Book Of Traceable Heraldic Art


Abacus: Oriental Abacus
Acorn: 3 illustrations; Slipped & Leaved (1); Slipped & Leaved (2)
Anchor: 5 illustrations
Angel: Armed Angel
Annulet: 2 illustrations; of Chain; of Rope
Anvil: One-horned Anvil (1); One-horned Anvil (2); Two-horned Anvil
Apple: 2 illustrations
Arm: Embowed (1); Embowed (2); Embowed (3); Couped Maintaining a Torch; Cubit Arm; Cubit Arm Vested; Vested
Arrow: 1, 2; Sheaf of Arrows
Arrowhead: Broad-arrow; Pheon
Ash: Tree Eradicated
Axe: 2 illustrations; Battle-Axe (1); Battle-Axe (2); Double-Sided Battle-Axe (1); Double-Sided Battle-Axe (2)
Badger: Statant
Bag: Bag, or Pouch (1); Bag, or Pouch (2)
Barry: of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; Wavy (of 6); Nebuly; Wavy (of 6, 2); Wavy (of 8)
Barry Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Barry Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Bars: 2 Bars; 3 Bars; 4 Bars; 2 Bars Wavy
Bars Gemel: Bar Gemel; 2 Bars Gemel
Base: Base; Enarched Indented
Baton: Baton; Sinister
Bear: Passant; Rampant; Statant (1); Statant (2); Statant (3)
Bear's Head: Cabossed (1); Cabossed (2); Erased
Bee: 2 illustrations
Beech: Sprig
Bell: Bell; Hawk's Bell
Bend: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Cotised; Checky; Compony; Counter-compony; Embattled; Enarched; Engouled by Wolves; Indented; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Bend Sinister: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Checky; Counter-compony; Embattled; Enarched; Indented; Wavy
Bendlets: 2 Bendlets; 3 Bendlets; 4 Bendlets; 5 Bendlets; 2 Bendlets Sinister; 3 Bendlets Sinister; 4 Bendlets Sinister; 5 Bendlets Sinister
Bendlets Enhanced: 2 Bendlets Enhanced; 3 Bendlets Enhanced
Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Birch: Orle of Birch
Bird: Addorsed Regardant
Boar: Rampant
Boar's Head: Erased
Book: Closed Book; Open Book
Bordure: 3 illustrations; Bendy; Checky; Compony (1); Compony (2); Denticulada; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Engrailed; Gyronny; Indented; Invected; Quarterly; Parted Bordurewise; Parted Indented; Potenty; Rayonny; Semy (1); Semy (2); Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Bottle: Leather Bottle
Breast: Distilling Gouttes
Broach: Embroiderer’s Broach
Bucket: with Handle
Bull: Statant
Bull's Head: Cabossed; Erased
Calygreyhound: Statant
Camel: Rampant
Cameleopard: Dormant; Statant
Canton: 2 illustrations; Sinister
Carrot: 1, 2; 3
Cartouche: 2 illustrations
Centaur: Passant Armed
Chain: Annulet of Chain; Chain
Chapé: Chapé; Ployé
Chaussé: Chaussé; Ployé
Checky: of 6; of 8; of 9; of 10; of 12
Chevron: 5 illustrations; Cotised; Couched From Dexter; Embattled; Engrailed; Enarched; Flory; Flory at the Point; Fracted; Indented; Ployé; Raguly; Rompu (1); Rompu (2)
Chevron Inverted: 3 illustrations; Cotised; Rompu
Chevronels: 2 Chevronels; 3 Chevronels; 2 Chevronels Braced; 3 Chevronels Braced
Chevronels Inverted: 2 Chevronels Inverted; 3 Chevronels Inverted
Chevronny: of 6; of 8; of 10
Chevronny Inverted: of 6; of 8; of 10
Chief: 2 illustrations; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Flory; Urdy; Wavy; Triangular
Cinquefoil: 3 illustrations
Cloud: 2 illustrations
Cockatrice: Cockatrice; Affronty
Cornice: Quadrate Cornice
Cross: 2 illustrations; Arrondi; Nowy; Parted and Fretted; Quadrate; Quarter-Pierced; Triply Parted and Fretted; Maltese Cross
Cross Couped: 2 illustrations; Avellane Cross (1); Avellane Cross (2); Cross Bottony; Bowen Cross; Celtic Cross; Cross Clechy; Cross Crosslet; Cross Formy; Greek Cross; Cross Humetty; Latin Cross, or Passion Cross; Cross Moline; Cross Patonce; Cross Pomelly; Cross Pointed; Cross Potent; Ragged Cross; Cross Swallowtailed; Cross of St. Brigid; Tau Cross
Daffodil: Bell to Dexter
Dance: Fess Indented, or Dance
Dolphin: 2 illustrations
Eagle: 1; Double-headed Eagle (1); Double-headed Eagle (2)
Ear: of Wheat
Elder: Sprig
Elderberry: Sprig Fructed
Elephant: Maintaining a Tower
Embattled Line: Embattled Line; Embattled Grady Line
Engrailed Line: Engrailed Line, or Invected Line
Ermine: 5 illustrations
Ermine Spot: 2 illustrations
Escallop: 2 illustrations
Escarbuncle: Escarbuncle; of 6 Points
Estoile: Estoile; of 16 Points
Falcon: 2 illustrations
Fess: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Bretesse; Checky; Compony; Counter-compony; Embattled; Embattled Counter-embattled; Embowed to Base; Enarched; Fracted; Indented, or Dance; Nebuly; Nowy; Rayonny; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Fetterlock: Closed Fetterlock
Fish: 2 illustrations
Flame: 3 illustrations
Fleur de Lys: 5 illustrations
Flory Line: Flory Line; Flory Counter-flory Line
Foil: Cinquefoil (1); Cinquefoil (2); Cinquefoil (3); Quatrefoil; Trefoil (1); Trefoil (2)
Foot: Couped
Fox: Courant; Passant; Sejant (1); Sejant (2)
Foxglove: Sprig of Foxglove
Fret: Throughout; Couped; Engrailed (1); Engrailed (2)
Fretty: 2 illustrations
Frog: Frog; Salient; Sejant Affronty
Garb: of Wheat (1); of Wheat (2); of Wheat (3)
Garlic: Plant
Giraffe: Cameleopard Dormant; Cameleopard Statant
Gore: Gore; Sinister
Greyhound: Erect Regardant
Grillage: 3 illustrations
Gurges: 2 illustrations
Gusset: Gusset; Sinister
Gyronny: of 3 Arrondi; of 3 Arrondi Widdershins; of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16; of 20; Wavy; of 6 From Base; of 6 From Chief; of 8 From Chief; of 10 From Chief; of 12 From Chief; of 6 From Dexter Chief; of 12 From Dexter Chief; Arrondi of 6; Arrondi of 6 Widdershins; Arrondi of 8; Arrondi of 8 Widdershins; Arrondi of 12; Arrondi of 12 Widdershins; Arrondi of 16; Arrondi of 16 Widdershins
Hammer: 2 illustrations
Hand: Couped; Couped Maintaining a Quill; of Benediction; Pair of Hands
Handle: Bucket with Handle
Helm: Close Helm; Morion Helm
Hemp: Sprig of Hemp
Holly: Sprig Fructed
Horn: Hunting Horn (1); Hunting Horn (2)
Horse: Passant (1); Passant (2); Passant (3); Passant Caparisoned; Rampant
Human: Maiden; Armed Man
Human Head: Man's Head Maintaining a Crown; Moor's Head; Savage's Head Affronty
Hurst: of Trees Couped
Hydra: 2 illustrations
Indented Line: 2 illustrations; Flory At the Points
Invected Line: Engrailed Line, or Invected Line
Ivy: Leaf; Wreath of Ivy (1); Wreath of Ivy (2); Wreath of Ivy (3)
Key: 2 illustrations
Knight: Armed and Mounted
Knot: Bourchier Knot; Bowen Knot (1); Bowen Knot (2); Heneage Knot; Lacy Knot; Stafford Knot; Trefoil Knot; Knot, Wake, or Ormonde Knot; Triquetra (1); Triquetra (2)
Kraken: Calamarie
Label: 2 illustrations; Dovetailed (1); Dovetailed (2); of 1 Point Throughout; of 3 Points Throughout; of 5 Points Throughout
Lance: Tilting Spear, or Lance (1); Tilting Spear, or Lance (2); Tilting Spear, or Lance (3)
Laurel: Wreath (1); Wreath (2)
Leaf: Ivy Leaf; Maple Leaf (1); Maple Leaf (2); Oak Leaf
Leek: 2 illustrations
Letter: Blackletter Uppercase Letter (1); Blackletter Uppercase Letter (2); Blackletter Lowercase Letter (1); Blackletter Lowercase Letter (2); Greek Uppercase Letter (1); Greek Uppercase Letter (2); Insular Miniscule Letter (1); Insular Miniscule Letter (2); Roman Letter (1); Roman Letter (2); Uncial Letter (1); Uncial Letter (2)
Lily: of the Valley
Lion: Couchant (1); Couchant (2); Dormant (1); Dormant (2); Dormant (3); Passant; Rampant (1); Rampant (2); Rampant Gardant; Rampant Regardant; Rampant Queue Nowed; Rampant Vulned; Salient (1); Salient (2); Winged Lion Salient; Sejant; Sejant Erect; Statant; Statant Gardant
Lizard: Rampant
Lotus: Flower Affronty
Lozenge: Lozenge; Mascle; Rustre
Lozengy: of 4, 1; of 4, 2; of 5, 1; of 5, 2; of 6
Lozengy Barry: of 4; of 5
Lure: Hawk's Lure
Lymphad: with Oars Shipped; with Sail Unfurled
Maiden: Maiden; Maiden's Head and Bust
Man: Armed Man
Man's Head: Maintaining a Crown; Moor's Head; Savage's Head Affronty
Maple: Leaf (1); Leaf (2)
Martlet: 4 illustrations
Maunch: 3 illustrations
Mermaid: Melusine; in Her Modesty; Maintaining a Harp
Millrind: 2 illustrations
Monkey: Winged Monkey Rising
Moor: Moor's Head
Morris Board: Nine Men's Morris Board; Twelve Men's Morris Board
Mount: Mount; of 3 Hillocks, or Trimount; of 6 Hillocks
Mountain: Mountain; of 3 Peaks
Mullet: of 4 Points; of 5 Points; of 6 Points (1); of 6 Points (2); of 7 Points; of 8 Points; of 8 Points Voided and Interlaced; of 4 Greater and 4 Lesser Points; of 9 Points; of 10 Points; of 5 Greater and 5 Lesser Points; Spur-Rowel
Musimon: Rampant
Nebuly Line: 3 illustrations
Oak: Acorn (1); Acorn (2); Acorn (3); Acorn Slipped & Leaved (1); Acorn Slipped & Leaved (2); Leaf; Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated (1); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (2); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (3); Tree Fructed and Eradicated (4)
Octopus: Polypus
Orange: Tree Fructed; Tree Fructed and Eradicated
Orb: 2 illustrations
Orle: Orle; Wavy; of Birch
Otter: Statant
Owl: Affronty; Displayed (1); Displayed (2); Striking Head to Dexter
Pale: 2 illustrations; Bevilled; Checky; Compony; Counter-compony; Offset; Rayonny
Pall: 2 illustrations; Wavy (1); Wavy (2); Wavy (3); Wavy (4); Wavy (5)
Pall Couped: Pall Couped; Wavy
Pall Inverted: 2 illustrations; Indented; Wavy (1); Wavy (2)
Pallets: 2 Pallets; 3 Pallets; 4 Pallets
Paly: of 6; of 8; of 10; of 12; of 16
Paly Bendy: of 6; of 8; of 10
Paly Bendy Sinister: of 6; of 8; of 10
Papellony: Fur, 1; Fur, 2; Treatment, 1; Treatment, 2
Pegasus: Courant
Pennon: 2 illustrations
Per Bend: Per Bend; Bevilled (1); Bevilled (2); Embattled; Dovetailed; Indented (1); Indented (2); Wavy
Per Bend Sinister: Per Bend Sinister; Bevilled (1); Bevilled (2); Dovetailed; Embattled; Indented; Wavy
Per Chevron: 3 illustrations; Embattled (1); Embattled (2); Engrailed; Invected; Nebuly; Ployé; Rayonny; Throughout; Urdy; Wavy
Per Chevron Inverted: Per Chevron Inverted; Embattled; Engrailed; Invected; Rayonny; Urdy; Wavy
Per Fess: Per Fess; Dovetailed; Embattled; Enarched; Engrailed; Invected; Indented (1); Indented (2); Nebuly; Rayonny; Urdy; Wavy; Per Saltire and Per Fess
Per Pale: Per Pale; Dovetailed; Embattled; Engrailed; Indented (1); Indented (2); Invected; Nebuly; Rayonny (1); Rayonny (2); Wavy; Per Saltire and Per Pale
Per Pall: Per Pall; Arrondi
Per Pall Inverted: Per Pall Inverted; Arrondi
Per Saltire: Per Saltire; Arrondi; and Per Fess; and Per Pale
Pile: Pile; Ployé; s (In Point), 2; s (In Point), 3; 2 Piles Palewise; 3 Piles Palewise; Issuant From Dexter
Pile Inverted: Pile Inverted; Piles Inverted (In Point), 2; Piles Inverted (In Point), 3
Pily: of 4; of 5; Barry Pily (of 4); Bendy (of 4); Bendy Sinister (of 4)
Pine: Tree (1); Tree (2)
Pithon: Erect Affronty
Plane: Tree
Point Pointed: 2 illustrations
Pomegranate: Slipped and Leaved (1); Slipped and Leaved (2)
Potent: 2 illustrations; Counter-potent; En Point
Pouch: Bag, or Pouch (1); Bag, or Pouch (2)
Quarterly: Quarterly; Rayonny; Arrondi
Raguly Line: 2 illustrations
Rope: Annulet of Rope
Rose: 3 illustrations; Rose, Slipped & Leaved (1); Rose, Slipped & Leaved (2); Rose, Slipped & Leaved (3); Rose, Slipped & Leaved (4)
Roundel: Semy of Roundels (1); Semy of Roundels (2); Roundel
Rowan: Sprig; Tree Eradicated
Rue: Flower; Flower Slipped and Leaved; Sprig
Saddle: with Stirrups
Saltire: 2 illustrations; Nowy; Quadrate
Saltorel: Cross of St. Julian; Saltorel, or Saltire Couped; 2
Savage: Savage's Head Affronty
Scaly: 3 illustrations
Schnecke: Issuant from Base; Issuant from Dexter Chief; Issuant from Sinister Chief
Scissors: Pair of Scissors
Scroll: Open Scroll
Semy: Semy-de-lys (1); Semy-de-lys (2); Semy-de-lys (3); of Roundels (1); of Roundels (2)
Serpent: Entwined About A Pillar; Erect; Erect Vorant of a Child; Glissant; In Annulo; Nowed
Shakefork: 2 illustrations; Inverted
Sheaf: of Arrows; of Wheat (1); of Wheat (2)
Shears: Pair of Shears
Shell: Escallop (1); Escallop (2); Whelk
Snowflake: Escarbuncle; Escarbuncle of 6 Points
Spear: 2 illustrations; Tilting Spear, or Lance (1); Tilting Spear, or Lance (2); Tilting Spear, or Lance (3)
Sphinx: Sejant
Spider: 2 illustrations
Spiderweb: Spiderweb; Couped
Spool: of Thread
Spoon: 2 illustrations
Sprig: of Hemp; of Foxglove
Spur: 2 illustrations
Square: Carpenter's Square
Squid: Calamarie
Staff: Wreathed Staff; Ragged Staff (1); Ragged Staff (2)
Stag: Rampant
Stalk: of Wheat
Stirrups: Saddle with Stirrups
Strawberry: Strawberry; Flower; Plant
Sun: 2 illustrations; In His Splendor (1); In His Splendor (2)
Sword: 5 illustrations
Tankard: 3 illustrations
Thistle: 2 illustrations
Thorn: Wreath of Thorns
Thread: Spool of Thread
Tierce: Tierce; Sinister
Tiger: Natural Tiger Passant; Natural Tiger Statant
Tiger's Head: Natural Tiger's Head Cabossed; Natural Tiger's Head Erased
Torc: 2 illustrations; Raven-Headed Torc
Tower: 4 illustrations
Tree: Ash Tree Eradicated; Oak Tree Fructed; Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (1); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (2); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (3); Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (4); Orange Tree Fructed; Orange Tree Fructed and Eradicated; Pine Tree (1); Pine Tree (2); Plane Tree; Rowan Tree Eradicated; Tree; Blasted (1); Blasted (2); Blasted and Eradicated; Eradicated; Hurst of Trees Couped; Willow Tree (1); Willow Tree (2)
Trefly: 2 illustrations
Trefly Line: Trefly Counter-trefly Line
Trefoil: 2 illustrations
Tressure: Double Tressure (1); Double Tressure (2)
Triangle: Triangle; Voided
Trillium: Barbed and Seeded (1); Barbed and Seeded (2)
Trimount: Mount of 3 Hillocks, or Trimount; Couped
Triquetra: 2 illustrations
Triskele: 2 illustrations
Trumpet: Trumpet; Baroque Folded Trumpet
Tulip: Slipped and Leaved (1); Slipped and Leaved (2)
Tyger: Rampant
Unicorn: Couchant; Passant
Unicorn Head: Erased
Vair: 5 illustrations; Counter-vair (1); Counter-vair (2); En Point (1); En Point (2)
Valknut: 2 illustrations
Vêtu: Vêtu; Ployé
Vol: 2 illustrations
Water-Bouget: 2 illustrations
Wavy Line: 3 illustrations
Weasel: Passant
Whale: Killer Whale
Wheat: Ear of Wheat; Garb of Wheat (1); Garb of Wheat (2); Garb of Wheat (3); Stalk of Wheat; Sheaf of Wheat (1); Sheaf of Wheat (2)
Wheel: Ship's Wheel; Wheel; Catherine Wheel
Willow: Tree (1); Tree (2)
Wings: Winged Lion Salient; Winged Monkey Rising; Pithon Erect Affronty; Vol (1); Vol (2); Conjoined In Lure (1); Conjoined In Lure (2)
Wolf: Bend Engouled by Wolves; Courant (1); Courant (2); Passant; Rampant; Salient; Statant; Ululant
Wolf's Head: Cabossed; Erased
Wreath: of Ivy (1); of Ivy (2); of Ivy (3); Laurel Wreath (1); Laurel Wreath (2); of Thorns
Wyvern: 2 illustrations; Rampant (1); Rampant (2)
Yale: Rampant
Yarn: Quill of Yarn; Ball of Yarn (1); Ball of Yarn (2)