points (3 illustrations); of 6 Points Voided; of 7 Points; of 7 Points Voided and Interlaced (2 illustrations); of 8 Points (3 illustrations); of 8 Points Voided and Interlaced (2 illustrations); of 8 Mascles Interlaced; of 9 Points; of 10 Points; of 5 Greater and 5 Lesser Points; Spur-Rowel (2 illustrations); Star of David (2 illustrations)
Mushroom: 3 illustrations
Musical Clef: C Clef (2 illustrations); G Clef (2 illustrations)
Musical Note: 6 illustrations
Musimon: Rampant (2 illustrations)

N §

Nail: Closing Nail (2 illustrations); Passion Nail (3 illustrations)
Nailpuller: Japanese Nailpuller; Four Japanese Nailpullers Two and Two
Nebuly: Line (5 illustrations); Per Bend Nebuly (4 illustrations); Per Chevron Nebuly (2 illustrations); Per Fess Nebuly (4 illustrations); Per Pale Nebuly (3 illustrations); Barry Nebuly; Bordure Nebuly; Chevron Nebuly; Chief Nebuly; Fess Nebuly
Needle: 6 illustrations; Threaded Needle (3 illustrations); Double Ended Knitting Needle
Nesselblatt: 3 illustrations
Niddy-Noddy: 2 illustrations
Nut: Squirrel Maintaining A Nut (2 illustrations)

O §

Oak: Acorn (7 illustrations); Acorn Slipped & Leaved (5 illustrations); Leaf (5 illustrations); Sprig; Sprig Fructed (2 illustrations); Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated (7 illustrations)
Oar: 3 illustrations
Obelisk: 2 illustrations
Object: Enflamed
Octofoil: 2 illustrations
Olive: Slipped and Leaved; Branch Fructed (2 illustrations); Tree
Opossum: Rampant
Orange: Flower; Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated
Orb: 4 illustrations
Orle: 2 illustrations; on a Bordure; Engrailed; Wavy; of Birch; of Roses; of Thorns; Of Chain (3 illustrations)
Orly: 2 illustrations
Ostrich: 2 illustrations; Panache of Ostrich Feathers (2 illustrations)
Otter: Courant; Rampant (2 illustrations); Rampant Regardant; Sejant Erect; Sejant Erect Guardant Maintaining a Fish; Statant; Five Otters Courant In Annulo
Ounce: 2 illustrations; Passant; Passant Guardant; Passant Guardant Incensed; Head Cabossed; Head Jessant-de-Lys (2 illustrations)
Oven: Domed Oven
Owl: 13 illustrations; Dexter Leg Raised; Affronty; Displayed (2 illustrations); Rising Wings Displayed; Striking Wings Displayed Head to Dexter

P §

Paintbrush: Artist's Paintbrush (3 illustrations)
Pale: 2 illustrations; Checky; Compony; Cotised; Counter-compony; Embattled; Fusilly (2 illustrations); Indented; Offset; Potenty; Raguly; Rayonny; Wavy
Palette: Artist's Palette Marked With Paint
Pall: 2 illustrations; Couped; Couped Wavy; Wavy (4 illustrations); ium; Inverted (2 illustrations); Inverted Indented; Inverted Wavy (2 illustrations)
Pallet: 2 Pallets; 3 Pallets; 4 Pallets
Palm: Tree
Paly: of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16; Dancetty; Wavy (of 6); Wavy (of 8); Barry Dancetty and Paly; Bendy (of 6); Bendy (of 8); Bendy (of 10); Bendy Sinister (of 6); Bendy Sinister (of 8); Bendy Sinister (of 10); Chevronelly; Chevronelly Inverted
Pan: Frying Pan (3 illustrations); Frying Pan Fesswise
Panache: Panache; of Ostrich Feathers (2 illustrations); of Peacock Feathers
Panther: Couchant; Passant (2 illustrations); Rampant; Rampant Guardant (2 illustrations); Sejant (2 illustrations); Statant Guardant; Cabossed; Continental Panther Rampant (4 illustrations); Winged Continental Panther Sejant
Papellony: Fur, 1; Fur, 2; Treatment, 1; Treatment, 2; Treatment, 3
Pavilion: 4 illustrations
Pawprint: 3 illustrations; Bear's Pawprint
Pea: Two Pea Plants Entwined
Peacock: 3 illustrations; In His Pride (2 illustrations); Feather (4 illustrations)
Pear: 3 illustrations
Peel: Baker's Peel (2 illustrations)
Pegasus: Courant (2 illustrations); Segreant (4 illustrations); Statant
Pelican: In Its Piety (6 illustrations); Vulning Itself (3 illustrations); Natural Pelican
Pen: Dextrochere Maintaining a Pen; Hand Couped Maintaining a Quill Pen; a Quill Pen Transfixing an Escroll Fesswise; Quill Pen (4 illustrations)
Penant: Tilting Spear Flying a Penant
Penbox: 2 illustrations
Penner: and Inkhorn
Pennon: 4 illustrations; Raguly
Peony: Peony; Slipped and Leaved
Pepper: Chili Pepper
Per Bend: Per Bend; Bevilled (2 illustrations); Embattled; Engrailed; Dovetailed; Indented (2 illustrations); Nebuly (4 illustrations); Raguly; Rayonny; Potenty; Wavy; Urdy; Sinister; Sinister Bevilled (2 illustrations); Sinister Dovetailed; Sinister Embattled; Sinister Indented; Sinister Rompu; Sinister Wavy; And A Chief; Three Flowers Issuant From The Line; Two Linden Leaves Issuant From The Line (2 illustrations); Sinister Bear's Heads Issuant From The Line
Per Chevron: 3 illustrations; Dovetailed (2 illustrations); Embattled (2 illustrations); Engrailed; Flory Counter-flory (2 illustrations); Indented; Invected; Nebuly (2 illustrations); Ployé; Ployé Flory at the Point (2 illustrations); Potenty; Raguly (2 illustrations); Rayonny; Throughout; Urdy (4 illustrations); Wavy (2 illustrations); Inverted (3 illustrations); Inverted Embattled; Inverted Engrailed; Inverted Invected; Inverted Rayonny; Inverted Throughout; Inverted Urdy; Inverted Wavy; Per Pale and Per Chevron
Per Fess: Per Fess; Dovetailed; Embattled; Enarched; Engrailed; Flory Counter-Flory; Invected; Indented (2 illustrations); Indented Pometty; Nebuly (4 illustrations); Potenty; Raguly; Rayonny (3 illustrations); Trefly; Trefly Counter-trefly; Urdy; Wavy; With A Left Step; With A Right Step; With One Embattlement; With Two Embattlements; and Per Pale Wavy; Per Pale and Per Fess Embattled; Per Pale and Per Fess Indented; Per Saltire and Per Fess; and Per Pale (2 illustrations)
Per Pale: Per Pale; Angled; Angled Reversed; Dovetailed; Embattled; Engrailed; Flory Counter-Flory (3 illustrations); Indented (2 illustrations); Invected; Nebuly (3 illustrations); Potenty; Raguly; Rayonny (2 illustrations); Trefly; Urdy (2 illustrations); Wavy; Per Fess and Per Pale Wavy; and Per Fess Embattled; and Per Fess Indented; and Per Chevron; Per Saltire and Per Pale; Per Fess and Per Pale (2 illustrations); Chevronelly And Per Pale
Per Pall: Per Pall; Arrondi; Inverted; Inverted Arrondi
Per Saltire: Per Saltire; Indented; Arrondi; Wavy; and Per Fess; and Per Pale
Pestle: Mortar and Pestle (2 illustrations)
Pheasant: Volant
Pheon: 4 illustrations
Phial: 3 illustrations
Phoenix: 6 illustrations
Pick: 4 illustrations
Pile: 2 illustrations; Cotised; Indented; Ployé (2 illustrations); Wavy Issuant From Dexter Chief; In Point, 2; In Point, 3; 2 Piles Palewise; 3 Piles Palewise; Inverted; Inverted (In Point), 2; Inverted (In Point), 3; 3 Piles Inverted Palewise; Issuant From Dexter
Pily: of 4; of 5; Barry (of 4); Bendy (of 4); Bendy Sinister (of 4)
Pine: Tree (3 illustrations); Tree Of Three Trunks Eradicated; Cone
Pineapple: New World Pineapple
Pitcher: 3 illustrations; Covered Pitcher; Spouted Pot (2 illustrations)
Pithon: Erect Affronty; Volant (2 illustrations); Volant Wings Addorsed
Plane: Tree
Pliers: Pair Of Pliers (2 illustrations)
Plow: 5 illustrations
Plowshare: 2 illustrations
Plumetty: Fur, 1; Fur, 2; Fur, 3; Fur, 4; Treatment, 1; Treatment, 2
Point: Pointed (2 illustrations)
Pole Axe: Lion Sejant in a Chair Maintaining a Pole Axe
Polygon: Delf; Delf Voided; Delf Ployé; Delf Ployé Voided; Hexagon; Hexagon Voided; Octagon; Pentagon; Pentagon Voided; Triangle; Triangle Voided
Polypus: 4 illustrations
Pomegranate: 2 illustrations; Slipped and Leaved (6 illustrations); Tree Fructed and Eradicated
Pommel: Saddle Pommel
Poplar: Leaf
Poppinjay: 3 illustrations
Poppy: Flower (3 illustrations); Boll; Boll Slipped; Three Poppy Bolls Slipped and Leaved
Portcullis: 4 illustrations; Chainless Portcullis; Throughout
Pot: Footed Pot; Spouted Pot (2 illustrations)
Potent: 2 illustrations; Counter-potent; En Point; Bend Double Cotised Interiors Potent Counter-potent
Potenty: Line; Per Bend Potenty; Per Chevron Potenty; Per Fess Potenty; Per Pale Potenty; Bordure Potenty; Chief Potenty; Fess Potenty; Pale Potenty; Tierce Potenty
Pouch: Bag, or Pouch (3 illustrations)
Prawn: Prawn; Naiant
Press: Bookbinding Press
Pruning Knife: 3 illustrations
Psaltery: Psaltery; Pig-Snouted Psaltery
Punner: 3 illustrations

Q §

Quarterly: Quarterly; Indented; Embattled; Rayonny; Wavy; Arrondi
Quatrefoil: 3 illustrations
Quatrefoil (Shape): Quatrefoil (Shape); Voided
Quill: Empty Embroiderer's Quill; of Yarn
Quince: Quince; Slipped and Leaved
Quiver: with Two Arrows; with Five Arrows

R §

Rabbit: 2 illustrations; Dexter Forepaw Raised; Couchant (3 illustrations); Courant (3 illustrations); Courant Guardant; Dormant; Rampant (5 illustrations); Salient (4 illustrations); Sejant Erect (2 illustrations); Sejant Erect Regardant; Statant; Three Rabbits Courant Conjoined; Three Rabbits Salient Conjoined; Five Rabbits Courant In Annulo; Head Cabossed; Head Erased
Racoon: Rampant Guardant; Rampant Guardant (2); Tricorporate Racoon; Head Cabossed
Radish: 5 illustrations
Raguly: Line; Per Bend Raguly; Per Chevron Raguly (2 illustrations); Per Fess Raguly; Per Pale Raguly; Bend Raguly; Bordure Raguly; Chevron Raguly; Cross Raguly (2 illustrations); Fess Raguly; Pale Raguly; Saltire Raguly; Saltorel Raguly; Pennon Raguly
Rainbow: 3 illustrations; Throughout; Two Rainbows Throughout; Bendwise Throughout; Natural Rainbow Bendwise Throughout
Rake: 2 illustrations; Head
Ram: Passant; Statant (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed (3 illustrations); Head Couped; Head Erased; Horn
Rapier: 4 illustrations; Cup-hilted Rapier
Rat: Domestic Cat Sejant Erect Maintaining a Rat; Rampant; Statant
Raven: 7 illustrations; One Leg Raised; Displayed (2 illustrations); Migrant (2 illustrations); Regardant; Rising (2 illustrations); Rising Displayed; Rising Displayed Regardant; Striking; Volant (2 illustrations); Head Erased
Ray: of the Sun Issuant From Chief; of the Sun Issuant From Dexter Chief (2 illustrations)
Rayonny: Line (2 illustrations); Per Bend Rayonny; Per Chevron Rayonny; Per Chevron Inverted Rayonny; Per Fess Rayonny (3 illustrations); Per Pale Rayonny (2 illustrations); Quarterly Rayonny; Bordure Rayonny (2 illustrations); Chief Rayonny; Fess Rayonny; Pale Rayonny; Tierce Rayonny
Reindeer: Lodged; Rampant; Trippant
Retort: Athanor With a Retort Atop (2 illustrations); Retort
Rhinoceros: 3 illustrations; Couchant; Rampant (2 illustrations)
Ring: Arm Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring; Gemmed Ring (3 illustrations)
Rod: Cloth Hung Over A Rod; Rod; Bundle of Rods
Rod of Asclepius: 4 illustrations
Rogacina: Crossed and Fourchy; Double-Crossed; Double-Pointed; Issuant From A Cauldron; Issuant From A Demi-Annulet; Issuant From A Moustache
Rope: Bucket and Rope; Annulet of Rope (3 illustrations)
Rose: 14 illustrations; Slipped & Leaved (5 illustrations); Slipped and Leaved (6); Slipped & Leaved (7); Chaplet of Roses (3 illustrations); Orle of Roses
Roundel: 2 illustrations; Demi-Roundel; Barry Wavy, or Fountain
Rowan: Cluster of Rowan Berries; Leaf (2 illustrations); Tree; Tree Eradicated
Rowboat: 2 illustrations
Rue: Flower; Flower Slipped and Leaved; Sprig

S §

Saddle: Pommel; Saddle; with Stirrups
Sail: Hanging from its Yardarm (3 illustrations); Fastened to Mast and Hanging from Yardarm (2 illustrations)
Salamander: Salamander; Regardant; Tergiant Counter-embowed; Natural Salamander Passant; Natural Salamander Rampant; Natural Salamander Tergiant; Natural Salamander Tergiant Counter-embowed
Salmon Spear: 3 illustrations
Salt Barrel: 5 illustrations
Saltcellar: Covered Saltcellar; Covered Saltcellar Shedding Salt (2 illustrations)
Saltire: 2 illustrations; Bretessed; Compony; Cotised; Counter-Compony; Dovetailed; Engrailed; Fusilly; Nowy; Parted; Parted and Fretted; Parted and Voided; Quadrate; Raguly; Saltorel, or Saltire Couped; Of Chain
Saltorel: 6 illustrations; Fusilly; Raguly; Cross of St. Julian; Saltire Bottony
Saracen: Head Affronty Erased (2 illustrations); Head Affronty Couped
Savage: Head Affronty
Saw: Frame Saw; Goldsmith's Frame-Saw; Two-Man Cross-Cut Saw; Blade
Scaly: 3 illustrations
Scarpe: 2 Scarpes; 3 Scarpes; 4 Scarpes; 5 Scarpes
Schnecke: Schnecke; Issuant from Base; Issuant from Dexter Chief; Issuant from Sinister Chief; Issuant From Base Maintaining On Its Outer Swirl Three Schneckes
Scimitar: 5 illustrations
Scissors: Pair of Scissors (3 illustrations)
Scoop: Scoop; Brewer's Scoop
Scorpion: 2 illustrations
Scrip: Pilgrim's Scrip; Pilgrim's Scrip Charged With an Escallop
Scroll: Crane Wings Addorsed Maintaining A Scroll; Closed Scroll; Open Scroll (6 illustrations)
Scythe: 2 illustrations; Blade (2 illustrations)
Sea-Bear: Naiant
Sea-Boar: Naiant
Sea-Dog: Sea-Dog; Demi-Sea-Dog
Sea-Fox: Naiant; Naiant Guardant
Sea-Goat: Naiant
Sea-Horse: 4 illustrations; Naiant; Natural Sea-Horse (2 illustrations)
Sea-Lion: 4 illustrations; Embowed; Naiant
Sea-Monster: Sea-Dog; Demi-Sea-Dog; Sea-Dragon; Sea-Fox Naiant; Sea-Fox Naiant Guardant; Sea-Goat Naiant; Sea-Horse (4 illustrations); Sea-Horse Naiant; Natural Sea-Horse (2 illustrations); Sea-Lion (4 illustrations); Sea-Lion Embowed; Sea-Lion Naiant; Tail (5 illustrations); Sea-Serpent In Annulo Vorant Of Its Tail; Sea-Serpent Erect; Sea-Serpent Ondoyant (2 illustrations); Sea-Wolf (5 illustrations)
Sea-Serpent: In Annulo Vorant Of Its Tail; Erect; Ondoyant (2 illustrations)
Sea-Tortoise: Natural Sea-Tortoise
Sea-Wolf: 5 illustrations
Seeblatt: 5 illustrations
Semy: Semy-de-lys (3 illustrations); of Crosses Clechy; of Roundels (2 illustrations)
Seraph: 2 illustrations
Serpent: Entwined About A Pillar; Erect (4 illustrations); Erect Tail Nowed; Glissant (4 illustrations); Glissant Palewise; Glissant Palewise Vorant of a Human (2 illustrations); Involved (2 illustrations); In Annulo Vorant Of Its Tail (3 illustrations); Nowed (4 illustrations); Two Serpents Entwined; Three Serpents Fretted; Winged Serpent Glissant
Sexfoil: 6 illustrations
Shackle: Shackle; bolt
Shakefork: 2 illustrations; Inverted; Pall Bottony
Shamrock: 2 illustrations
Shark: Embowed
Shave: Currier’s Shave (2 illustrations)
Shawl: Tied in Annulo (2 illustrations)
Sheaf: of Wheat (3 illustrations); of Arrows
Shears: Pair of Shears (3 illustrations)
Sheep: Fleece; Fleece Tergiant Fesswise; Couchant (2 illustrations); Passant (2 illustrations); Passant Regardant (2 illustrations); Rampant; Salient; Statant; Statant Guardant; Head Couped
Shell: Snail Shell (2 illustrations); Escallop (10 illustrations); Whelk (2 illustrations)
Shield: Buckler Shield; German Tournament Shield; Roman Scutum Shield; Round Wooden Shield
Shirt: Mail Shirt
Shoe: 2 illustrations
Shrew: Rampant
Shuttle: Stick Shuttle (2 illustrations); Netting Shuttle; Weaver's Shuttle (3 illustrations)
Sickle: 3 illustrations; Three Sickles Interlaced
Simurgh: Close; Rising
Skull: 6 illustrations; Jawless Skull or Death's Head
Skunk: Statant
Sling: and Stone
Slip: of Forget-Me-Not (2 illustrations); Crow Rising Maintaining A Slip of Holly
Smoking Pipe: Enflamed
Snaffle-Bit: 5 illustrations
Snail: 4 illustrations; Erect; Shell (2 illustrations)
Snowflake: Escarbuncle (2 illustrations); Escarbuncle of 6 Points
Sole: 2 illustrations
Sow: Rampant (2 illustrations); Winged Sow Rampant; Head Couped; Head Couped Close; Head Erased
Spade: 5 illustrations; Spade-Iron
Spatula: Apothecary's Spatula
Spear: 5 illustrations; head (2 illustrations); Tilting Spear, or Lance (6 illustrations); Tilting Spear Flying a Penant
Sphinx: Egyptian Sphinx Couchant; Egyptian Gyno-Sphinx Couchant; Greek Sphinx Couchant; Greek Sphinx Sejant; Greek Sphinx Statant Guardant Wings Addorsed
Spider: 3 illustrations
Spiderweb: Spiderweb; Couped
Spindle: Spindle; Drop Spindle (2 illustrations)
Spiral: Triskelion of Spirals (2 illustrations)
Spit: of Meat (2 illustrations)
Spool: of Thread
Spoon: 5 illustrations
Sprig: Beech Sprig; Blackberry Sprig; Elder Sprig; of Heather; of Hemp; of Juniper; of Foxglove; of Lilac; Oak Sprig; Rue Sprig; of Tabacco
Spur: 2 illustrations; Winged Spur
Spur-Rowel: 2 illustrations
Square: Carpenter's Square (3 illustrations)
Squirrel: 4 illustrations; Maintaining A Nut (2 illustrations); Courant; Rampant (3 illustrations); Statant
Staff: Ragged Staff (7 illustrations); Jacob's Staff; Pilgrim's Staff (2 illustrations); Topped by a Fleur-de-Lys; Topped by a Trefoil; Wreathed Staff
Stag: At Gaze; Courant; Lodged; Lodged (2); Lodged Collared and Chained; Rampant (4 illustrations); Rampant Collared and Chained; Springing (2 illustrations); Springing Regardant; Statant (2 illustrations); Trippant (5 illustrations); Winged Stag Segreant; Head Cabossed (5 illustrations); Head Couped (4 illustrations); Head Couped Affronty; Head Couped Affronty (2); Head Erased; Head Erased Affronty; Winged Stag's Head Erased Affronty; Attire (4 illustrations); Attire in Annulo and Conjoined to Itself (3 illustrations); Massacre (3 illustrations)
Stag Beetle: Statant (2 illustrations); Pair of Stag Beetle's Attires
Stalk: of Wheat (3 illustrations)
Staple: 3 illustrations
Star of David: 2 illustrations
Stirrup: 5 illustrations
Stoat: Passant (3 illustrations); Passant Regardant; Rampant; Statant; Statant Trussing a Bird
Stockfish: Headless and Split
Stone: 6 illustrations; Flint Stone; Tower Issuant from a Rock; Sling and Stone
Stork: Stork; Maintaining in its Beak a Snake
Strawberry: 2 illustrations; Flower; 3 Strawberry Leaves (2 illustrations); Leaf; Plant
Stream: Bendwise Couped; Fesswise Throughout
Sun: 6 illustrations; Demi-Sun; In His Splendor (8 illustrations)
Sunburst: 2 illustrations
Sunflower: Slipped and Leaved
Swallow: Volant (2 illustrations)
Swan: 3 illustrations; Close (3 illustrations); Rising; Naiant (3 illustrations); Naiant Regardant; Naiant Wings Addorsed; Volant; Double-Headed Swan Displayed; Head Couped
Sword: 15 illustrations; Broken Sword; Cortana; Fracted; Fracted In Chevron

T §

Tabacco: Sprig of Tabacco
Table: 3 illustrations
Table-Trestle: Table-Trestle; In Profile
Tablet: Square Weaver's Tablet
Tail: Sea-Monster's Tail (5 illustrations); Fox's Tail (2 illustrations)
Tankard: 5 illustrations; Covered Tankard
Tassel: 2 illustrations
Testicles: Pair of Testicles
Thimble: 3 illustrations
Thistle: 7 illustrations
Thorns: Orle of Thorns; Wreath of Thorns
Thread: Spool of Thread
Thunderbolt: 2 illustrations
Tierce: Tierce; Potenty; Rayonny; Sinister
Tiger: Natural Tiger Couchant Head Lowered; Natural Tiger Passant (2 illustrations); Natural Tiger Statant; Natural Tiger Rampant; Natural Tiger's Head Cabossed; Natural Tiger's Head Erased
Toad: Sejant; Winged Toad Sejant
Torc: 2 illustrations; Lion-Headed Torc Inverted; Raven-Headed Torc Inverted
Torch: 3 illustrations
Torii: 2 illustrations
Tortoise: 3 illustrations; Passant; Rampant
Tower: 22 illustrations; Issuant from a Rock; Triple-Towered (5 illustrations); With Open Doors
Tree: 3 illustrations; Blasted (3 illustrations); Blasted and Eradicated (2 illustrations); Issuant From A Mount; Hurst of Trees Couped; Stump Eradicated (2 illustrations); Trunk Eradicated (2 illustrations); Willow Tree (3 illustrations)
Trefly: 2 illustrations; Per Fess Trefly; Per Fess Trefly Counter-trefly; Per Pale Trefly; Barry Trefly
Trefoil: 3 illustrations; Staff Topped by a Trefoil
Tress: of Hair; Looped Tress of Hair; Looped Tress of Hair with Ends Crossed
Tressure: Double Tressure (2 illustrations); Triple Tressure
Triangle: Triangle; Voided; Three Triangles One and Two Conjoined; Three Triangles Two and One Conjoined
Trident: 2 illustrations; Ukrainian Trident Head
Trillium: Barbed and Seeded (2 illustrations)
Tripod: Cauldron Hanging From a Tripod
Triquetra: 3 illustrations; Interlaced With An Annulet
Triskele: 3 illustrations
Triskelion: Triskele (3 illustrations); Pometty; of Spirals (2 illustrations); of Arms; of Legs; of Legs Armored (2 illustrations)
Triton: Merman, or Triton (3 illustrations)
Trivet: 3 illustrations; Triangular Trivet
Trumpet: Trumpet; Baroque Folded Trumpet
Truncheon: 2 illustrations
Trunk: Elephant's Trunk
Tulip: Slipped and Leaved (4 illustrations); of Three Blossoms Slipped and Leaved
Turning Cratch: 2 illustrations
Turnip: 2 illustrations
Tusk: Boar's Tusk; Elephant's Tusk
Tyger: Courant; Passant (7 illustrations); Rampant (4 illustrations); Salient; Salient Regardant; Salient Regardant Incensed; Sejant; Sejant Erect; Statant (2 illustrations); Head Couped
T’ai-chi: T'ai-chi

U §

Unicorn: 7 illustrations; Couchant; Courant; Passant (5 illustrations); Salient; Statant; Demi-Unicorn; Winged Unicorn (2 illustrations); Head Couped (2 illustrations); Head Couped Close; Head Erased (2 illustrations)
Urdy: Line; Per Bend Urdy; Per Chevron Urdy (4 illustrations); Per Chevron Inverted Urdy; Per Fess Urdy; Per Pale Urdy (2 illustrations); Chief Urdy
Urinal: In A Basket

V §

Vair: 5 illustrations; Alternate Vair; Counter-vair (2 illustrations); En Point (2 illustrations)
Valknut: 2 illustrations
Vase: Issuant From A Vase Two Flowers Slipped and Leaved
Veil: Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Crown and Veil; Maiden's Head Couped Maintaining a Fillet and Veil
Viking: Viking; With Arms Raised
Vine: Grape Vine; Ivy Vine
Vol: 8 illustrations
Vêtu: Vêtu; Ployé

W §

Wagon: 2 illustrations
Wall: Wall; Unembattled; Couped; Couped with An Arched Doorway (2 illustrations); Couped with Two Arched Doorways; Enarched; Issuant From Base With Gate
Walrus: Naiant
Wasp: 2 illustrations
Water-Bouget: 6 illustrations
Water-Wheel: 2 illustrations
Wavy: Line (3 illustrations); Per Bend Wavy; Per Bend Sinister Wavy; Per Chevron Wavy (2 illustrations); Per Chevron Inverted Wavy; Per Fess Wavy; Per Pale Wavy; Per Saltire Wavy; Quarterly Wavy; Per Fess and Per Pale Wavy; Barry Wavy (of 6, 1); Barry Wavy (of 6, 2); Barry Wavy (of 6, 3); Barry Wavy (of 6, 4); Barry Wavy (of 8, 1); Barry Wavy (of 8, 2); Barry Wavy (of 8, 3); Barry Wavy (of 8, 4); Bendy Wavy (2 illustrations); Chevronelly Wavy; Paly Wavy (of 6); Paly Wavy (of 8); Gyronny Wavy; Gyronny Wavy of 6; 2 Bars Wavy (2 illustrations); 3 Bars Wavy (2 illustrations); Base Wavy (2 illustrations); Base Wavy Barry Wavy (4 illustrations); Bend Wavy (3 illustrations); Bend Sinister Wavy; Bordure Parted Bordurewise Wavy; Bordure Wavy (2 illustrations); Chief Wavy (2 illustrations); Fess Wavy (4 illustrations); Orle Wavy; Pale Wavy; Pall Wavy (4 illustrations); Pall Inverted Wavy (2 illustrations); Pile Wavy Issuant From Dexter Chief; Roundel Barry Wavy, or Fountain
Weight: Balance Weight; Japanese Weight
Well: Covered Well (2 illustrations); Open Well (4 illustrations)
Whale: 2 illustrations; Spouting; Embowed; Embowed Spouting; Killer Whale
Wheat: Ear of Wheat; Garb of Wheat (5 illustrations); Stalk of Wheat (3 illustrations); Sheaf of Wheat (3 illustrations)
Wheel: 10 illustrations; Chief Quarter of a Wheel; Dexter Half of a Wheel; Catherine Wheel (2 illustrations); of Fortune; Hub
Whelk: 2 illustrations
Whistle: Mariner's Whistle
Wildcat: Passant; Passant Guardant; Salient Guardant Collared and Lined; Head Cabossed
Willow: Tree (3 illustrations)
Wind: Mistral Wind; Zephyr Wind
Windmill: Windmill; Sail
Wing: 6 illustrations; Conjoined In Lure (6 illustrations); Boar Courant (2 illustrations); Camelopard Segreant; Domestic Cat Rampant; Chatloup Sejant; Dog Sejant; Dog Passant; Lion Passant; Lion Passant Regardant; Lion Salient; Lion Segreant; Monkey Passant; Monkey Rising; Continental Panther Sejant; Sow Rampant; Stag Segreant; Stag's Head Erased Affronty; Unicorn (2 illustrations); Spur; Great Helm Affronty Wings Elevated; Great Helm Affronty Wings Inverted
Wolf: Bend Engouled by Wolves; Bend Fimbriated and Engouled by Wolves; Couchant (2 illustrations); Courant (2 illustrations); Dormant; Passant (6 illustrations); Passant Carrying Its Prey; Passant Regardant; Rampant (6 illustrations); Salient (2 illustrations); Sejant (2 illustrations); Sejant Dexter Paw Raised (2 illustrations); Sejant (Head Elevated); Sejant Erect (2 illustrations); Statant (6 illustrations); Head Cabossed (2 illustrations); Head Cabossed; Head Couped (4 illustrations); Head Erased (5 illustrations); Head Erased Affronty
Wolves’ Teeth: Wolves' Teeth (2 illustrations)
Woman: Head Coifed and Couped at the Shoulders
Wood Cock: In His Pride
Wool-Pack: 3 illustrations
Wound: 2 illustrations
Wreath: of Ivy (2 illustrations); Of Ivy (3); of Ivy (4); Laurel Wreath (11 illustrations); of Thorns
Wyvern: 3 illustrations; Wings Displayed (2 illustrations); Dexter Forepaw Raised; Tail Nowed; Sejant Erect Affronty Wings Displayed; Rampant (2 illustrations); Rampant Wings Displayed

Y §

Yale: Rampant (4 illustrations)
Yarn: Ball of Yarn (2 illustrations); Quill of Yarn
Yoke: 2 illustrations

Z §

Zephyr: Wind
Zill: Pair of Zills
Zydrach: Tergiant